Cascade Falls hike

Rocky Mountain National Park
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Cascade Falls hike

Distance: 6.8mi
Elevation: 400ft
Time: 2-3.5h

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9.2 Overall Rating
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RMNP’s Cascade Falls hike is a relatively easy hike that will take you to the West side of Rocky Mountain National Park. This part of RMNP is a little less traveled and the sights are just as amazing. Cascade Falls is one of the best waterfall hikes in Rocky Mountain National Park.

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Getting there

In the summer, from Estes Park, take highway 34 West over Trail Ridge Road to Grand Lake. This road closes with weather. If Trail Ridge road is closed, from Denver, take I-70 West, exit onto US 40 and head north through Granby and turn right on highway 34 toward Grand Lake. Once in Grand Lake, head east on Street 5 (highway 278) for 1.4mi. Turn left (north) on the dirt road to North Inlet Trailhead. Follow it to up the steep, bumpy road to the parking lot.

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When to do

Year round

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Summerland Park campground


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Route Type

Out and back

Cascade Falls
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Route Description for Cascade Falls hike

The hike to Cascade Falls starts at the North Inlet trailhead and heads east. For the first 1.0mi, you’ll be parallel to the border of the park on the north side of the trail and private property on the south. You’ll be following a seldom-used dirt road for a private cabin you’ll pass at 1.5mi. This is where the trail starts to climb, but it’s not that hard at all, and you’ll be following the river.

3.0mi into the hike, the trail gets steeper, but then you can start to hear Cascade Falls ahead.

At 3.5mi, you’ll see a small sign pointing to the right for Cascade Falls. Follow the trail down to the base of Cascade Falls, crossing a river to get there. When you come back to the main trail, you can hike up further to the top of Cascade Falls. This is a great place to take pictures and sit on a rock as the falls cascade around you.

To return to the trailhead, just go back the way you came, there are no intersections to worry about making any turns!

Insider Hints

  • A 1.0mi up the road is the East Inlet trailhead and a well worth the short hike to Adams Falls and a view of Grand Lake.


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Nikola89 2 months ago

Very nice hike. It took me 3 hours. Was worth it.

9.0 Overall Rating
Technical Difficulty
Physical Difficulty
3h 00m Time Taken
Trix97 2 months ago

Cascade Falls hike was beautiful. Not too crowded as well.

10.0 Overall Rating
Technical Difficulty
Physical Difficulty
3h 00m Time Taken
ddiana 2 months ago

so many beautiful falls. my family absolutely loved the walk and we already want to go back

10.0 Overall Rating
Technical Difficulty
Physical Difficulty
2h 30m Time Taken
Ramiro G. 2 months ago

Nice falls, my family loved it

8.0 Overall Rating
Technical Difficulty
Physical Difficulty
3h 00m Time Taken
Peggy Rosie 2 months ago

Cascade falls were very scenic. Great waterfall. I love falls.

9.0 Overall Rating
Technical Difficulty
Physical Difficulty
3h 00m Time Taken

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