Ontario hiking
Ontario hiking

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As Canada’s second largest province, it should be no surprise that Ontario is a fantastic place to get outside and explore the natural beauty of the wild landscapes on offer there. The province features six national parks and 280 provincial parks, providing a wealth of opportunities for day hikes and multi-day backpacking treks that can take place on over 49709.7mi of trails. With such a large number of hiking routes and a great diversity of terrain, it’s easy to see why over 800,000 Ontarians and countless visitors utilize the trail networks in the province every year.

A hiking excursion in Ontario can take many different forms, ranging from brief hour-long strolls through a public park to a multi-day trek along the 553.0mi expanse of the Bruce Trail that cuts across the southern portion of the province. Beginner hikers and seasoned outdoor enthusiasts alike will feel at home here, as the main contributor to the difficulty of a hike is the overall length, as opposed to technical terrain. That is not to say that there aren’t any challenging hikes in the province, far from it; however, the lack of any mountainous terrain means that your focus will largely be on physical fitness rather than technical knowledge or prowess. Even still, the breathtaking scenery and stunning landscapes across the province make for a wonderful experience, no matter where you are or what season it may be, so why not make the wild expanse of Ontario the destination of your next hiking adventure.

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