Lake Louise in Banff National Park, Alberta

About 10Adventures

10Adventures was founded in 2016 to make it easier for people to plan their next 10Adventures and to help and enable others to live a more adventurous life. So whether you want to plan a day trip, a long weekend getaway, or an epic overseas adventure, 10Adventures makes it easy to explore the most beautiful places on earth in the most exciting ways.

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At 10Adventures you'll find all of the tools you need to live an adventurous life in one place.  You can use our resources to plan your own adventure, connect with other like-minded outdoor enthusiasts, use our app to help you out on the trails and book a guided or self-guided adventure tour in over 65 countries.

Couple in PatagoniaSpirit Island at Maligne Lake, Alberta, Canada

But why 10Adventures?  Well, we think 10 is an ideal number for your bucket list of adventures. Of course, your next 10Adventures don’t all have to be “adventures of a lifetime,” but instead can simply be a list of exciting adventures you strive to achieve over a particular season or even a year of your life.

Dreaming up your list of 10Adventures simply makes life better and allows you to prioritize what’s really important.  It energizes you to dream of exploring new places, connect with loved ones, put your physical body to the test, and learn about new and fascinating cultures. Having a plan for your next 10Adventures is an easy and valuable way to ensure you never stop dreaming.

Boats in the harbour of PortofinoSeven Sisters cliffs hiking UK

So put on your thinking caps and start planning your next 10Adventures! Do you want to learn a new skill, such as rock climbing or canoeing? Or plan a romantic long weekend getaway in the mountains? Maybe it’s an epic adventure abroad where you can soak up the culture and beauty of a foreign land.  Or even just a day trip to a peaceful lake where you can connect with nature.

Whatever your next 10Adventures look like, we’re here to help!  With thousands of free route guides and locally guided tours, we’ve got you covered as you explore the most beautiful places on earth.  All of this is at your fingertips - 10Adventures is your one-stop for adventure travel.

Hiking EEOR in Banff Canmore Alberta CanadaNorthern Lights in the arctic

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