“Wow” I said after my first descent on the new G3 FINDr 102 skis. These skis are light, nimble and responsive, making them an excellent all-around touring skis. After 15 days skiing the FINDr’s we are very impressed.

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The Verdict

The G3 FINDr 102’s are a solid choice for backcountry touring. They are light, easy to turn on a dime, and stable. They’re built for freeride performance and while they excel in the backcountry, we actually skied them on hard pack at a ski resort, and they were actually not too bad. They are great on powder, thanks to the early-rise tip that adds float. The wood and carbon laminate build keeps things light, while the PU sidewalls dampens chatter for a smooth ride. There really isn’t anywhere these skis can’t go.


The FINDr 102’s are versatile skis built for ski tourers who want a light, stable, responsive all-around ski that floats in powder but performs agilely in all snow conditions. These FINDr’s are great on the uphill and the downhill, and best of all they won’t break the bank, offering really good value.

G3 FINDr 102
G3 FINDr 102
G3 FINDr 102 tips
G3 FINDr 102 tips


  • All-Around Ski. We’ve taken these skis on all kinds of snow and they perform well on it all with a stable ride and snappy turns. Great for skinning up and skiing down. They’re fun in powder but still responsive enough to have fun in the trees.
  • Good Float. The extra width over FINDr 86’s and 94’s helps with heavier skiers or deeper snow.
  • PU Sidewalls. These really help dampen the ride on packed snow. The FINDr’s performed significantly better than other backcountry skis we’ve tried at a ski resort, reducing chatter significantly.


  • Not the best G3 ski for all Skier-types. While anecdotal, we have heard that other G3 skis perform better for lighter skiers. Also, those skiers chasing more aggressive lines seem to prefer the SENDr’s.
G3 FINDr 102
G3 FINDr 102
G3 FINDr 102
G3 FINDr 102

Versatile build, all-terain performance

The FINDr 102’s have a traditional camber profile paired with an early rise tip and low rocker in front and back. This combo means they still float easily in deep, soft snow – almost as if they were even wider than 102mm underfoot. Pair that with the long length and you’ve got a stable-yet-nimble ski that tackles turns with ease.

For the 102’s, G3 uses what they call their FlyRide Plus Construction; full carbon around a Poplar Paulownia core, with a co-extruded nylon topsheet. The nylon prevents snow build-up on top, though not as efficiently as we’ve seen on nicer skis.

The construction also means these things are light, with the 179cm length weighing just over 6lbs a pair- right where we want to see an all-around touring ski.

Are there lighter skis? Sure – but they don’t always offer as much stability on varying snowpack, and often aren’t as much fun in powder. And heavier skis will perform better, but then you pay for it on the uphill. The FINDr 102’s sit comfortably in the middle; light enough for touring and climbing, but still a lot of fun on the descent.

G3 also put in polyurethane sidewalls; this does double-duty of adding durability but also dampening the ride. Carbon can sometimes be a bit too stiff and add chatter on the way down, but the PU softens the ride, eliminating any gaps along the edge of the layup. The FINDr 102’s are obviously fun on powder but also performed well on firm pack and crud. These aren’t skis you’d want to ski at the resort regularly, but they perform well when you find hard-pack and other associated crud while out touring.

One thing we really like about FINDr’s is the thick spine they utilize down the middle, with tapering sidewalls; they’ve dubbed this their UltraSpine Stealth. This design cuts down weight on the edges an puts it where it’s needed: the center. This adds more torsional stiffness and helps with turning and swinging.

A note on width: the FINDr’s come in three widths – 86, 94, 102. We opted for the 102 because we wanted the extra float for heavier loads. Skinnier folks can certainly opt for a thinner model if they don’t need that extra float. We found the FINDr 94’s wide enough for hitting up powder while still narrow enough for performing like a champ for all-around alpine touring.

On the slopes

Taking these skis out is a blast. We didn’t find any terrain that they couldn’t take on at least comfortably. Get these things onto powder and life couldn’t be better. They float well, are agile and super snappy when making and initiating turns; they’re right at home making short-radius turns. Even at speed, they felt stable and confident but responsive. The tips stay out of both powder and crust and track and nice and straight.

We’re very comfortable tree skiing in them; they’re snappy and responsive enough to inspire confidence navigating dense obstacles.

One the whole, we’re very pleased with how they ski.

Final Verdict

The FINDr 102’s are versatile touring skis that perform, with enough width to tackle a powder day, yet designed to handle variable snow conditions and hardpack. They’re agile and responsive, handling tree skiing with ease, while feeling stable and confident on the downhill (thanks to the stiff carbon layup as well as the design placing weight firmly in the center). They’re also light enough to make skinning up a bit easier, especially when paired with the G3 ZED binding.

The best part is the asking price on the FINDr’s is great, too; you could easily spend $1000+ for similar skis from other brands, but G3 keeps the FINDr’s reasonably priced. They’re even on sale right now, if you want to pick up a pair for the rest of the season!