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    North Macedonia Hiking Tours

    North Macedonia hiking tours offer a journey through natural wonders and cultural treasures. Experience the calm of Lake Ohrid and the rugged Shar Mountains, blending adventure with tranquility. Uncover ancient monasteries, the warmth of village hospitality, and breathtaking panoramas. These tours are your gateway to North Macedonia's pristine landscapes and deep historical roots, inviting you to discover its untouched beauty and rich heritage.

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      Displaying 6 of 6 tours

      Open details for Galichica and Pelister National Parks Hiking Tour

      North Macedonia

      Galichica and Pelister National Parks Hiking Tour

      North Macedonia is a treasure waiting to be discovered. It has some unexpectedly impressive hiking trails for our adventurers who like to explore on foot. This 8-day guided tour offers a new trail each day to explore the various terrain in this young country.

      8 days from $795USDDetails
      Open details for North Macedonia Multisport Tour

      North Macedonia

      North Macedonia Multisport Tour

      Truly experience the wilderness of North Macedonia on this 7-day multisport adventure tour. Get acquainted with this unique country through its hiking trails, lakes, cuisine, and stories from your local guide. And the most magical part: spend two nights camping in a private, remote lakeside location.

      7 days from $1,325USDDetails
      Open details for Kosovo and North Macedonia Hiking Tour


      Kosovo and North Macedonia Hiking Tour

      If you’re looking for a journey on roads less travelled, a hiking tour through Kosovo and North Macedonia will appeal to you. Situated on the Balkan Peninsula, these two young countries are home to several natural wonders, national parks, and reserves. The wild terrain contains excellent hiking trails leading through canyons and mountains that are popular for skiing in the winter.

      9 days from $1,975USDDetails
      Open details for Albania, Kosovo and North Macedonia Hiking Tour


      Albania, Kosovo and North Macedonia Hiking Tour

      There’s never enough time to do all the travelling you want to do, but if you want to explore Albania, Kosovo, and North Macedonia, this 11-day hiking tour will show you the highlights (and you can always return another time!).

      11 days from $2,125USDDetails
      Open details for North Macedonia Grand Hiking Tour

      North Macedonia

      North Macedonia Grand Hiking Tour

      If you’re looking to go hiking in a new destination that combines history, culture, beauty, friendly locals and great food? Then in North Macedonia deserves your consideration. This 12-day guided hiking tour is a gem. You’ll explore three of the country’s National Parks, and several villages and towns, many of which are recognized by UNESCO. The itinerary is jam-packed with activities—you will never be bored!

      12 days from $2,150USDDetails
      Open details for North Macedonia, Greece and Bulgaria Hiking Tour

      Greek Mainland

      North Macedonia, Greece and Bulgaria Hiking Tour

      This 11-day hiking tour leads you across the centre of the Balkans through North Macedonia, into northern Greece, and finishes in Bulgaria. This region has an extensive history and has been recorded in mythological and historical books alike. Walk among the gods on this adventure!

      11 days from $2,450USDDetails

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      North Macedonia General Information

      Where to go trekking in North Macedonia

      Trekking in North Macedonia reveals hidden gems, with paths winding through National Park Mavrovo, Pelister National Park, and the Shar Mountains. Adventure unfolds in Matka Canyon’s dramatic vistas and by Lake Prespa’s peaceful waters. Each trail is a unique voyage into North Macedonia's majestic natural beauty.

      Why is North Macedonia great for trekking?

      North Macedonia shines as a trekking haven with its untouched natural landscapes, varied terrains, and historical richness. The dedication to preserving natural parks, along with the locals' hospitality, enhances the trekking experience. Offering everything from strenuous mountain treks to gentle countryside strolls, North Macedonia welcomes adventurers of all abilities.

      When to trek in North Macedonia

      The ideal months for trekking in North Macedonia are spring (April to June) and autumn (September to October), when the weather is mild, landscapes are vibrant, and rainfall is scarce, perfect for outdoor exploration. While summer boasts clear skies and lush scenery, its warmer temperatures might be challenging for some hikers.

      Top 3 treks in North Macedonia

      1. Matka Canyon Exploration: Though more of a leisurely hike than a challenging trek, exploring Matka Canyon is an adventure in its own right. The area is known for its deep gorges, medieval monasteries, and diverse flora and fauna. Kayaking on the canyon’s lake adds an extra dimension to this trekking experience.
      2. Lake Ohrid Circular Trek: This trek circles the ancient Lake Ohrid, offering stunning views, visits to historical sites, and the chance to experience the unique biodiversity of the region. The trail connects quaint lakeside villages, ancient churches, and pristine beaches, making it a comprehensive trekking experience.
      3. Mavrovo National Park Loop: This loop takes adventurers through the heart of Mavrovo National Park, showcasing Macedonia's highest peaks, traditional villages, and the stunning Mavrovo Lake. The diverse terrain includes dense forests and alpine meadows, perfect for nature lovers.

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