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Hiking the Arctic Circle Trail with Lisa Germany

“There are no roads between the settlements in Greenland. Daily life is dictated by the amount and quality of ice. To travel, you have to either have to walk, catch [...]

Hikes By Amber M. March 5, 2019

10 Best Places on the Great Divide Trail

The Great Divide Trail (GDT) is a long-distance hiking trail located in the beautiful Rocky Mountains of Canada. For 1,130 km, the trail follows the Great Divide between British Columbia [...]

Alberta By 10A editors January 29, 2019

10 Prettiest Places Along the PCT

When I tell people that I walked from Mexico to Canada through California, Oregon and Washington along the Pacific Crest Trail, a lot of people have similar first reactions. Something [...]

California By David Xiao November 16, 2018

Highlights of the PCT

The Pacific Crest Trail is a stunning, long-distance hiking trail. The PCT, as it is often known, traverses 2,650 miles through 25 national forests and 7 national parks. It is host [...]

California By David Xiao November 13, 2018

El Camino de Santiago

The Camino de Santiago is a centuries-old pilgrimage that begins in the French Pyrenees and meanders west along the northern coast of Spain until reaching the historic town of Santiago [...]

Hikes By 10A editors April 25, 2017

Hiking Maine

From mile-high Katahdin, the tallest mountain in Maine, to Cadillac Mountain in Bar Harbor, where hikers can be among the first on the East Coast to glimpse the rising sun, [...]

United States By 10A editors April 20, 2017

The Walkers Haute Route from Chamonix to Zermatt

Trekking to Zermatt from Chamonix is one of the world’s classic walks. This challenging 200 km walk starts in the alpine mecca of Chamonix, France and traverses wild mountains and [...]

Chamonix By 10A editors April 8, 2017

Annapurna Basecamp

This stunning trek brings hikers up through magnificent alpine terrain to one of the gems of the Himalayas; the amphitheater of mountains known as the Annapurna Sanctuary. Also known as [...]

Hikes By 10A editors March 25, 2017

Jasper Skyline Trail

Being Jaspers highest backpacking trail, the Skyline is a great way to experience the best the Canadian Rockies have to offer. Over 20 kms of this trail are above tree-line, [...]

Canada By 10A editors March 21, 2017

John Muir Trail

Sprawling over 350 kms through three national parks, the John Muir wilderness and a national monument, the John Muir Trail (or JMT) is one of the most scenic and popular [...]

United States By 10A editors March 20, 2017