10Hikes and Mark Milburn will provide world-class fitness info to our community
Introducing our director of fitness
Mark Milburn climbing in Chamonix
Mark Milburn climbing in Chamonix

10Hikes is excited to partner with Mark Milburn to launch our Adventure Fitness training program.  Mark is one of Canada’s top personal trainers and a recognized adventure athlete.  Mark is 10Hikes Director of Fitness.  In this role he will help the 10Hikes and 10Adventures.com’s community achieve better health, train for better performance and find incredible outdoor experiences that will last a lifetime.

Many of you may recognize Mark as one of the stars from Bravo’s hit TV show ‘Timber Creek Lodge’.  At Timber Creek Lodge Mark is the Senior VIP Mountain Host.  In this role Mark is responsible for taking guests on a range of incredible outdoor adventures in and around Whistler.

Mark is not just a Mountain Host though.  Mark is a gifted athlete who is the founder and owner of one of North America’s Top fitness facilities, Catalyst Waterfront in Victoria, BC.  In his free-time, Mark is a model, educator and adventure athlete.  He uses his free time to climb, backcountry ski, hike and mountain bike in some of the most beautiful places on earth.

Over the coming months, Mark will be sharing his favorite trips, fitness tips for outdoor adventurers.  He will also share workout programs designed for people who want to live healthy, adventurous lives.

Get healthy with adventure fitness
Mark Milburn mountain biking
Mark Milburn mountain biking

We all want to live a healthy life, however we are confronted with barriers to achieving our goals.

1. We are busy, and finding time to get to the gym is difficult.

2. It’s expensive to have a gym membership and personal training.

3. It’s confusing because there is so much information out there.

People need easy to follow, simple, flexible workout routines.  We’ve partnered with Mark Milburn, a pioneer in Adventure Fitness to make this happen.  We will share tips, knowledge, workout plans and videos to help everybody live a healthy life full of adventure!

About Mark
Mark Milburn hiking in snow
Mark Milburn hiking in snow

Mark’s passion for hiking and outdoor adventure was cultivated from day one, growing up near the Rocky Mountains. At aged 17, he began a successful career as a professional model – a job that took him around the world for the following few years.

He is the founder and owner of Catalyst Waterfront, recently voted one of the top fitness facilities in North America by Notable Magazine. He has put in more than 12,000 hours with clients – including professional and Olympic athletes.

Mark has also spent the last five summers in Switzerland and France coordinating an outdoor curriculum for children, aiming to give them an appreciation of wilderness and outdoor adventures.

Mark’s biggest reward is the ability to enable people to transform their bodies and their lives. Mark loves his job, sharing “My greatest reward for everything I do is when I am able to take someone and build confidence in their body. Allowing them to enjoy the outdoor world and give them a new experience they never imagined was possible,”