Canterbury Sherman and Tiffany Falls Hike
Canterbury Sherman and Tiffany Falls Hike

Canterbury, Sherman, and Tiffany Falls Hike

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Canterbury Sherman and Tiffany Falls Hike

Canterbury, Sherman, and Tiffany Falls Hike

Distance: 6.0mi
Elevation: 653ft
Time: 2.5-3h

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Hiking the Canterbury, Sherman, and Tiffany Falls Trail is a fun, family-friendly experience near Ancaster that will take you along a stretch of the Niagara Escarpment to visit a series of waterfalls. While out exploring the trail, you will make your way through a beautiful stretch of woodland terrain, before visiting the Canterbury, Sherman, and Tiffany waterfalls. This hiking route is a perfect escape for when you need to get away from the city and reconnect with the natural world.

Canterbury, Sherman, and Tiffany Falls Hike Map

Getting there

To reach the trailhead for the Canterbury, Sherman, and Tiffany Falls Hike from Ancaster, drive northeast on Wilson Street for 1.6mi and turn left onto Montgomery Drive, following it for 656ft. Make a left onto Old Douglas Road and continue on for 1640ft, where you will find the entrance to the parking lot on the right.

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Canterbury, Sherman, and Tiffany Falls Hike
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Canterbury, Sherman, and Tiffany Falls Hike Description

While the Canterbury, Sherman, and Tiffany Falls Hike does make for a fantastic family outing along the Niagara Escarpment, the trail will not be suitable for hikers of all skill levels or those with strollers. This route features some small elevation gains and drops along its length, as well as some areas with rugged terrain. Be sure to wear proper hiking footwear when setting out on this adventure. Additionally, this is a very popular route, so be sure to arrive early to secure parking and beat out the tourists and other hikers.

Although it may be a popular adventure in the area, it is for good reason, as the waterfalls along the trail offer some beautiful settings where you can relax and enjoy the natural beauty of the surrounding landscape. Along the trail, you will explore lovely stretches of forest and visit a series of gorgeous waterfalls, all while taking in the wonderful scenery that can be found along the Niagara Escarpment. If you are looking to fit as many waterfalls as you can into a moderate length adventure, then the Canterbury, Sherman, and Tiffany Falls Hike is a great way to do it.

Setting out from the parking area, find the trail to the northwest and follow it into the dense cover of the forest. Continue along the well-maintained track for the next 0.8mi, keeping left to cross over a series of small streams and arrive at a junction in the trail. Head to the right here and keep right at the next junction in 81m to make your way toward the edge of the escarpment. Follow the trail to the east, and after 0.4mi, you will arrive at the serene location of your first waterfall of the day, Canterbury Falls. Take some time to appreciate the natural beauty of the terraced waterfall, before setting back out on the trail.

Follow the trail east as it skirts along the escarpment over the next 0.69km, bringing you slightly downhill to arrive at a junction next to a parking lot. Head right here and follow the trail as it climbs uphill along Ancaster Creek, eventually bringing you to a viewpoint at Sherman Falls. As with the last waterfall, take some time to explore the area and relax in the peaceful waterside setting before crossing the bridge to continue onto your third waterfall of the day.

After crossing the bridge, follow the trail north to descend the hillside along Ancaster Creek, before it bends to the east and crosses over Old Dundas Road. Continue on through the forest for the next 0.7mi, where you will cross over Tiffany Creek and arrive at another junction. Head to the right here to begin your hike up to the final waterfall of the day.

After making your way over Wilson Street East, continue on to the southeast and climb gently uphill along Tiffany Creek for the next 1230ft to reach the 69ft tall Tiffany Falls. This majestic waterfall plunges over the rock of the escarpment into a ravine, creating a dramatic scene that is all the more stunning in the winter, when the falls freeze over and become populated with adventurous ice climbers. Here, experienced hikers with proper gear can continue off-trail to the southeast to visit the hard-to-reach Washboard Falls, although this is definitely not recommended for beginner hikers.

After taking in the breathtaking views of the Tiffany Falls, head back along the trail and retrace your footsteps to gain the opposite perspective of the route, while taking in some final views of each of the waterfalls that you had previously passed. Eventually, you will arrive back at the parking lot feeling accomplished at having completed the Casnterbury, Sherman, and Tiffany Falls Hike.

Trail Highlights

Canterbury Falls

Located along Canterbury Creek just outside of Ancaster, Canterbury Falls is a 31ft tall waterfall that is a popular destination for hikers and tourists in the area, thanks to its terraced ribbon structure that adds to an almost magical woodland setting.

Sherman Falls

Nicknamed the Fairy or Angel falls thanks to their picturesque cascading appearance, Sherman Falls is a 56ft tall curtain waterfall that stems from Ancaster Creek between the Tiffany and Canterbury Falls. This waterfall has a good flow year-round, making it a great place to visit at any time.

Tiffany Falls

This 69ft tall waterfall located in the Tiffany Falls Conservation Area cascades over the rock of the Niagara Escarpment above and crashes into a v-shaped ravine below. As the falls frequently freeze over in the winter, this is a popular place for ice climbers to come and work their craft.

Insider Hints

  • Make sure to arrive early or during off-peak times to secure parking and enjoy solitude along the trail, as this is a very popular hike in the area.

  • Wear proper hiking footwear for this adventure.

  • Experienced hikers looking to visit another waterfall can go off-trail after Tiffany falls for an extra 100m to reach Washboard Falls. This is a challenging detour that should not be undertaken without proper hiking equipment.



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