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    Pakistan Hiking Tours

    Pakistan trekking tours offer an introduction to some of the most dramatic landscapes on earth, from the towering peaks of the Karakoram to the ancient trails of the Himalayas. Rich in natural beauty and steeped in cultural heritage, these treks provide a profound blend of adventure and exploration. Discover remote villages, stunning mountain vistas, and immerse yourself in the local way of life on these unforgettable Pakistan hiking tours.

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      Displaying 10 of 10 tours

      Open details for Fairy Meadows and Nanga Parbat Base Camp Tour


      Fairy Meadows and Nanga Parbat Base Camp Tour

      Explore the Pakistani Himalaya on this wonderful guided trip to Fairy Meadows and Nanga Parbat basecamp. This trip is a wonderful journey, and a big part of the fun is just getting to the start of the trip.

      7 days from $1,195USDDetails
      Open details for Nanga Parbat Base Camp & Rakaposhi Trek


      Nanga Parbat Base Camp & Rakaposhi Trek

      The Nanga Parbat Base Camp & Rakaposhi Trek is an epic adventure for the strong hiker, taking you to the base camps of some of the tallest mountains in Pakistan. Nanga Parbat, an 8,126m behemoth, is the 9th-tallest mountain in the world, and Rakaposhi reaches 7,788m tall. En route to the base camps, you’ll explore the lush, gorgeous Fairy Meadows, where your campsites feel like they’re in heaven, surrounded by green and framed by the mighty Himalayas and Karakorams.

      14 days from $1,535USDDetails
      Open details for Explore Hunza Valley Tour


      Explore Hunza Valley Tour

      Hunza is a beautiful valley in the Karakoram range and one of the top tourist attractions in Pakistan. This beautiful valley is around 100 km from Gilgit city and takes 2 hours to reach, and the famous Karakoram Highway is open throughout the year.

      Cultural Sightseeing
      9 days from $1,759USDDetails
      Open details for Nangma Valley Trek


      Nangma Valley Trek

      Pakistan’s Nangma Valley is one of the most beautiful valleys in Pakistan, thanks to the massive rock walls that tower over you. This trek takes place in a less-visited part of the Karakoram, but one that will delight you.

      10 days from $1,899USDDetails
      Open details for Thallay La (Khaplu to Shigar) Trek


      Thallay La (Khaplu to Shigar) Trek

      Looking for an easier trek while in Pakistan? The Thallay La Trek is a great one to consider. From tiny seasonal settlements of the upper valleys displaying the fascinating Balti culture to the crossing of the snow-capped Thallay La.

      11 days from $1,960USDDetails
      Open details for Charakusa Valley Trek


      Charakusa Valley Trek

      The Charakusa Valley is a special part of Pakistan, and this is a great trek if you want to explore a beautiful part of the Karakoram. The superb valley of Charakusa is full of isolated towers and superb granite spires which remain out of the world. This trek leads into the heart of the one of the most isolated and pristine mountain valleys in Pakistan.

      12 days from $2,290USDDetails
      Open details for K2 Base Camp and Gondogoro La Trek


      K2 Base Camp and Gondogoro La Trek

      A guided trek in the Karakoram is a spectacular trip. This guided trek to K2 Base Camp is a special one, as it continues over the Gondogoro Pass for the return journey.

      20 days from $2,530USDDetails
      Open details for The Grand Traverse of Baltistan


      The Grand Traverse of Baltistan

      When Eduard Koblmiller set foot in the valley during his successful K6 expedition in 1970, he described it as a place of “unusual and primordial beauty”. The Nangma Valley looks like an impressionist painting, made of extreme color contrasts and abstract lines that point to the sky with astonishing verticality. The beauty of the valley is almost touching, and unlike others and much more famous places, the base camps are only an intense day’s walk from the road.

      15 days from $2,599USDDetails
      Open details for Snow Lake & Biafo-Hispar Guided Trek


      Snow Lake & Biafo-Hispar Guided Trek

      Spectacular views and majestic mountains await you on this guided trek to Snow Lake and across the Hispar Pass. The black and white landscape of rock and ice, mountain and glacier, that you will experience in this part of the Karakorum mountain range is a unique wonder to behold.

      22 days from $2,980USDDetails
      Open details for K2 Basecamp Group Trek


      K2 Basecamp Group Trek

      K2 is iconic, and this trek takes you to K2 basecamp, which mountaineers use to climb K2. Being so remote, you will enjoy a true expedition style experience, staying in tents along the entire trek.

      Cultural Sightseeing
      19 days from $3,660USDDetails

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      Pakistan General Information

      Where to go trekking in Pakistan

      The K2 Base Camp trek presents one of the most challenging and rewarding adventures, while the Fairy Meadows provides a more accessible but no less spectacular experience with views of Nanga Parbat. Other notable treks include the Ratti Gali Lake Trek in Kashmir, the Snow Lake Trek across the Biafo and Hispar glaciers, and the serene paths through the Hunza Valley.

      Why is Pakistan great for trekking?

      Pakistan is an outstanding trekking destination, known for its unrivaled high-altitude landscapes and the welcoming nature of its people. Home to several of the world's highest peaks, including the formidable K2, and lesser-known but equally breathtaking trails, the country offers both extreme challenges and rewarding experiences amidst some of the most stunning scenery on the planet.

      When to trek in Pakistan

      The best time to trek in Pakistan is during the summer months from May to October, when the mountain passes are free from snow and the weather conditions are most favorable for high-altitude hiking. This period provides clear skies and the best conditions for photography and long-distance views.

      Top 5 treks in Pakistan

      1. K2 Base Camp Trek - This is one of the most challenging and spectacular treks in the world, taking adventurers to the base of the world's second-highest peak. The journey traverses rugged terrain, including the breathtaking Concordia and the Baltoro Glacier, offering unparalleled views of the Karakoram Range.
      2. Fairy Meadows and Nanga Parbat Trek - This relatively accessible trek is famous for its stunning views of Nanga Parbat, the ninth highest mountain in the world. The trek involves a thrilling jeep ride followed by a hike to the Fairy Meadows, which are considered one of the most beautiful places in Pakistan.
      3. Snow Lake and Biafo Hispar Trek - Known for being one of the longest glacier treks in the world, this route covers the Biafo and Hispar glaciers. It's a remote and challenging adventure that offers dramatic landscapes and isolation rarely found in other trekking expeditions.
      4. Ratti Gali Lake Trek - Located in the Neelum Valley of Kashmir, this trek is known for its alpine scenery and the stunning Ratti Gali Lake. It's less strenuous than the high-altitude treks but no less beautiful, offering lush landscapes and vibrant blue waters surrounded by snow-capped peaks.
      5. Hunza Valley Trek - This trek offers a mix of natural beauty and cultural experiences, exploring the verdant valleys and rugged mountains of Hunza. Trekkers can visit ancient forts, meet local communities, and enjoy some of the most picturesque villages and landscapes in the northern territories.

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