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    Germany Hiking Tours

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      Displaying 21 of 21 tours

      Open details for Elbe Sandstone Mountains Circular Walking Tour


      Elbe Sandstone Mountains Circular Walking Tour

      Tucked away in the rugged landscape of southeast Germany, the Elbe Sandstone Mountains are a treasure trove of hiking routes through sandstone cliffs, waterfalls, deep valleys, and table mountains. The 8-day Elbe Sandstone Mountains Circular Walking Tour reveals the stunning scenery of ‚ÄėSaxon Switzerland‚Äô with natural and historic sites like the incredible rock formations at Bastei Bridge and the Barbarine pinnacle, and the impressive K√∂nigstein Fortress. A hiker‚Äôs paradise!

      8 days from $975USDDetails
      Open details for Salzalpensteig Trek Part 2


      Salzalpensteig Trek Part 2

      On this hiking tour from Bavaria to Upper Austria, you literally hike the trail of salt! The regions in and around the Salzkammergut were built on this white gold. On the hiking tour you can expect to see breathtaking mountain ranges, lush green forests and meadows, as well as crystal-clear lakes. Anyone who has always wanted to know how salt was mined in the past will certainly get their money’s worth on this tour.

      8 days from $975USDDetails
      Open details for Malerweg Complete Trail Hike


      Malerweg Complete Trail Hike

      Walk in the footsteps of the inspired Swiss artists who gave this scenic route the name ‚ÄėThe Painter‚Äôs Path‚Äô on this stella hiking tour! With striking rock formations, stone arches, caves, and thundering waterfalls, the Malerweg Complete Trail Hike reveals 112km of unbelievable natural beauty.

      10 days from $995USDDetails
      Open details for Alpine Crossing 1: Munich to Garmish


      Alpine Crossing 1: Munich to Garmish

      Pure hiking bliss awaits during our holiday between the Bavarian capital Munich and the Olympic town of Garmisch.

      8 days from $1,095USDDetails
      Open details for Lake Königssee to Lake Wörthersee Tour


      Lake Königssee to Lake Wörthersee Tour

      Alpine pastures, peaceful natural landscapes, idyllic lake regions and the most beautiful hiking paths ‚Äď this and much more awaits you on this ten-day mountain hiking tour from Lake K√∂nigssee to Lake W√∂rthersee.

      10 days from $1,125USDDetails
      Open details for E5: Oberstdorf to Meran Trek


      E5: Oberstdorf to Meran Trek

      The E5 is one of the most popular long-distance hiking paths and is often called the ‚Äúmost beautiful of all crossings of the Alps‚ÄĚ.

      8 days from $1,395USDDetails

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      Germany General Information

      Where to go trekking in Germany

      There are abundant options for trekking in Germany, from traversing the scenic trails of the Bavarian Alps to hiking through the lush valleys of the Black Forest. Other adventures lead to the dramatic peaks of the Harz Mountains, the serene beauty of Saxon Switzerland National Park, or the coastal paths along the Baltic Sea. The possibilities are endless!

      Why Germany is great for trekking

      Germany stands out as a premier trekking destination due to its diverse landscapes, well-established routes like the Rennsteig Trail and the Rheinsteig, and rich cultural heritage. From challenging mountain paths to serene woodland trails, Germany offers an array of trekking experiences suitable for all skill levels.

      When to trek in Germany

      The best time to trek in Germany depends on personal preferences and desired weather conditions. Late spring (May-June) and early fall (Sept-Oct) are ideal for mild weather and fewer crowds. Summer offers longer daylight hours but can be busier, while winter brings snow for those seeking a snowy adventure.

      Top 5 treks in Germany

      1. Rheinsteig Trail: The Rheinsteig Trail stretches over 320 kilometers along the Rhine River, offering breathtaking views of vineyards, castles, and the Rhine Valley, with diverse landscapes ranging from forests to rocky cliffs.
      2. Harz Witches' Trail (Harzer Hexenstieg): This trail winds through the Harz Mountains, known for its folklore and legends, covering around 100 kilometers and passing through dense forests, charming villages, and historic sites like Brocken, the highest peak in the region.
      3. Black Forest Trail (Schwarzwaldsteig): Spanning around 160 kilometers through the enchanting Black Forest, this trail showcases the region's natural beauty, featuring serene lakes, dense forests, and picturesque valleys, along with traditional Black Forest villages and cultural landmarks.
      4. Saxon Switzerland Malerweg Trail: Offering stunning views of the Elbe Sandstone Mountains, this trail extends for about 112 kilometers, leading hikers through rugged sandstone formations, lush forests, and idyllic river valleys, while passing by historic rock formations and charming towns.
      5. Moselsteig Trail: Following the Moselle River for approximately 365 kilometers, this trail takes hikers through the scenic Moselle Valley, renowned for its terraced vineyards, medieval castles, and charming wine villages, providing a perfect blend of nature, culture, and gastronomy.

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