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    China Hiking Tours

    China hiking tours unlock the door to stunning landscapes, from the mystical Himalayas to the tranquil bamboo forests and rugged gorges. Combining exhilarating adventures with serene moments, these tours offer the chance to explore ancient pathways, discover remote villages, and witness China's diverse natural beauty. Immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of Chinese culture, history, and breathtaking scenery on unforgettable China hiking tours.

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      Displaying 8 of 8 tours

      Open details for Trekking Meili Snow Mountains in Yunnan Tour


      Trekking Meili Snow Mountains in Yunnan Tour

      Yunnan Province is renowned as a dream destination for nature-lovers and trekkers. The region comprises grand canyons, high mountains, a handful of lakes, rivers, and waterfalls, dotted with ancient villages where the atmosphere is palpably mystical. On this 9-day trekking tour, you will experience an exquisite sample of what Yunnan Province has to offer.

      Apr, Jun-Oct
      9 days from $1,395USDDetails
      Open details for Hike the Great Wall of China


      Hike the Great Wall of China

      This amazing Chinese walking tour follows some of the wildest stretches of the Great Wall of China. You will hike along iconic sections of the wall and have plenty of opportunities to sample local dishes and visit famous monuments.

      9 days from $1,610USDDetails
      Open details for Trekking Four Sisters Mountain in West Sichuan Tour


      Trekking Four Sisters Mountain in West Sichuan Tour

      This 8-day trekking tour is a wonderful blend of culture and adventure. You’ll spend a few days visiting unique villages, remote monasteries and nunneries, and a panda sanctuary. Then you also spend a few days hiking into the Four Sisters Mountain range to camp away from busy city life and reconnect with nature.

      May-Jun, Sep-Oct
      8 days from $1,850USDDetails
      Open details for Highlights of China


      Highlights of China

      The Highlights of China package is an activity-packed 11-day guided tour. From hanging out with Giant Pandas to exploring major cities, to visiting ancient archeological sites and relaxing in peaceful countryside, the holiday offers a huge range of different activities and locations.

      11 days from $2,285USDDetails
      Open details for Trekking the Tibetan Plateau in West Sichuan Tour


      Trekking the Tibetan Plateau in West Sichuan Tour

      The West Sichuan region is an undiscovered dream destination for hikers. On this 11-day tour, astounding alpine landscapes, hidden villages, and hot springs will fill your days. At night, you’ll stay in comfortable hotels, modest mountain hostels, and you’ll also spend three nights camping under the stars. For an enriching experience in this wild part of China, check out the details of this tour.

      Apr-Jun, Sep-Nov
      11 days from $2,580USDDetails
      Open details for Trekking to Mount Kailash


      Trekking to Mount Kailash

      Trekking in Tibet is a magical journey, and this is one of the finest, as you follow the ancient pilgrimage route to Mount Kailash. You will visit both the holiest places and the most spectacular landscapes of Tibet on this incredible 11-day guided tour. On your way back you will stop off at Everest Base Camp, for a view of Mount Everest from the Chinese side.

      14 days from $3,975USDDetails
      Open details for Hike & Bike China


      Hike & Bike China

      This amazing guided tour allows you to explore some of the highlights of China under your own power. You will get to hike along the Great Wall and in other stunning parts of China, then you will get to cycle through the charming Chinese countryside.

      16 days from $4,315USDDetails
      Open details for China Adventure Tour


      China Adventure Tour

      You will immerse yourself in stunning Chinese landscapes on this activity-packed 19-day guided tour in China. From hiking the Great Wall of China to exploring the stunning Longji valley and sacred mountains of Simatai you will hike and cycle your way through breathtaking scenery throughout this guided adventure tour.

      19 days from $5,895USDDetails

      1-8 of 8 tours

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      China General Information

      Where to go trekking in China

      China's vast landscapes provide a multitude of trekking opportunities. Scale the majestic Great Wall, explore the sacred Mount Kailash in Tibet, or navigate the dramatic Tiger Leaping Gorge. The mystical mountains of Huangshan offer a journey through time, while the rice terraces of Longji present a different pace of rural life. Every trail promises its own unique adventure.

      Why is China great for trekking?

      China stands out as a premier trekking destination with its unparalleled diversity of terrain, ancient trails, and deep cultural roots. From the snow-capped peaks of Tibet to the historical Silk Road and beyond, China's trails offer both challenges and rewards. The country's rich history and stunning natural wonders make each trek an unforgettable experience.

      When to trek in China

      The best time for trekking in China varies by region but generally falls in spring (April to June) and autumn (September to November) for most areas. These seasons feature milder weather and clearer skies. Summer is ideal for Tibetan adventures, while winter treks are best in the south's warmer climates.

      Top 5 treks in China

      1. Great Wall of China Trek: Experience the historical grandeur of China by walking along this ancient marvel, with sections offering different levels of difficulty and scenic beauty.
      2. Mount Kailash Pilgrimage in Tibet: Embark on a spiritual journey around one of the most sacred mountains in the world, set against the backdrop of the Tibetan Plateau's breathtaking landscapes.
      3. Tiger Leaping Gorge Hike: Traverse this magnificent gorge, enjoying the spectacular views of the Jinsha River and its surrounding peaks, one of the deepest and most dramatic gorges on the planet.
      4. Huangshan Mountain Trails: Hike among the granite peaks and ancient pines of Huangshan, a UNESCO World Heritage site, famous for its misty vistas and sunrise views.
      5. Zhangjiajie National Forest Park Hike: Explore the otherworldly landscape of towering sandstone pillars, covered in lush vegetation, which inspired the floating mountains in the film Avatar.

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