Complete GR20 Trek
Complete GR20 Trek

Complete GR20 Trek

14 days

Hikers on the third day of trekking between Bonifatu and Haut Asco on GR20 trek in CorsicaBetween Bonifatu and Haut Asco on GR20 trek in Corsica you have to cross river several timesResting time between Bonifatu and Haut Asco on GR20 trek in CorsicaThe path Between Ascu and Vallone on a GR20 trek in Corsica rewards with amazing viewsBeautiful tarn between Ascu and Vallone on a GR20 trek in CorsicaBocca Minuta between Ascu and Vallone on a GR20 trek in CorsicaGroup of hikers between Vallone and Vergio on GR20 trek in Corsica Island FranceBeautiful views in Niolu Valley on GR20 trek in CorsicaOn a day 6 of GR20 trek in Corsica between Verghio and Refuge A Sega theres a beautfiful small lakeTrail between the Verghio and Refuge A Sega on GR20 self guided trek in CorsicaViews around Vizzavona on GR20 Trek in Corsica IslandGR20 Trek in Corsica Island has beautiful views of Bocca PalmenteOld farmhouses along the trail of GR20 Trek in Corsica FranceGroup of hikers between Capanelle and Bocca di Verde on 3rd day of GR20 TrekApproaching gite on self guided GR20 Trek in CorsicaComplete GR20 Trek in Corsica Island includes several river crossingsDescending between Bocca di Verde and Cozzano on GR20 Trek in CorsicaDescending from Bocca di l Usciolu between Cozzano and Bassetta on GR20 Trek in Corsica IslandBeautiful views between Bassetta and Bacella on GR20 Trek in Corsica FranceGR20 Tour in Corsica has beautiful views of Needles de Bavella Aguilles de Bavella

Conquer the complete GR20 trail trekking 14 days across the stunning island of Corsica

The magnificent GR20 trail in Corsica is one of the most challenging treks in Europe. While not as popular as many treks in the Alps, the charm of Corsica and the incredible beauty makes the GR20 among the best treks in the world.

This self-guided trekking tour takes you on an incredible journey over more than 150 km, experiencing the complete GR20 trail through the rugged and scenic mountains on the island of Corsica.

Each new turn in the GR20 offers you a memorable view as you explore scenic overlooks and mountain peaks, walking along rocky ridgelines and through lush and shady valleys. Corsica offers a rich diversity of plant and animal life in a breathtaking landscape that you won’t soon forget. As you transition from the northern section of the GR20 to the southern section, spend a day enjoying civilization and learning about Corte, Corsica’s historic capital. With meals, accommodations, and luggage transfers planned for you, you are sure to enjoy this self-guided tour of the complete GR20 to the absolute fullest. Book your GR20 adventure today!

Highlights of the Complete GR20 Trek

Experience the GR20 as it treks near majestic peaks, including Monte Cintu, Paglia Orba, Capu Tafunatu, and Mount Incudine.
Watch as wild horses and mouflon sheep graze in lush green valleys and along picturesque lakeshores.
Visit the famous Spasimata suspension bridge and photograph an incredible waterfall.
Enjoy a refreshing dip in the many natural pools that form along lovely mountain streams.


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Complete GR20 Trek

Complete GR20 Trek Itinerary

Day 1 Arrival in Calvi

Welcome to Corsica! Arrive in Calvi today and check in to your hotel.
Overnight Location: Hôtel Les Arbousiers, Calvi
Distance: None
Meals: None

Day 2 Taxi to Calenzana then trek to Bonifatu

Start your GR20 Trek this morning with a taxi ride (included) from Calvi to Calenzana. Here in this village is the official starting point for the GR20 trail. Hike through the forest today, stopping to enjoy the scenic overlooks with views of the historic villages of the Balagne region. Hike for about 4 hours today to reach Bonifatu, your stop for the night.
Overnight Location: Auberge Foret, Bonifatu
Distance: 4 hours, 11 km, 700 m of ascent, 450 m of descent
Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Day 3 Trek to Haut Asco

Get an early start today for your first long stage of the GR20. Leaving Bonifatu, cross several rivers before you reach the renowned Spasimata footbridge. This 30 m (98 ft) long bridge over a beautiful waterfall is perhaps the most photographed location on the whole trail. Continue to the Muvrella Valley, named for a type of wild sheep also known as mouflon, where you’ll find a small lake. As you hike on toward Monte Cinto (2,706 m / 8,878’), pause occasionally to appreciate the splendor of the many scenic overlooks. Today’s trek ends at the foot of Monte Cinto, Corsica’s highest summit.
Overnight Location: Le Chalet, Haut Asco
Distance: 8 hours, 9.5 km, 1,300 m of ascent, 600 m of descent
Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Day 4 Trek to Vallone

The original GR20 route has been rerouted to avoid the area known as the Cirque de la Solitude, which has been closed by park authorities since 2015 due to a huge landslide. Today’s route is long and strenuous but rewarding thanks to the amazing terrain around Monte Cintu and the Pointe des Éboulis (2,602 m / 8,537’). Follow the detoured GR20 trail to the Bocca Minuta (2,218 m / 7,277’), which marks the end of the Cirque de la Solitude, then descend into the Straciaconne Valley. Here you may be able to spot the wild mouflon sheep that call this valley home. Stop for the night at the shepherd’s hut in Vallone, where you’ll spend a beautiful night camped out under the stars.
Overnight Location: Bergerie, Vallone
Distance: 8.5 hours, 9 km, 1,200 m of ascent, 800 m of descent
Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Day 5 Trek to Verghio

Explore the heart of the island of Corsica today as you trek through the Niolu Valley. You’ll see some of Corsica’s most impressive and beautiful summits, the Paglia Orba (2,525 m / 8,284’) and the distinctive Capu Tafunatu (2,335 m / 7,661 ft). On a clear day, you can see an incredible view all the way to the Gulf of Porto. Then descend again into the Golo Valley and the Verghio forest. Visit the shepherd’s hut in Radule and pause along the trail for a refreshing dip in the many natural pools. Spend the night in the gite at the Castel di Verghio.
Overnight Location: Castel di Verghio, Verghio
Distance: 6.5 hours, 13.5 km, 971 m of ascent, 1,017 m of descent
Meals: Breakfast, Lunch

Day 6 Trek to Sega

Begin today’s trek by crossing the Col de Saint-Pierre (Bocca San Pedru in Corsican) to reach the Bocca a Reta. From this magical location, you’ll find a stunning view of the rugged coastline as it plunges steeply into the sparkling Mediterranean Sea. You’ll also see the Lake of Ninu, a glacial crater lake surrounded by lush green vegetation. Watch for wild horses grazing peacefully beside the lake among the bright green pozzines. When you’re ready to leave this special area behind, follow the trail along a small stream, which gradually widens to become the mighty Tavignanu River.
Overnight Location: Refuge in Sega
Distance: 7.5-8 hours, 22 km, 600 m of ascent, 640 m of descent
Meals: Breakfast, Lunch

Day 7 Trek to Corte

You finish the northern section of the GR20 today. Begin your day with a refreshing dip in a natural pool near the Sega refuge, then follow the trail along the banks of the Tavignanu River. Enjoy the shade of the Lariccio pine trees and the many of opportunities to swim in the river. End the day in the town of Corte, where you’ll have time to rest and relax in your hotel.
Overnight Location: Hotel du Nord, Corte
Distance: 4 hours, 12 km, 720 m of ascent, 1,400 m of descent
Meals: None

Day 8 Explore Corte and then Train to Vizzavona

Today you’ll have the chance to explore and enjoy the town of Corte, which was once the capital of Corsica. Some attractions you might enjoy include the citadel, which is perched high on a the rocky cliffs and remains a defiant symbol of Corsican patriotism. Learn about the fascinating history of this remarkable island in the Museu di a Corsica museum. There are also many shops, restaurants, and cafes for you to enjoy as you take a break from life on the trail. When you’re ready to leave civilization again, take a train from Corte to Vizzavona. You are responsible for transporting your own luggage with you. Spend the night in a gite in Vizzavona, then begin the southern section of the GR20 in the morning.
Overnight Location: Monte d’Oro, Vizzavona
Distance: None
Meals: Breakfast, Dinner

Day 9 Trek to Capanelle

Begin the southern section of the GR20 with a hike through a grove of beech trees in the forest of Vizzavona. Then climb to the Palmente Pass where you’ll find breathtaking views overlooking the Diana and Urbino Lakes. Continuing along the eastern slope, you’ll come to a shepherd’s hut at Alzeta. Follow an ancient mule path to your gite for the night at Capanelle.
Overnight Location: U Fugone, Capanelle
Distance: 5 hours, 14 km, 1,155 m of ascent, 715 m of descent
Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Day 10 Trek to Col de Verde

Leave Capanelle in the morning and continue your hike to the sheepfolds of Traghjete. From here, follow the trail to the Ghialgone plateau. At the I Spiazzi footbridge you may want to take a refreshing dip in the stream before you continue your walk through the Marmano forest. At the Col de Verde (Corsican Bocca di Verde), you’ll stop for dinner and stay overnight in a gite.
Overnight Location: San Petru, Col de Verde
Distance: 5 hours, 12 km, 600 m of ascent, 900 m of descent
Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Day 11 Trek to Cozzano

Begin your day with a climb to the Bocca d’Oro pass, then hike across the alpine fields of the Prato plateau. This ridgeline offers a spectacular view of the beautiful Taravo River and the sparkling Tyrrhenian Sea to the east. Complete this incredible day with a hike to Cozzano via the forest of St. Antoine. Eat dinner and spend the night in a gite in Cozzano.
Overnight Location: Bella Vista, Cozzano
Distance: 8 hours, 18 km, 750 m of ascent, 1,300 m of descent
Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Day 12 Trek to Basseta

Hit the trail early today and start the day by climbing the Bocca di l’Usciolu. Follow the ridgeline and notice how the wind-sculpted rocks to create a unique and surreal landscape. Descend again through an ancient forest of alder trees, most of which are more than 100 years old. As you approach the Cuscione plateau, the vegetation begins to change. You’ll come to a shepherd’s hut in Basseta, then eat dinner and spend the night in a gite nearby.
Overnight Location: Bergeries, Basseta
Distance: 6.5 hours, 12 km, 910 m of ascent, 505 m of descent
Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Day 13 Trek to Bavella

Continue to cross the Cuscione plateau where you’ll find the landscape gentler and full of pozzines and grassy grazing lands. Leaving this terrain, climb to the summit of Mount Incudine (2,134 m / 7,001 ft), then descend again into the Asinao Valley. Your GR20 trekking experience ends among the distinctive granite peaks known as the Needles of Bavella. Spend the night here in Bavella.
Overnight Location: Auberge du Col, Bavella
Distance: 9 hours, 23.5 km, 982 m of ascent, 1,100 m of descent
Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Day 14 Departure Day

Sadly, your GR20 trekking adventure reaches its end after breakfast. Airport transfers can be arranged for an additional fee. Have a pleasant journey!
Overnight Location: N/A
Distance: N/A
Meals: Breakfast

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Complete GR20 Trek Price and Dates

Pricing for this self-guided GR20 walking tour in Corsica depends on group size. The best time to travel to Corsica for this trek is between early June and mid-September.

Prices for Private Self-guided Complete GR20 Trek

Have your own private tour with just your group! Prices below are per person:

  • Self-guided groups of 2-3: $1,875 USD per person
  • Self-guided groups of 4-6: $1,575 USD per person
  • Self-guided groups of 7+: $1,395 USD per person
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Accommodation on the Complete GR20 Trek

This tour is based in hotels and mountain gites (dormitory-style). Some dormitory nights (nights 2, 3, 5, 7, 13) can be upgraded to a double occupancy room for an additional fee.

Hotels on this trip are 2- and 3-star hotels. Rooms are double occupancy, and single travelers will pay a supplement.

In some cases, accommodation listed below may need to be substituted for other, comparable accommodations.

Single Rooms and Solo Travelers
You can pay a supplement to have a private room in a hotel. Contact us for more details.

Hotels on Standard Tour

Hotel Les Arbousiers, Calvi ★★

Les Arbousiers is clean, comfortable, and close to Calvi’s attractions. Be sure to enjoy the picnic area and the sun terrace during your stay!

Auberge Foret, Bonifatu (Dormitory)

Enjoy the shade of the forest and lovely mountain views from the Auberge Foret. You’ll rest well in a peaceful place with friendly, attentive staff.

Le Chalet, Haut Asco (Dormitory)

A hot shower and a good meal go a long way along the trail. Join other GR20 hikers on the patio for a cold drink before turning in for the night.

Night 4

Bergerie, Vallone (Camping)

Camp under the stars at this Bergerie. Tents and sleeping mats are supplied. There is a nearby river for swimming on hot days!

Hôtel Castel di Verghio, Verghio ★★★

Discover why this hotel is so popular with hikers! It’s in a great location and you can enjoy wonderful mountain views from your balcony.

Refuge, Sega (Dormitory)

Simple but adequate accommodations in a beautiful place. Enjoy a peaceful night and get to know the friendly and knowledgeable caretaker.

Hôtel Du Nord, Corte ★★★

This hotel is recently renovated and offers excellent service in a convenient location. Expect a peaceful and relaxing stay.

Monte d’Oro, Vizzavona (Dormitory)

Enjoy great service, wonderful meals, and the camaraderie of other GR20 hikers at this popular trail stop. Great atmosphere!

U Fugone, Capanelle (Dormitory)

Basic but clean and sufficient accommodations with dormitory-style rooms and shared bathrooms. Everything you need with a great view.

Night 10

Col de Verde, San Petru (Dormitory)

Stay in this cozy gite for the night at San Petru. Dormitory rooms are quite basic, but the atmosphere here is lovely.

Night 11

Bella Vista, Cozzano (Dormitory)

This gite with dormitory-style rooms offers an accommodation near Cozzano. Enjoy the lovely surrounding views and the company of fellow hikers!

Bergeries, Basseta (Dormitory)

A simple hostel offering a restaurant and a comfortable place to sleep to GR20 hikers.

Auberge du Col, Bavella (Dormitory)

A small and basic trekking lodge that’s big on hospitality. A great way to end your trip!

What’s included in the Complete GR20 Trek?


12 breakfasts, 10 picnic lunches, and 9 dinners are included in this tour.


Accommodations for 13 nights along the tour as described. Hotels in Corte and Calvi are of a 2- or 3-star standard. Spend 1 night camping and the remaining nights in dormitory-style accommodations. Several dormitory nights can be upgraded to double-occupancy hotel rooms for an additional fee.

Transportation during the Tour

Taxi transfer from Calvi to Calenzana on day 2 is included, as well as luggage transfers (except day 4, 6, and 8). You are responsible for any other personal transfers.

Also Included

  • Local assistance as needed
  • Luggage transfers (except day 4, 6, and 8)
  • Maps and information package

Not included

  • Airport transfers and any other transfers not listed as included, such as train from Corte to Vizzavona (€4 EUR per person)
  • Beverages or meals not listed as ‘included’
  • Admission to tourist attractions
  • Personal expenses
  • Travel insurance

Optional Extras

  • Upgraded accommodation at hotels / dormitories
  • Airport transfers (prices below are per one-way trip):
    • Calvi Airport to Calvi: $50 USD (+ $25 USD on Sundays/holidays)
    • Bavella to Ajaccio Airport: $250 USD (+ $75 USD on Sundays/holidays)
    • Bavela to Figari Airport: $225 USD (+ $75 USD on Sundays/holidays)

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Complete GR20 Trek Map

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Is this tour for me?

We rate this tour as a 4 / 5. You should be able to walk for up to 9 hours per day on rocky and uneven terrain. The trails are well-marked but can be challenging. Previous hiking experience required.

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