We believe that life is about adventure.

Trying new foods, travelling to new locations, reading a great book and most importantly for us: being outside in nature.   Adventure can bring happiness, challenge and reward, leading to mental and physical health.

Unfortunately, it seems like a lot is working against us to eliminate the daily adventure in our lives.  Think about package holidays, chain restaurants and squeezing in a stale gym workout around work.

We want to combine physical health with adventures, enabling people to live a more exciting life pursuing outdoor adventures.  We are building a program to help ordinary people have the strength, stamina and confidence to be adventurous – and there is nobody better to lead us on this journey than Mark Milburn, the Director of Fitness for 10Adventures.  Mark is a lifetime student on the human body and shares his knowledge as a trainer for Olympic athletes and practices what he teaches as a lifetime adventurer.

A Holistic Take on Adventure
Man jumping in the car
Man jumping in the car

Whether you are somebody who dreams of being an adventurer or whether you already are one, we want to help you improve your physical and mental fitness.

We don’t look just at making you stronger, as that is only part of the goal. We also focus on flexibility, mobility, endurance and mindset as a holistic approach to overall health and wellness.


One of the qualities required, no matter what you choose to do in nature, is strength. The stronger you are the more confident you will be in your body’s ability to tackle any challenge. Whether you want to carry a 50-pound backpack through the Alps, ski-tour in the Rocky Mountains or rock climb in Nepal, all of these take an enormous amount of mental and physical strength to succeed.

We simplify our training and use the gym as a tool to support my outdoor endeavors. We make strength training for Adventurers simple, focused and fun.

Mobility and Flexibility

Humans are gifted with an incredibly “able” and “resilient” body, but like all great things in life it will break down if we don’t take care of it and maintain it. Adventurers are prone to injury, not because they are not fit enough, but because their bodies are subjected to such a variety of conditions and variables that any biomechanical imbalances are exploited. This is where the proper training program is vital and why we add mobility and flexibility training.

Mobility leads to the optimization of movement which in turns leads to a stronger, fitter athlete. Flexibility aids in the ability to perform an exercise to the full range of motion. Think of this when one goes hiking and you need to step up and over a big boulder. You have a loaded backpack, 40 pounds, and the boulder you are stepping up and over is above knee height. In this situation, you are required to a) enter a front foot elevated split lunge b) exceed the full range of motion c) counterbalance the weight by properly hinging at the waist d) using optimized mobility of the ankle joint to pivot your bodyweight forward and then e) strength to make the physical movement of stepping up on to the boulder to continue forward.

We work on flexibility and mobility through dynamic stretching, yoga and listening to our bodies, and many people find this training has the most dramatic impact on improving their well-being.

Endurance and Mindset
Climbing with a gear pieces of advice from Adventure Fitness with Mark Milburn
Climbing with a gear pieces of advice from Adventure Fitness with Mark Milburn

Finally comes Endurance and Mindset. Endurance comes from the ability to repeat a given task multiple times without a rapid decrease in optimal functionality. From our previous hiking over boulders analogy; one should be able to continue to hike through a boulder field endurance means we are equally as strong at performing the movements required to get over the tenth boulder as we were the first.

This then leads into mindset, an overlooked but critical component of being an adventurer. In doing something new or challenging, it’s often our minds that give up first. We are worried about failure, worried we won’t like it and worried about risks. These are all normal feelings, and sometimes they are so strong that we give up while our bodies are still strong. Sometimes we give-up before even starting.

We will work on building up our physical endurance, and the entire program will give people the confidence to have a strong mindset and succeed over mental challenges.

Adventure Fitness
Having fun is the most important thing about Adventure Fitness with Mark Milburn
Having fun is the most important thing about Adventure Fitness with Mark Milburn

Adventure fitness is a training program, but also a way of life. By taking a holistic view of training we will help you develop a balanced body that is strong, mobile and flexible and the mental and physical endurance to persevere and succeed.

You will gain the body confidence and awareness to participate in any sport at any time with confidence in your body’s ability to complete the tasks required of it.

Over the coming weeks we will be sharing more tips and tricks to help you succeed at living a more adventurous life.