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    Madeira Tours

    Madeira adventure tours offer exhilarating experiences amidst stunning natural beauty and diverse outdoor activities. With rugged coastlines, lush forests, and captivating landscapes, Madeira is a paradise for adventure enthusiasts. Whether hiking along scenic levada walks, exploring volcanic terrain, or diving into crystal-clear waters, Madeira tours promise an unforgettable blend of excitement and relaxation.

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      Displaying 2 of 2 tours

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      Madeira Walking Tour

      The Portuguese island of Madeira, voted the world’s best island in 2018, is a nature lover’s paradise best discovered on foot. The 8-day self-guided Madeira Walking Tour will introduce you to some of the island’s most remarkable landscapes, allowing you to soak up every moment as you enjoy exciting daily walks at your own pace.

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      Madeira Circular Hiking Tour

      Cloud forests, dark lava rocks and sunlit banana plantations. Sounds like an exotic holiday destination but it’s actually the island of Madeira, not far from Lisbon in the Atlantic. Madeira offers a colourful variety for botanists, hikers and pleasure seekers.

      8 days from $895USDDetails
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      Madeira General Information

      Where to go in Madeira

      When planning where to go in Madeira, start by exploring the main attractions on the island. Funchal, the capital city, offers a vibrant blend of culture, history, and culinary delights. Don't miss the dramatic cliffs of Cabo Girão, the enchanting Laurisilva Forest, or the rugged peaks of Pico Ruivo and Pico do Arieiro.

      What to do in Madeira

      If you're wondering what to do in Madeira, rest assured there's no shortage of adventure. Explore Madeira's network of levada walks, hiking trails that wind through lush valleys, and along coastal cliffs. Dive into the azure waters for snorkeling or scuba diving, or embark on a thrilling canyoning excursion in the island's interior.

      When to go to Madeira

      Choosing when to visit Madeira depends on your preferred activities. Spring (April to June) and autumn (September to November) offer mild temperatures and fewer tourists, making them ideal for outdoor adventures. Summer (July to August) is perfect for beach activities and water sports, while winter (December to March) is ideal for whale watching and exploring Madeira's festive traditions.

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