If you want to share your travel stories and experience with our community, read our guest blogging guidelines. 10Adventures is an expert in adventure travel. 10Adventures enables people to live exciting, adventurous lives by providing expert-knowledge, tips, and guides on activities such as hiking, biking, skiing, snowshoeing and other activities in the most beautiful places on earth.

We’ve replaced the traditional guidebook and made it easy to find all the information you need online.  Our route guides provide clear, concise route descriptions, digital maps, a standardized difficulty rating system, and all sorts of our favorite hints and tips for everything from trip planning to adventure living on our blog.

10Adventures readers are outdoor enthusiasts, part of them are also experienced adventure travelers. They use 10Adventures for inspiration and to plan their next adventure. Our community uses professional gear and shares their unbiased opinion.  Finally, we have launched 10Adventures Tours, which provides custom and group adventure travel. This provides opportunities for recognition for would-be guest authors.

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We post articles that relate to various aspects of adventure travel. We love posts about great trips such as an epic thru-hike or a massive cycling holiday.  We also like posts about destinations, travel infographics, best adventure travel experiences, eco-travel, benefits of adventure travel, camping, backcountry hiking, backcountry cooking and really anything related to outdoor adventure travel.

We like to work with people who are living adventurous lives and work hard to make it easy for them to share their incredible experiences. Our deadlines are not strict. We’d rather let people send the content in when they are happy with the article. We schedule content in inquiry order, giving precedence to our regular contributors.

We reserve the right to decline the article if we are not happy with the quality, the content or see that the article is misleading. We will not publish articles that have been used elsewhere or are copies of other similar content (we use Grammarly Plagiarism Checker).

We do not publish articles for our direct competitors nor link to them in guest articles.

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10Adventures Guest Post Guidelines

  • Start your email subject line with the word PITCH and the headline of your article. Believe it or not, we read 100% of these pitch emails, however, we will get back where we think your post might be interesting to our readers. This does not limit you from sending us another topic in the future (no spamming).
  • In the email, please explain why you think our readers would like your story idea.  We are really focused on stories that appeal to people who are outdoor adventurers.  
  • You have to own the rights to the copy you are providing and it cannot be used anywhere else.
  • Do not send us the articles on your first contact.
  • Articles should be original, not published anywhere else and not copied from varied content sources. Articles are typically at least  1,000 words.
  • You have to provide photos that you own the copyrights to for the article (minimum 4 pictures)
  • Please do not include any stock photos. 
  • For an infographic, the minimum word count should be at least 400. Please provide infographics with accurate information. Accuracy in an infographic is key and we will turn down even the best visuals if the information on it is false or not reliable. 
  • The articles must show expertise and knowledge of the topic, and not sell anything.   
  • They must have a positive intent. No name-calling. No inappropriate language. 
  • We do proofreading, but will not accept articles that require a lot of editing. Please make sure the articles have no mistakes and are corrected before you send it to us. 
  • We reserve the right to tweak and edit the article for SEO and affiliate purposes
  • We reserve the right to change outgoing links if we think they are not suited to 10Adventures..
  • By contributing your content, you agree for 10Adventures to have a right to use your images and text.
  • You may not receive compensation from a third party in exchange for writing this blog post.

What we offer in return

  • For contributors that publish multiple articles, we provide recognition as a contributor and often commission paid pieces.
  • We will provide at least one backlink to your website.
  • We will share your guest articles through our channels. We encourage you to do the same, in order to get the biggest possible audience.