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    Panorama of the Twin Cairns hike near Banff, Alberta

    Accommodation Policy

    We know having quality accommodations are an important part of booking your next adventure holiday.  With that in mind we want to be as clear as possible about the accommodations for the tours we list on 10Adventures and 10Adventures Tours. 

    Table of Contents

    Types of Accommodation

    Adventure tours use a variety of types of accommodations. The types that can be expected on tours are:

    Hotels: Hotel accommodations typically offer singledouble or triple-occupancy rooms, usually with private, en-suite bathroom facilities. Hotel quality can vary according to local standards and customs. 

    Inns, Guesthouses, or Bed & Breakfasts (B&Bs): This type of lodging is often preferred when available, since they provide a more authentic and personal introduction of the area you are visiting. While they do not typically offer luxury amenities, their small, family-run atmosphere is often a highlight of the tour. 

    Mountain Huts or Refuges: Deep in the mountains, these accommodations can be somewhat rustic but offer basic amenities.  You can expect to often have shared, dormitory-style rooms, though in some instances they offer private rooms. 

    Hostels: A low-cost, low-frills option when visiting towns or cities, lodging is typically in shared dormitory-style rooms, though some now have private rooms as well.   

    Camping: Sleeping outdoors along the route of your tour is a great way to stay immersed in the natural environment, and wake up to incredible views. Camping can range from official campsites in campgrounds to free camping in local villages. Additional gear or equipment may be required, but this will be made clear in the tour description. 

    Upgrading your Accommodation Quality

    In many cases, you may be able to upgrade your accommodations for an additional cost. Contact us if you are interested in upgrading and find out what options are available. 

    Accommodation in Tour Itinerary

    The specific accommodations listed for each tour are not guaranteed for your tour.  The Tour Operator makes every effort to secure those accommodations, however due to demand, in some cases certain accommodations are not available. If the exact accommodations listed on the website are not available, substitutions will be made with one of a similar quality or star-rating to the original. Tour Operators always aim for the accommodations listed, but limited availability may result in adjustments, especially in popular tourist areas. 

    Accommodations along certain of the most popular tours, such as the Tour de Mont Blanc, can be fully booked up to a year in advance. In these extreme cases, the challenge is simply to find accommodation along your route.  This may result in route variations over what is listed in the itinerary. In some cases, your accommodation may require a transfer to a neighboring town or a changed quality of for accommodations. You will always be notified where this is necessary.  




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