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    Canada Hiking Tours

    Canadian hiking adventures offer access to a vast array of landscapes, from rugged mountain ranges to pristine coastal trails and dense forests. Rich in natural beauty and cultural diversity, hiking tours in Canada provide an unforgettable blend of adventure and immersion in the great outdoors. Discover breathtaking vistas, remote wilderness areas, and authentic Canadian experiences on these extraordinary Canada trekking expeditions.

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      Displaying 15 of 49 tours

      Open details for Scrambling Skills and Safety

      Canadian Rockies

      Scrambling Skills and Safety

      Most mountaineers start out as hikers on simple trails, progressively learning new skills to take on more advanced terrain. Scrambling is a fundamental skill in a hiker’s toolbelt, opening the door to more incredible scenery with the use of your own two hands. The Scrambling Skills and Safety tour is a chance to become familiar with scrambling with the guidance of a mountain expert.

      May-Jun, Aug-Oct
      2 days from $375USDDetails
      Open details for Aurora Borealis Tour

      Canadian Arctic

      Aurora Borealis Tour

      Embark on a bucket-list adventure in Northern Canada’s Yukon territory, where the Aurora Borealis ripples into the night sky, rendering its audience mesmerized as it ebbs and flows.

      Cultural Sightseeing
      Partially Guided
      Jan-Mar, Aug-Dec
      3 days from $450USDDetails
      Open details for Hiking the Wapta Icefields

      Canadian Rockies

      Hiking the Wapta Icefields

      If you want to access terrain enjoyed by few, the Hiking the Wapta Icefields tour is the ideal chance to escape your routine and seek the mountains. This hiking adventure in the Canadian Rockies departs from stunning Bow Lake to leave everyone else behind, travelling deep into the mountains.

      3 days from $695USDDetails
      Open details for Guided Ascent of Mount Willingdon

      Canadian Rockies

      Guided Ascent of Mount Willingdon

      Reaching the peak of Mount Willingdon is an incredible experience, and it’s one you can do without mountaineering experience or any special skills! On the Guided Ascent of Mount Willingdon, you’ll be led up this incredible mountain with an experienced guide, reaching the 11,066-foot summit to discover unbelievable views over the surrounding Rockies.

      3 days from $725USDDetails
      Open details for Backpacking the Yoho Valley and Iceline Trail

      Canadian Rockies

      Backpacking the Yoho Valley and Iceline Trail

      You’re spoiled for choice when it comes to backpacking in the Canadian Rockies, but you just couldn’t miss an adventure in Yoho National Park. The Backpacking the Yoho Valley and Iceline Trail tour is an all-in experience in some of Canada’s best mountain scenery and a must-do for hikers in the Rockies.

      3 days from $750USDDetails
      Open details for Hiking the Skoki Circuit

      Canadian Rockies

      Hiking the Skoki Circuit

      While the selection of incredible backpacking routes in the Canadian Rockies is too long to name, the Skoki Circuit stands out for its jaw-dropping beauty. The Hiking the Skoki Circuit tour is an excellent way to enjoy this region of Banff National Park, taking care of the logistics so you can just soak up those views.

      4 days from $1,095USDDetails
      Open details for Bay of Fundy Footpath Trek
      Lifetime Deposit

      Canadian Maritime

      Bay of Fundy Footpath Trek

      Explore the spectacular Bay of Fundy Footpath on this fully-guided walking tour. The Bay of Fundy Footpath is the longest stretch of coastal wilderness on the Eastern Seaboard and experiences the world’s highest tides.

      Jun, Sep
      5 days from $1,275USDDetails
      Open details for Kananaskis Highlands Backpacking Adventure

      Canadian Rockies

      Kananaskis Highlands Backpacking Adventure

      Have you heard of Banff’s little sister, Kananaskis? This collection of provincial parks and wildlands make up one of the best hiking destinations in Canada. With scenery that’s just as good as the big national parks but comes with fewer people on the trail, this is the ideal place to get backpacking! The Kananaskis Highlands Backpacking Adventure shows you the very best of this special place!

      5 days from $1,325USDDetails
      Open details for Backpacking the Rockwall Highline

      Canadian Rockies

      Backpacking the Rockwall Highline

      Want to tackle your first backpacking trip, but not sure how to make it everything you dream of it being? The Backpacking the Rockwall Highline is a perfect introduction to backpacking. With no previous experience required (just some solid hiking fitness!) and a long reel of unbelievable scenery to discover, this is a backpacking trip you’re guaranteed to fall in love with!

      6 days from $1,395USDDetails
      Open details for Backpacking near Mount Assiniboine

      Canadian Rockies

      Backpacking near Mount Assiniboine

      Mount Assiniboine is likely the most iconic peak in the Rockies, and the Backpacking near Mount Assiniboine tour is an adventure that puts this mountain at center stage! Despite delivering a true backcountry experience, this tour is suitable for less experienced hikers and backpackers- where better to have your first backpacking experience than the Mount Assiniboine area?

      5 days from $1,525USDDetails
      Open details for Jasper Highlands Backpacking Adventure

      Canadian Rockies

      Jasper Highlands Backpacking Adventure

      The Jasper Highlands Backpacking Adventure is a must-do adventure for the intermediate or strong backpacker. If you’ve tested your legs elsewhere and feel ready for a truly remote adventure, this is the one!

      6 days from $1,525USDDetails
      Open details for Rocky Mountain Self-Drive Tour
      Lifetime Deposit

      Canadian Rockies

      Rocky Mountain Self-Drive Tour

      This trip is an incredible self-guided exploration of the world-renowned Canadian Rocky Mountains. You’ll love the flexibility of this 11-day fly-and-drive-style road trip. Follow your route to all the must-see mountain spots, but the main goal is to show you the exceptional, hidden gems that are off the beaten track.

      11 days from $1,525USDDetails
      Open details for Chilkoot Trail Hike


      Chilkoot Trail Hike

      Immerse yourself into one of the classic trekking trips in all of North America: The Chilkoot Trail. Follow the route of the gold rush into the Yukon, over the incredible Chilkoot Pass. Along the way marvel at the beauty of Alaska, Northern British Columbia and the Yukon.

      7 days from $1,550USDDetails
      Open details for Berg Lake Backpacking Tour

      Canadian Rockies

      Berg Lake Backpacking Tour

      There are few places better to escape into in the backcountry than Mount Robson Provincial Park, home to Canada’s tallest mountain and more pristine hiking trails than you can imagine. The Berg Lake Backpacking Tour is 6 days of pure mountain bliss!

      6 days from $1,675USDDetails
      Open details for Quebec Escapade Hiking Tour


      Quebec Escapade Hiking Tour

      Quebec is a province of historic cities and beautiful forests, coursing rivers and sparkling lakes. On this 10-day guided hiking tour, you’ll explore several of its finest national parks and charming rural towns, bookended by visits to Montreal and Quebec City. The beauty of Quebec is yours to discover!

      10 days from $1,725USDDetails

      1-15 of 49 tours

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      Canada General Information

      Where to go hiking in Canada

      There are endless options for hiking trips in Canada, from exploring the towering peaks of the Rockies to trekking along the rugged coastline of Newfoundland's East Coast Trail. Other adventures will take you hiking in the Canadian Rockies, exploring the ancient forests of Vancouver Island, or traversing the iconic Bruce Trail. The possibilities for exploring Canada on foot are limitless!

      Why is Canada great for hiking?

      Canada is a prime destination for hiking due to its vast and diverse landscapes, iconic trails like the West Coast Trail, and abundant wildlife. From the majestic Rockies to remote wilderness areas, Canada's strong infrastructure and conservation efforts make hiking vacations in Canada accessible and rewarding for all adventurers.

      When to hike in Canada

      The best time to hike in Canada varies by region and elevation. Optimal hiking seasons for most of Canada are late spring (May-June) and early fall (Sept-Oct) for mild weather and fewer crowds. Summer is ideal for higher elevations, while winter offers unique opportunities for snowshoeing and ice hiking in certain regions.

      Top 5 treks in Canada

      1. Backpacking the Yoho Valley and Iceline Trail: Embark on an awe-inspiring journey through the Yoho Valley, traversing the iconic Iceline Trail with its breathtaking glaciers, cascading waterfalls, and rugged alpine landscapes.
      2. Chilkoot Trail Hike: Follow in the footsteps of Klondike Gold Rush stampeders on the historic Chilkoot Trail, trekking through rugged mountain terrain and dense forests while immersing yourself in the rich history of the Yukon.
      3. Backpacking the Rockwall Highline: Experience the rugged beauty of the Canadian Rockies on a multi-day backpacking adventure along the Rockwall Highline, marveling at towering peaks, pristine alpine lakes, and panoramic vistas.
      4. 7-day Vancouver Island Camping Tour: Explore the natural wonders of Vancouver Island on a week-long camping tour, discovering remote beaches, ancient rainforests, and stunning coastal scenery while immersing yourself in the island's diverse ecosystems.
      5. Trekking in Yukon’s Tombstone Park: Venture into the remote wilderness of Yukon's Tombstone Territorial Park on an unforgettable trekking expedition, surrounded by towering peaks, expansive tundra, and pristine alpine landscapes teeming with wildlife.

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