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Winter Weekend in Glacier National Park

Experience the wild wilderness, fresh powder and awe-inspiring scenery at Glacier National Park. Named after the slow-moving glaciers that expertly carved the deep valleys, spectacular alpine terrain and prehistoric forest [...]

Trip Guide By 10A editors March 23, 2017

Jasper Skyline Trail

Being Jaspers highest backpacking trail, the Skyline is a great way to experience the best the Canadian Rockies have to offer. Over 20.0km of this trail are above tree-line, and [...]

Backpacking By 10A editors March 21, 2017

John Muir Trail

Sprawling over 350.0km through three national parks, the John Muir wilderness and a national monument, the John Muir Trail (or JMT) is one of the most scenic and popular sections [...]

Treks By 10A editors March 20, 2017

Winter Weekend in Yellowstone National Park

Wintertime in Yellowstone National Park is a step back in time. Can you imagine what life was life like when without automobiles? Pay a visit to Yellowstone National Park once [...]

Trip Guide By 10A editors March 16, 2017

Hiking the worlds most beautiful places with 10Adventures

In just a short time, our team at 10Hikes has explored some of the most exciting and dynamic landscapes that North America has to offer. We've had a great time [...]

10 Best Hikes By 10A editors March 12, 2017

Hike Nepal’s Last Forbidden Kingdom

Trekking the Upper Mustang Trail Only opened to tourists in the 1990s, the Last Forbidden Kingdom, or the Upper Mustang Trail as it is more commonly known, is a wonderful [...]

Backpacking By 10A editors March 11, 2017

Waterfall Ice Climbing on Vancouver Island

Oceanside Ice It is rare indeed when the freezing levels drop below zero in the temperate coastal city of Victoria. Located on the southern tip of Vancouver Island, advertisers for [...]

Trip Guide By 10A editors March 10, 2017

Tour de Mont Blanc

The Tour de Mont Blanc is one of the great treks of the European Alps, guiding hikers on a 170.0km circuit through three spectacular countries around the Mont Blanc massif. [...]

Backpacking By 10A editors March 4, 2017

All About 10Hikes and 10Adventures

By Richard Campbell, Founder How We Got Started In the summer of 2015, I was on an early morning hike near Lake Louise when I noticed something peculiar: everyone was [...]

10Adventures By 10A editors March 3, 2017

Winter Weekend in Grand Teton National Park

Covered in a thick blanket of snow, the Grand Teton National Park is an unforgettable winter experience. Want to escape the crowds and discover the Grand Teton winterscape like a [...]

Trip Guide By 10A editors March 2, 2017