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    Yellowstone Hiking Tours

    Yellowstone hiking tours feature views of one of the world's most geologically diverse national parks, promising an adventure travel experience that's unforgettable. From the expansive Lamar Valley to the majestic heights of Mount Washburn, a hiking tour in Yellowstone can be a transformative adventure. Merging breathtaking natural wonders with a rich tapestry of wildlife, Yellowstone hiking tours immerse you in an authentic wilderness experience.

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      Displaying 8 of 8 tours

      Open details for Yellowstone Beginner Backpacking Tour


      Yellowstone Beginner Backpacking Tour

      Get acquainted with backpacking as you hike to Shoshone Geyser Basin in Yellowstone National Park. Situated along Shoshone Lake, it is the largest backcountry geyser basin in Yellowstone – and you’ll have it all to ourselves!

      4 days from $1,450USDDetails
      Open details for Yellowstone Sky Rim Backpacking Tour


      Yellowstone Sky Rim Backpacking Tour

      Dive into a true backcountry experience as you hike along the Sky Rim Trail in Yellowstone National Park over 4 thrilling days.

      4 days from $1,450USDDetails
      Open details for Red Peak Pass Backpacking Tour


      Red Peak Pass Backpacking Tour

      Lace up your hiking boots and traverse 83 kilometres of Yosemite National Park’s wildly scenic backyard on this 7-day guided Red Peak Pass Backpacking Tour. Spend 5 nights camping alongside lakes and rivers, such as the unbelievably stunning Ottoway Lakes and the truly magical, impressive Merced River.

      7 days from $2,295USDDetails
      Open details for Yellowstone Thorofare Backpacking Tour

      United States

      Yellowstone Thorofare Backpacking Tour

      The world’s oldest National Park sits atop a super-volcano and features earth’s largest collection of geothermal features! This remarkable landscape is yours to discover on the 7-Day Yellowstone Thorofare Backpacking Tour.

      7 days from $2,450USDDetails
      Open details for Grand Teton and Yellowstone Hiking Tour


      Grand Teton and Yellowstone Hiking Tour

      Let’s start with Yellowstone, shall we? Did you know that this world-famous National Park sits on top of a super-volcano and boasts the largest collection of geothermal features on the planet? It’s true! Prepare to be mesmerized by the otherworldly landscapes, from the iconic Old Faithful geyser to the vibrant hot springs and bubbling mud pots on this 6-day guided group hiking tour!

      Jun, Aug
      6 days from $2,950USDDetails
      Open details for Yellowstone and Grand Teton Hiking Tour


      Yellowstone and Grand Teton Hiking Tour

      Yellowstone is the oldest and one of the most popular national parks in the United States, offering miles and miles of pristine natural beauty to explore. The hikes included on this guided adventure have been specially selected to be easy enough for the beginner hiker but to also include the must-see regions of the park!

      5 days from $3,395USDDetails
      Open details for Yellowstone Hiking Adventure


      Yellowstone Hiking Adventure

      Yellowstone National Park is the oldest and one of the most unique national parks in the United States. The 7-day guided Yellowstone Hiking Adventure takes you beyond the geysers and hot pools that have made the area such a favorite for visitors from all over the world. Not only will you hike to famous sites and spots, but you’ll explore the more remote corners of the park, connecting with nature on a deeper level.

      7 days from $3,395USDDetails
      Open details for Yellowstone, Tetons, Glacier Self-Drive Tour
      Lifetime Deposit


      Yellowstone, Tetons, Glacier Self-Drive Tour

      The National Parks originally explored by Lewis & Clark are the oldest and some of the most popular parks in the US. The enticing Yellowstone, Tetons, Glacier Self-Drive Tour visits three parks in one epic adventure, where you can hike and explore to your heart’s content.

      15 days from $3,550USDDetails

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      Yellowstone General Information

      Where to Trek in Yellowstone

      In planning your trek in Yellowstone, consider the landscapes and natural features you wish to explore. The Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone offers dramatic vistas and challenging trails, while the geothermal areas around Old Faithful provide easier walks with stunning features. For wildlife enthusiasts, the Lamar Valley trail presents opportunities to observe bison, wolves, and elk in their natural habitat.

      What Makes Trekking in Yellowstone Special?

      Trekking in Yellowstone is unparalleled due to its vast geothermal wonders, diverse ecosystems, and abundant wildlife. The park's extensive network of trails, such as those leading to the backcountry geysers and along the Yellowstone River, offers adventurers a unique blend of natural exploration and wildlife viewing.

      When to Go Trekking in Yellowstone

      The optimal time for hiking in Yellowstone is during the summer months when trails are accessible, and the weather is conducive to exploration. Spring and fall can offer quieter trails and unique seasonal beauty but prepare for cooler temperatures and possible snow in higher elevations. Winter trekking is possible with proper gear and offers a serene, snow-covered landscape.

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