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    Indonesia Hiking Tours

    Indonesia trekking tours unlock a world of lush rainforests, towering volcanoes, and rich cultural encounters. With its unparalleled natural beauty, Indonesia offers hikers the chance to explore vibrant rice terraces, mystical temples, and breathtaking landscapes. Embark on an unforgettable journey through Indonesia's unique ecosystems and experience the warmth of its people and traditions on these exceptional Indonesia hiking tours.

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      Displaying 5 of 5 tours

      Open details for Mount Rinjani Trekking


      Mount Rinjani Trekking

      Put yourself to the test and explore Lombok’s remarkable Mount Rinjani on the 5-day guided Mount Rinjani Trek. Learn about the unique history and patterns of Mount Rinjani as you set out to explore its summit and mesmerizing landscapes. Trek through tropical forests and soak up the scenes of rich flora and diverse wildlife. Refresh yourself after exhilarating trekking with a dip in Crater Lake followed by a soak in the healing hot springs. Experience the majesty of Mount Rinjani, as you spend several nights camping beneath the stars.

      5 days from $375USDDetails
      Open details for Northern Sumatra Tour


      Northern Sumatra Tour

      The 6-day Northern Sumatra Tour invites you to experience this remarkable region of Indonesia in-depth. With a wide variety of optional activities, you’ll find yourself immersed in wondrous natural landscapes each and every day.

      Partially Guided
      6 days from $395USDDetails
      Open details for Lombok Island Nature Tour


      Lombok Island Nature Tour

      Discover the traditions and hidden gems of Lombok on the Lombok Island Nature Tour. Explore this island in-depth, but independently and also accompanied at times by an expert guide. Get to know the real Lombok, as you get off the beaten path to discover the north side of the island. Hike your way through bamboo forests enjoying the symphony of cascading waterfalls. Stay and explore the foothills of Mount Rinjani spotting wildlife in the lush valley.

      Partially Guided
      7 days from $550USDDetails
      Open details for Jungle and Beaches of Northern Sumatra


      Jungle and Beaches of Northern Sumatra

      The 10-Day Jungle and Beaches of Northern Sumatra tour introduces adventurers to some of the most stunning natural landscapes in the region. From thrilling explorations of the tropical jungle of Gunung Leuser National Park to the carefree beaches of Pulau Weh, you’ll come to know this region for its natural beauty and friendly inhabitants.

      Wildlife Watching
      Partially Guided
      10 days from $615USDDetails
      Open details for 14-day Java and Bali Tour


      14-day Java and Bali Tour

      Discover the best of Java and Bali on this 14-day unique adventure experience. With so much to see and do on both islands, enjoy the perfect balance of guided excursions and free time. Cycle, hike, and snorkel to take in the magic of Java and Bali and enjoy guided tours of vibrant Yogyakarta and several small villages. Enjoy the hidden gems of both Java and Bali as you travel to its famous sights and lesser-trodden paths.

      Partially Guided
      14 days from $970USDDetails

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      Indonesia General Information

      Where to go trekking in Indonesia

      From the challenging ascents of Mount Rinjani in Lombok to the spiritual pathways of Bali, adventurers can also explore the untouched beauty of Papua. The Komodo Islands offer a unique blend of trekking and wildlife, while Sumatra's dense jungles promise encounters with orangutans.

      Why is Indonesia great for trekking?

      The variety of trails caters to all levels of hikers, from casual walks through Balinese rice fields to the more demanding treks up its active volcanoes. Indonesia’s rich biodiversity and welcoming communities add depth to every trekking experience.

      When to trek in Indonesia

      The ideal times for trekking in Indonesia are the dry months from April to October, offering clear skies and safer trails. While the wet season presents its own beauty, trekkers should be prepared for rain and more challenging conditions. Each island has its own best period for trekking, so planning according to your destination is key.

      Top 5 treks in Indonesia

      1. Mount Rinjani on Lombok: Offering spectacular views from the crater rim and a challenging ascent, this trek to Indonesia's second-highest volcano is a highlight for serious hikers, culminating in a stunning view over the crater lake, Segara Anak.
      2. Bali's Mount Batur Sunrise Trek: A relatively accessible trek that rewards hikers with unforgettable sunrise views over Bali and its surrounding islands. The trek to this active volcano is a popular activity for those looking to experience Bali's natural beauty.
      3. Komodo Island Trek: Not just for the iconic Komodo dragons, this trek also offers rugged hills, dry forests, and breathtaking beaches. It's a unique blend of wildlife spotting and natural beauty.
      4. The Untouched Trails of Papua: For the truly adventurous, Papua's dense jungles and remote landscapes offer untouched trails that lead to tribal villages and stunning biodiversity, providing a trekking experience unlike any other.
      5. Sumatra's Orangutan Trek in Gunung Leuser National Park: This trek not only offers the chance to see orangutans in their natural habitat but also ventures through a spectacular rainforest that is part of one of the world’s most biodiverse ecosystems.

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