Overlanding and Hiking in Patagonia Tour
Overlanding and Hiking in Patagonia Tour

Overlanding and Hiking in Patagonia Tour

17 days

San Rafael, Patagonia-ChileCarrera Lake, Patagonia, ChileFitz Roy peaks in Patagonia (Guided Southern Route Tour)Candelario Mansilla to Lago del Desierto - ChaltenLlamas at Chacabuco (Patagonia)Cerro Torre peaks in PatagoniaPerito Moreno glacierCaleta Tortel, ChileStunning views around valle Frances

Hike, trek and cruise your way through Patagonia’s incredible landscapes

The Overlanding and Hiking in Patagonia Tour is a wonderful mix of hiking, trekking, and sightseeing by bus and boat to some of the best spots in Chile and Argentina’s most adventurous region. There are tranquil lakes, towering blue walls of ice, vast plains where cowboys and cattle roam, and national parks that offer incredible hikes and treks.

Get up close to the San Rafael Glacier and watch wildlife in Patagonia National Park. Take treks through the immense Los Glaciares National Park and Torres del Paine National Parks and overnight trips to isolated settler villages of Tortel and Villa O'Higgins. These are areas that few travellers ever get to see! Of course, no trip to the region is complete without reaching the famed El Chalten, where you can view Fitz Roy, one of the area’s most iconic mountains. The Overlanding and Hiking in Patagonia Tour should be on every adventure traveller’s bucket list.

Highlights of the Overlanding and Hiking in Patagonia Tour

Travel by boat to massive blue glaciers and marble chapels floating on the water.
See authentic cowboy culture on the plains and stay in remote settler villages where time stands still.
Hike to Mirador Los Tres and get up close to the stone giants of Fitz Roy and Cerro Torre.
Spend three nights in the vast landscape of the Torres del Paine National Park, Patagonia’s gem.


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17 days
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Overlanding and Hiking in Patagonia Tour

Southern Shores of Patagonia Itinerary

Day 1 Arrival and Overnight in Santiago

Welcome to Santiago, nestled at the foothills of the Andes mountains. A driver will be waiting at the airport to transfer you to your hotel for check-in.

Take your time to stroll around and explore Santiago's sights, including the Plaza de Armas and the Palacio de la Moneda, or take the cable car to the top of San Cristobal Hill to see the entire city spread out below you.
Overnight Location: Hotel in Santiago
Distance: None
Meals: None

Day 2 Fly South to Coyhaique

A private car will transfer you to the airport for your domestic flight to Coyhaique, where you begin your journey south.

Upon arrival at Balmaceda Airport, you will be greeted by a driver who will escort you to your bed and breakfast in Coyhaique, where you'll cozy up for the night.
Overnight Location: B&B in Coyhaique
Distance: None
Meals: Breakfast

Day 3 Relax in Puerto Tranquilo

You’ll depart on a bus this morning for Puerto Tranquillo. As its name implies, the 'Port of Tranquility' is a gorgeous area full of lush valleys and perfect blue lakes. The bus stops on the way to see the impressive Cerro Castillo and passes Lake General Carrera, the second-largest lake in South America.

Finally you arrive in Puerto Tranquilo, where you'll check in to your hotel and have the afternoon free to explore the beautiful natural scenery.
Overnight Location: Hotel in Puerto Tranquilo
Distance: None
Meals: Breakfast

Day 4 Boating to San Rafael Glacier

After pick up at your hotel, you'll be transferred to the Los Exploradores valley for a guided 2-hour boat cruise. The massive Laguna San Rafael National Park you’ll explore today is a treasure trove of fjords, islands, estuaries and immense blue glaciers.

There are shore breaks for walking around, and later you'll have lunch in front of the San Rafael Glacier. The boat returns to the pier around 5 pm for you to transfer back to your hotel.
Overnight Location: Hotel in Puerto Tranquilo
Distance: None
Meals: Breakfast, lunch

Day 5 Puerto Tranquilo to Puerto Bertrand

Have a tranquil morning wandering the local villages, or head to the nearby 'marble chapels', which are massive rocks that seem to float on the pristine waters.

In the afternoon, you will continue down the southern road that follows the General Carrera lake shoreline. Along the way be sure to keep a lookout for local herdsmen on horseback gathering their flock, as they have for generations. The bus takes you into the park where you'll spend a night at a local lodge.
Overnight Location: Lodge in Puerto Bertrand
Distance: None
Meals: Breakfast

Day 6 Wildlife Watching in Patagonia National Park

Today you'll transfer to Patagonia National Park for a free day to roam around the hills and valleys of this national treasure. After many years of exploitation, the land was rehabilitated and is now known for its high levels of biodiversity, most notably the South Andean Deer.

After taking in this exceptional natural landscape, a bus will pick you up at the end of the day to transfer you to Cochrane.
Overnight Location: Hotel in Cochrane
Distance: None
Meals: Breakfast

Day 7 Experience Gaucho Culture in Cochrane

Today you’ll explore Cochrane before heading to Tortel. Cochrane is a place where people still live and breathe the traditional “gaucho” or cowboy lifestyle on the plains. Wander the quaint streets with old-fashioned general stores, and if you're lucky, you might even catch a rodeo.

Later you'll continue south by bus to the remote lakeside village of Tortel, which until recently was only accessible by boat.
Overnight Location: Lodge in Tortel
Distance: None
Meals: Breakfast

Day 8 Escape from Reality in Tortel

Wake up to find yourself in a place far removed from the outside world, where wooden stilt houses perch on the water are undisturbed by modern life. People in this tiny oasis have been self-sufficient for decades, surrounded by unspoilt natural beauty.

Sadly you can't stay, as it's time to catch a winding bus ride and ferry to the next stop on your journey, Villa O'Higgins, passing a labyrinth of fjords, rivers, and glaciers on the way.
Overnight Location: Guesthouse in Villa O'Higgins
Distance: None
Meals: Breakfast

Day 9 O'Higgins Glacier and Candelario Mancilla

Today’s adventure is an epic journey along the borders of Chile and Argentina, carried out in style across one of the world’s most stunning lakes! Depart your accommodations and head for nearby Puerto Bahamondes, where the road runs out. The only way to continue is aboard the Quetru, which awaits at the docks. The ship sets off on a southerly course down Lake O’Higgins, through jagged mountains and the distinct milky-blue colour of its waters. This is the deepest lake in all the Americas and the fifth-deepest in the entire world, reaching down over 800 meters at its maximum depth! The Argentine side of the lake is known as San Martin; both names are taken from famous revolutionaries who fought together in the “Army of the Andes” to free Chile from Spanish rule.

The crowning jewel of the lake is the O’Higgins Glacier, which looms above the western end of its shores. This is one of the principal glaciers on the Campo de Hielo Sur, and is nothing short of spectacular. Nearly two kilometres wide where it meets the lake, with striking blue columns towering 80 meters above the surface, this glacier is a truly majestic sight to behold. The ship will get as close as 250 meters away, providing a breathtaking vantage point for this natural wonder. Your day on the lake ends at Candelario Mancilla. A tiny outpost whose name comes directly from the family who first settled it, you’ll reap the fruits of these pioneers whose descendants still live here today. They’ll welcome you in a warm country house atmosphere to spend the evening.
Overnight Location: Homestay in Candelario Mancilla
Distance: None
Meals: Breakfast, lunch, dinner

Day 10 Hike and Sail to El Chalten

You'll have free time to walk around Candelario Mancilla before beginning the trip to El Chalten. First, you will trek for almost five hours to Laguna del Desierto.

After crossing the border into Argentina, you'll board a ferry to El Chalten, where you'll spend the night in the shadow of El Chalten's towering peaks.
Overnight Location: Lodge in El Chalten
Distance: 5 hours, 15 km
Meals: Breakfast

Day 11 Mirador los Tres and Fitz Roy

Today's hike to Mirador los Tres treats you to views of the Rio las Vueltas and the Piedras Blancas Glacier. From the Poincenot campsite at the foot of the moraine, it's a one hour climb to the foot of Fitz Roy, flanked by the imposing stone giants of Mermoz, Guillaumet and Saint Exupéry. El Chalten's rugged landscape of granite needles never fails to impress.

Return on the same route to get back to your hotel for the night.
Overnight Location: Lodge in El Chalten
Distance: 8-9 hours, 24 km, 800m ascent
Meals: Breakfast

Day 12 Hike to Cerro Torre and El Calafate

Today's hike winds its way through the scenic valley of the Cerro Torre Mountain Range and along the Rio Fitz Roy, crossing several rock sills. Finally, you arrive at the foot of Cerro Torre, an impressive granite crag covered with a giant snow mushroom.

After you take the same route back to the start, you'll catch the bus to El Calafate, enjoying views of the Viedma Glacier and ice fields on the way.
Overnight Location: Hostel in El Calafate
Distance: 5-6 hours, 20km, 200m ascent
Meals: Breakfast

Day 13 Visit Glacier Perito Moreno

Start your day off by heading along Lake Argentino to the Magallanes Peninsula, home of Los Glaciares Park. Here you can enjoy the grand sight of the Perito Moreno Glacier. The huge, blue-tinged glacier tongues and the impressive ice front is quite the view to behold!

There is an option to navigate the southern part of the ice front. Later that day, catch the bus to Puerto Natales arriving late in the afternoon and transfer to your hotel.
Overnight Location: Hotel Vendaval in Puerto Natales
Distance: None
Meals: Breakfast

Day 14 Torres del Paine National Park and Lake Pehoe

Take a catamaran across the turquoise waters of Lake Pehoe and hike to see the impressive Gray Glacier. You’ll then explore Torres del Paine, a protected biosphere reserve with abundant wildlife, including the guanaco, nandu, gray zorro and condor. The park encompasses 227,000 hectares of stunning mountains, glaciers and lakes, with extensive trails.

Tonight, spend the night in a park lodge with unbelievable views of the park's unspoilt beauty.
Overnight Location: Mountain hut in Paine Grande
Distance: 8 hours, 22 km, 400m in ascent
Meals: Breakfast

Day 15 Hike to the Cuernos and Paine Grande

On today's hike you'll reach Lake Skottsberg, passing Pointe Bariloche and approaching the valley at the foot of the iconic Cuernos. You’ll be surrounded by tall, rugged granite needles capped with black hats of sediment. Enjoy a great view of Paine Grande, which at 3050m is the highest peak of the Paine massif.

Then, hike back to Lake Pehoe for a catamaran ride to Laguna Amarga and a bus to your next lodge.
Overnight Location: Lodge in Las Torres
Distance: 6-7 hours
Meals: Breakfast

Day 16 Hike to Mirador las Torres

This is the last hike of your trip, and it's one of the best! Today's route takes you to Mirador los Torres, the most famous viewpoint in Torres del Paine National Park. Climb up the side of the moraine to look down on glaciers and 1000m vertical granite walls, and don’t be surprised if you want to keep this snapshot in your mind forever.

Take a lunch break on the mountain while admiring the views of the jagged, towering peaks. Head back down and transfer to Laguna Amarga to catch the bus to Puerto Natales.
Overnight Location: Hotel in Puerto Natales
Distance: 8 hours, 22 km, 900m ascent
Meals: Breakfast

Day 17 Departure from Punta Arena

Your epic journey ends with a bus ride from Puerto Natales to Punta Arenas. Travelling around Route 9, it's a scenic ride through the vast pampa (plains), passing nothing but tiny villages on the way.

The bus will drop you off at the airport or in the city center depending on your flight time.
Overnight Location: None
Distance: None
Meals: Breakfast

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Overlanding and Hiking in Patagonia Tour Price and Dates

This self-guided tour of Patagonia is run as a custom tour for your group and the price depends on the number of participants.

The best time to travel to Patagonia for this trip is from November to early March when the weather is at its warmest and sunniest.

Private Self-Guided Overlanding and Hiking in Patagonia Tour

Have your own private tour with just your group! Please note, that standard rooms are double/twin and groups of odd numbers can opt out to stay in a triple room and save $80 USD per person or add a single supplement of $940 USD to use one single room instead. Prices below are per person:

  • Self-guided solo travellers: $4,050 USD
  • Self-guided groups of 2: $2,775 USD per person
  • Self-guided groups of 3: $2,795 USD per person
  • Self-guided groups of 4: $2,675 USD per person
  • Self-guided groups of 5: $2,695 USD per person
  • Self-guided groups of 6: $2,675 USD per person
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Accommodation on the Southern Slopes of Patagonia Tour

This tour includes a range of accommodation, including traditional hotels, guesthouses, a homestay, and dormitories in mountain huts.

Hotels on this trip are 4 and 5-star and offer modern conveniences that can make this trip more pleasant. The mountain huts are typically dormitories with bunk beds for four people and sleeping bags are provided.

In some cases, the accommodation listed below may need to be substituted for other comparable accommodations.

Single Rooms and Solo Travellers
Rooms are double occupancy. You can pay a supplement of $940 USD to have a private room in the hotels where possible. Triple rooms enjoy a discount of $80 USD per person. Solo travellers will pay a supplement.

Hotels on Standard Tour

Hotel Altiplanico Bellas Artes in Santiago ★★★★

One of Santiago's top hotels, the Altiplanico Bellas Artes is modern, clean, and well-designed, with a prime location near attractions and restaurants.

B&B Raices in Coyhaique ★★★

This charming B&B prides itself on being your home away from home. With lush green gardens and lovely surroundings, visitors keep coming back.

Hostal El Puesto in Puerto Tranquilo ★★★

This is the most popular lodge in the area, thanks to its rustic chalet-style rooms and beautiful surrounding landscape.

Lodge Chacabuco in Cochrane

Stay in a cozy lodge surrounded by beautiful mountains and lakes.

Green Baker Lodge in Puerto Bertrand ★★★

Green Baker is a gorgeous riverfront lodge popular for fly-fishing and outdoor adventure.

Entre Helios Lodge in Tortel ★★★★★

Nestled in the lush green hills with views of the valley, Entre Helios offers comfortable rooms with views of the lake below.

Hosteria El Mosco in Villa O’Higgins ★★

Hosteria El mosco is the most popular lodge in Villa O'Higgins attracting backpackers since 2005 with a welcoming and social atmosphere for globetrotters.

Night 9

Homestay in Candelario Mancilla

This homestay offers a quaint country house atmosphere, run by a local family in a truly remote setting.

Hosteria Vertical Lodge in El Chalten ★★★

A great spot for exploring El Chaltén, this lodge is known for its spacious rooms and incredible views of snow-capped peaks.

Hosteria Koi Aiken in El Calafate ★★★

This charming B&B is perched atop a hill with lovely views, comfortable accommodations, and a quiet setting. Hosteria Koi Aiken is popular with people visiting the nearby glaciers.

Hotel Vendaval in Puerto Natales ★★★

Consistently rated one of the best hotels in Puerto Natales, this hotel is right in the heart of town and a short stroll to the waterfront and main square.

Night 14

Lodge Paine Grande in Torres del Paine

Hunker down for the night in an authentic mountain hut within Torres del Paine National Park.

Night 15

Refuge Torres in Torres del Paine National Park

Comfortable dormitory-style bunk beds are where you'll rest your head after a long day of trekking.

Hotel Vendaval in Puerto Natales ★★★

Consistently rated one of the best hotels in Puerto Natales, this hotel is right in the heart of town and a short stroll to the waterfront and main square.

What’s Included in the Overlanding and Hiking in Patagonia Tour?


16 breakfasts, 2 lunches, and 1 dinner are included.


Accomodations for 16 nights are included.

Transportation during the Tour

All airport transfers are included. All bus transportation as mentioned in the itinerary is included. Private transfer to Perito Moreno Glacier and the Laguna del Desierto is included. Boat tickets to the San Rafael Glacier, the O'Higgins Glacier, and Lake Pehoe catamaran crossings are also included.

Also Included

  • Visit to the O'Higgins Glacier and Laguna del Desierto
  • San Rafael Glacier visit with local guide and lunch

Not included

  • Any flights, both international and domestic
  • Meals, drinks, or snacks not mentioned in the itinerary
  • Entry fees to national parks
  • Tour guide gratuity if desired
  • Alcoholic drinks

Optional Extras

  • Single occupancy upgrades
  • Any additional nights before or after the tour

Frequently Asked Questions about Overlanding and Hiking in Patagonia Tour

Since 2004 Nunatak has been organizing trips all over Patagonia Chilena and Argentina for travellers. They are a locally owned group with a spirit of adventure and nature passionate about helping travellers get their best experience in wild Patagonia.
They are an Artisan Travel Agency, based in Puerto Natales, with a focus on immersive local experiences. Experts designing and operating group tours all over Patagonia Chilena and Argentina also craft and customize individual itineraries (FIT), offering the best travel according to their preferences. The itineraries include the best-known highlights and treks in Patagonia Argentina and Chilena. But also offer the other Patagonia. From the legendary Carretera Austral - Chile's Southern Highway - combining with Lake District in Argentina, through the mythical Route 40 to Tierra del Fuego, devising detours via little-trodden paths and routes.
For trekking lovers or simply Travel lovers.

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Is this tour for me?

We rate this tour as a 4/5 as the hikes on this tour are up to 8 hours in length and occur at high altitude with challenging elevation changes. While no technical climbing skills are required, trails may be steep or rocky at times. You will also spend several nights in rustic accommodations and you will only have a guide for select portions of the tour. Fit hikers will be able to get the most out of this tour.

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