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    Georgia Hiking Tours

    Georgia hiking tours unveil a world where dramatic mountain ranges meet ancient traditions. Offering everything from the towering peaks of the Caucasus to lush wine regions and the serene Black Sea coast, these tours blend adventure with cultural immersion. Discover medieval monasteries perched in remote landscapes, taste the renowned Georgian cuisine, and follow trails that weave through scenery as diverse as it is stunning.

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      Displaying 6 of 6 tours

      Open details for Hiking Tour of the Greater Caucasus Mountains


      Hiking Tour of the Greater Caucasus Mountains

      There’s mountain scenery fit for a fairytale in Georgia, and the Hiking Tour of the Greater Caucasus Mountains is an unforgettable journey into these pristine scenes. On this easygoing hiking tour, you’ll trek to hilltop monasteries impossibly perched among the summits, where traders, religious leaders, and adventurers have passed by for millennia. Rest under thundering waterfalls, where the border of Russia sits just nearby. Hike in the shadow of might Mount Kazbek, spellbound by the unbelievable scenery.

      7 days from $865USDDetails
      Open details for Historic Svaneti


      Historic Svaneti

      Discover the fascinating country of Georgia where Asia and Europe meet on the Historic Svaneti Tour. This 7-day guided itinerary begins includes Tbilisi, Kutaisi, and Mestia. As you travel through the country, you’ll find yourself in an incredible ancient city one minute and then in soaring mountains the next.

      7 days from $995USDDetails
      Open details for Vashlovani National Park Adventure Tour


      Vashlovani National Park Adventure Tour

      Vashlovani National Park is one of Georgia’s most exceptional nature reserves, with a badlands-like landscape perfect for geological and natural exploration. Discover this park and so much more on the Vashlovani National Park Adventure Tour, a walk on the wild side of Georgia.

      7 days from $995USDDetails
      Open details for Georgia: Tbilisi to the Black Sea


      Georgia: Tbilisi to the Black Sea

      Georgia is one of Europe’s best-kept secrets, and the Georgia: Tbilisi to the Black Sea tour is the ideal way to discover the world-class history, culture, and nature that this country boasts. From the centuries-old streets of Tbilisi to the sea breeze in Batumi, this tour introduces you to everything that makes Georgia so special.

      7 days from $1,015USDDetails
      Open details for Tusheti and Mount Kazbek Remote Hiking Tour


      Tusheti and Mount Kazbek Remote Hiking Tour

      Every hiker should have Georgia on their must-see list, and the Tusheti and Mount Kazbek Remote Hiking Tour is the ideal introduction to this country that combines natural beauty with deep history. Hike in the untamed Tusheti region, climbing to the foot of imposing Mount Kazbek. You’ll trek to hilltop monasteries, hidden jewel-toned lakes, and unbelievably serene forests. Resting your legs, ride horses up steep alpine passes and cruise in Jeeps on adventurous roads. There’s no dull moment here!

      11 days from $1,450USDDetails
      Open details for Trekking the Caucasus Range to the Black Sea


      Trekking the Caucasus Range to the Black Sea

      The mountains of Georgia are a picture-perfect hiker’s paradise that few have discovered. Take the Trekking the Caucasus Range to the Black Sea tour to discover mountaintops, oceans, and everything in between! This active tour leads you across the high Goderdzi, Chkhuntieri, and Latipari passes. You’ll hike blow the Dashbashi waterfalls, stand at the foot of the imposing Mt. Ushba, and stroll the botanical gardens near Batumi. Dip your feet into the Black Sea, sleep in remote mountain guesthouses, and cross rivers by horseback on this diverse experience.

      15 days from $2,575USDDetails

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      Georgia General Information

      Where to go trekking in Georgia

      The Caucasus Mountains, including the famous Kazbegi region, offer trails with breathtaking vistas. Svaneti, with its medieval towers set against mountain backdrops, provides a trekking experience steeped in history. For a less traveled path, the Tusheti region offers remote wilderness and traditional villages. The subtropical climate of the Ajara coast adds a different flavor to hiking adventures in Georgia.

      Why is Georgia great for trekking?

      Georgia's unique combination of natural beauty, ancient cultures, and hospitable locals make it an exceptional trekking destination. The varied terrain from high mountain passes to verdant valleys ensures that there's something for every type of trekker. The well-preserved trails, such as those in Kazbegi or Svaneti, allow for deep exploration of Georgia's most scenic areas.

      When to trek in Georgia

      The best times for trekking in Georgia are late spring (May to June) and early autumn (September to October), when the weather is mild, and the landscapes are at their most vibrant. Summer offers excellent conditions in the higher altitudes of the Caucasus, while some regions like Tusheti are only accessible during the warmer months due to snow.

      Top 3 Treks in Georgia

      1. Kazbegi Mountain Trail: This trek offers iconic views of Mount Kazbek and the Gergeti Trinity Church, making it a favorite for its accessibility and breathtaking vistas.
      2. Svaneti Trek to Ushguli: Journey through the ancient villages of Svaneti, including Europe's highest settlement, Ushguli, with its medieval towers set against the backdrop of majestic mountains.
      3. Tusheti Wilderness Hike: Explore the remote and preserved landscapes of Tusheti, known for its traditional villages, wildflower meadows, and rugged peaks.

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