These 10 great ‘gramers are making us excited to hike, snowshoe and ski all the winter trails in The Rockies this season! We hope these great shots will inspire you to stay fit over the winter!

It’s easy to feel miserable when the snow starts to blanket your city. Less sun, lower temperatures, and the brown, salted slush makes winter feel bleak. Well, that’s why we turned to Instagram for you. We wanted to see some great photos showcasing the beauty of this snowy season. We wanted to remind ourselves – and you – that this is a great time to get outdoors! So, here are some great shots of this great season. If you want friendly reminders all season long make sure to give these accounts a follow and give 10Adventures a follow too!

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#1: Kananaskis Country from @pbandjellymelly

This ridgeline by @pbandjellymelly shot makes us very inspired! The soft clouds dusting the mountaintops, the untouched snow, what more could you want? Does summiting a mountain in the winter seem impossible? Follow our Winter Safety Tips and you can make those dreams a reality!

#2: Cross Country Skiing in Banff from @devaaningraham

Can cross-country skiing look any more appealing? @devaaningraham mentions Shadow Lake Lodge in her post. If you’ve never visited one of the Backcountry Lodges in the Canadian Rockies, read our post on The Best Backcountry Lodges and start planning your next adventure today!

#3: Snowy Summit in Crowsnest Pass from @missashleyraexo

Crowsnest Pass is a pretty untouched area of Alberta, and @missashleyraexo has the right idea with #explorethepass. This is such a great photo with the sun getting diffused by the clouds. This really speaks to the serenity you can find outdoors in the winter.

#4: Lake Louise Serenity from @thelittleblondewanderer

Besides one of the best Instagram handles, @thelittleblondewanderer grabs a great shot here. We love visiting Lake Louise in the winter, and it doesn’t have to be expensive if you sign up for our newsletter. We will send out an e-booklet offering easy tricks and tips to save money on a Lake Louise ski trip.

Believe in what I am because it's all that I have today and tomorrow who knows where we'll be

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#5: Lake O’Hara Alpine Circuit from @mhln_hikes

@mhln_hikes is a great account if you want beautiful pictures of the outdoors. This photo is a great example of how amazing Lake O’Hara can be. It’s a bit of a journey to get there in winter because the bus doesn’t take you to the trailhead in the offseason, but it sure is remarkable. Our Lake O’Hara All Souls Route is really something special, especially in autumn.

#6: King Creek Ridge from @cody_the_nelson

What a beautiful set of peaks from @cody_the_nelson! Could you ever imagine you could get somewhere like here in the winter? We love King Creek Ridge and the views it yields. It’s a challenging ascent – and it’s even tougher in winter – but obviously it’s worth it!

#7: Highwood Pass on Skis from @philblester_photo

@philblester_photo says the quality of snow for November is surprisingly good, so what are you waiting for? These amazing winter adventures are yours for the taking. If you want, we have an article designed to help you learn more about the different ways you can get on the trails in winter. You won’t dread the winter anymore!

#8: BC’s Glacier National Park from @jordankimmons

You have to love the look of a snow-covered tree, right? As @jordankimmons points out, this sure seems to be a Rad day. He’s excited for winter. How about you? Also, if anyone has a pair of size thirteen ski boots they’re selling, let him know, ok? The guy wants to hit those slopes!

#9: Vermillion Lakes from @adammacdonald

Is that ice frozen already, @adammacdonald? If it is then it must be time to break out the skates! There are so many ways to enjoy the winter. If you want to head up to Banff in the winter, it might be helpful to know how to save some money while doing it! Sign up for our newsletter and you’ll get an e-booklet showing you how to save money on a winter trip in Banff!

#10: Jasper Ice Crystals from @kendraneef

Last, but not least, this beautiful shot by @kendraneef just showcases the magic of winter and the frosty temperatures. These precious ice crystals were spotted in Jasper. If you want to save money on a trip to Jasper sign up for our newsletter and you’ll get an e-booklet that can save you hundreds of dollars on a ski trip in Jasper this winter.