There is no better way to explore the true majesty of the Grand Canyon National Park then on foot. As one of the seven natural wonders of the world, GCNP contains nearly two billion years of geological history constantly being exposed by the mighty flows of the Colorado River.

(24.2km, 1442m, 7-8.5h)

Ohh Ahh Point With Trail In Background

Usually compared to the Bright Angel Trail, the South Kaibab is more challenging, but simultaneously a more stunning trek. With no water and little shade along the way, you will certainly want to start early to soak in the spectacular views along the route without battling the direct sunlight. Options exist to shorten the trail and not go all the way to the Colorado River.

(28.5km, 1328m, 10-11.5h)

Bright Angel Trail

As the most “rim to river” trail in the park, the Bright Angel Trail sees a lot of traffic from inexperienced hikers. Luckily there are several water stations along the way, and the trail is quite well graded. Be warned, however, as any trip to the river and back is extremely strenuous.

(11.3km, 703m, 3-3.5h)

Shade Beside Springs At End Of Trail

This less trodden trail leaves from Hermits Rest and bring you to a secluded and shaded spring that seeps down from a hole in the roof of a small overhang. Dripping Springs hike gets very little sun, and the solitude of the picturesque spring is well worth the physical effort!

(12.9km, 130m, 1.5-2h)

Canyon View From Trail

The South Rim Trail is easily the most popular hike in the park – it’s generally flat, connects Grand Canyon Village with Hermits Rest Point, and boasts fantastic views of the Grand Canyon and Colorado River.

(3.5km, 81m, 1-1.5h)

Grand Canyon

This less traveled trail is a fantastic easy hike to gain some much-needed solitude from the crowds of Hermits Rest and Grand Canyon Village. Shoshone Point is mostly flat route which leads you out to a magnificent viewpoint that you will most likely be sharing with under a dozen people!

(1.6km, 88m, 0.5-1h)

View Of Plateau Point

This popular trail leads from the North Rim Visitors Centre to the scenic Bright Angel Point over a paved path with minimal elevation gain. This is a perfect short trip for all levels of hikers, offering spectacular panoramic views.

(10.3km, 829m, 3.75-4.5h)

Fading Sun On The Way Up

The Grandview Trail trail may not be quite as “epic” as those that hike way down the river, but nonetheless the steep climbing is easily worth the fantastic views of the eastern section of the Grand Canyon – and it’s typically less crowded, too!

(6.9km, 192m, 1.5-2h)

First view of the Canyon

The mostly flat trail leading out to the rim of the stunning Cape Final isn’t the most well known, but it’s definitely well worth it. Here you will get absolutely fantastic panoramas of the Grand Canyon as well as views down to the Colorado River.

(6.9km, 640m, 2-2.5h)

North Rim

While exploring the far western tip of the Grand Canyon, Santa Maria Spring hike descends towards a rest shelter with a quaint rocking chair as well as water for the horses. Stunning views of the edge of the canyon, as well as of impressive rock formations permeate the entire trail.

(1.6km, 47m, 0.5-0.75h)

First View Of Angels Window

At the end of the harrowing scenic drive, Cape Royal is definitely an impressive reward. A short hike along a paved path from the parking area brings you past Angel’s Window to stunning panoramic views of the Grand Canyon, including Grandview Point across the river.