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Unlock the Keys to Living Your Best Van Life

Much more than with any other type of travel, van life forces you to change the way you think about exploring, with the result being an adherence to several different [...]

General By Alex Todd June 6, 2022

How Outdoor Adventures Can Influence and Boost Creativity

The unconventional wild influences wild, unhinged thinking. Nature lacks rules, painting images of adventure and untouched flowers and trees freely roamed by wildlife. Just think of the secret ventures unfolding [...]

General By Kelsey Krahn May 25, 2022

Guide to the Best Dog-Friendly Trails in Alberta

Dogs love to explore the trees and take in new scents, making it fun to go on outdoor adventures together. Watching your dog wag its tail as they trot up [...]

General By Kelsey Krahn May 23, 2022

Why I Learn A Bit of the Language Wherever I Travel

Sure, math and music may be universal languages, but you can't get un-lost using an equation, and you can't play your ukulele to get out of a sketchy situation—unless you're [...]

General By Kelsey Krahn May 11, 2022

Earth Day How Can We Reduce Our Impact While Travelling and Exploring

Close your eyes and think of your city before skyscrapers, hums of traffic, and houses. Imagine the sweet, natural air swirling through the trees, the rivers echoing off the mountain [...]

General By Kelsey Krahn April 11, 2022

To Push the Season…

Snow and melt water still line the edges of the road, while my gloved hand up-shifts for a brief sprint out of the saddle. Despite being dressed in long leggings, [...]

General By Shannon Burt March 21, 2022

The Pressure to Post: How Smartphones Can Help and Hinder our Adventures

Phones can help us research, plan, book, pay for, and embark on our adventures. They can teach us how to say “hello” and “thank you” in another language and they [...]

General By Mallory Kirzinger March 15, 2022

Should I sell it all to see the world? A perspective on the pressure to travel

If you’re here on this website right now, odds are you like to travel. Maybe you even love it. The problem with loving to travel (other than spending all your [...]

General By Mallory Kirzinger February 3, 2022

5 Ways to Hit the Reset Button with Outdoor Activities

We’ve all encountered a time in our lives where we’d have gladly welcomed a reset button--some type of conjuring force that would grant us a fresh start or a do-over. [...]

General By Nadine Gravis January 4, 2022

The Magic of Spending Time Outdoors

Close your eyes and travel back in time to some of your favourite memories; where were you? When I do this, I see an explosion of colours lining a market [...]

Adventure Health General By Kelsey Krahn December 10, 2021