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All You Need To Know About Backcountry Camping in Banff National Park

The best way to explore Banff National Park is getting into the backcountry. We share how to book backcountry campsites in Banff with our tips below. Banff National Park is [...]

Backcountry By 10A editors June 9, 2019

Mount Everest Base Camp Trek

The Mount Everest Base Camp trek (EBC) is a dream destination for many people, as it leads directly to the base of the highest mountain in the world. Hikers cross [...]

Treks By Eva Wieners June 8, 2019

Escape the Crowds this Summer

Are you planning a summer holiday that involves checking out some of North America’s most stunning scenery? If so, your itinerary probably has you venturing to a National Park or [...]

Escape the rat-race with long-distance hiking

In 2018, I hiked more than 1,500 km (930miles) of long-distance trails in 3 countries in less than 6 months. When I announced this plan to my family and friends, [...]

Treks By Lisa Germany June 5, 2019

Planning a Trip to Kootenay National Park

Kootenay National Park, located right beside Banff National Park, is a stunning, less-visited park than it's neighbor. This is a shame, as Kootenay has some exceptional hiking, skiing, snowshoeing and [...]

Trip Guide By 10A editors May 31, 2019

North Coast Trail

The North Coast Trail (NCT), located in Cape Scott Provincial Park, is one of Vancouver Island’s most challenging multi-day hikes. It traverses the northern tip of Vancouver Island, crisscrossing through [...]

Everything you need to know about Camping in Strathcona Park

It can be a bit overwhelming to decide where to camp when planning your first visit to Strathcona Park. Strathcona Park is home to about 268 camping spots spread across [...]

Planning Your Trip to Snowdonia, Wales

Wales is spectacular, full of incredible mountains, beaches, cozy pubs and friendly locals. There is nowhere better for walking then a trip to Snowdonia National Park, which features some of [...]

Trip Guide By 10A editors May 7, 2019

Planning a Trip to Alberta’s Castle Provincial Park

Come and explore one of Canada’s newest parks, the spectacular Castle Provincial Park. Located in a little-known part of the Canadian Rockies in southwest Alberta, you can enjoy entire hikes [...]

Trip Guide By 10A editors May 4, 2019

Top 10 Mountain Bike Trails near Bend, Oregon

Bend, Oregon takes mountain biking seriously, and is considered the Best Mountain Bike Town in the U.S. Bend isn’t just a great place for expert riders, there are trails for [...]

10 Best Hikes By 10A editors April 16, 2019