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The GR5: An incredible journey through the Alps

Interview with Founder of 10Adventures, Richard Campbell By Amber Mansfield “The GR5 was a pivotal point in our marriage”, Richard tells me, “as I learned to ask for help”. “Before [...]

General By Amber M. January 25, 2019

Natascha Birnböck on Canada’s Great Divide Trail

Waist-deep in snow, Natascha Birnböck and her boyfriend Christian waded through what nature had dumped upon them overnight. “We have to keep going, we don’t have enough food to stop [...]

General By Amber M. January 22, 2019

10 Prettiest Places Along the PCT

When I tell people that I walked from Mexico to Canada through California, Oregon and Washington along the Pacific Crest Trail, a lot of people have similar first reactions. Something [...]

Banff By David Xiao November 16, 2018

Highlights of the PCT

The Pacific Crest Trail is a stunning, long-distance hiking trail. The PCT, as it is often known, traverses 2,650 miles through 25 national forests and 7 national parks. It is host [...]

General By David Xiao November 13, 2018

Our Favourite Mid-Layers

It seems like it is colder and snowier than usual this winter. This has meant some great time outdoors, but time outdoors can easily turn unpleasant without the right gear. [...]

General By 10A editors February 8, 2018

Edmonton Hiking Clubs

Are you looking to get outside and explore all the Edmonton has to offer? In this post we feature some of the most popular hiking clubs in Edmonton, ideal for [...]

General By 10A editors December 23, 2017

Calgary Hiking Clubs

Looking for some help in getting outdoors more? In this post we feature three popular Hiking Clubs in Calgary. These hiking clubs run trips throughout the Rockies, and many of [...]

General By 10A editors December 21, 2017

Christmas Wish List for Outdoor Adventurers

Well, it’s the time of the year to try and find the perfect gift for those outdoor adventurers in your life. If you are thinking, 'What’s a good gift for [...]

Gear By 10A editors December 5, 2017

10 Tips to Eat Right

People talk about diets all the time. They are looking at what to eat to bulk up, to lose weight, to feel better and to improve their health. There are [...]

General By 10A editors December 1, 2017