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    Camino Ingles Tours

    Camino Ingles tours follow an historic pilgrimage route that was used by English pilgrims arriving in Galicia by boat on their way to Santiago de Compostela. While times may have changed and reasons for walking the camino have shifted, the route remains as beautiful as ever, making Camino Ingles tours a great option for those seeking an unforgettable adventure. If you are looking to complete a unique camino, check out the Camino Ingles tours below.

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      Displaying 4 of 4 tours

      Open details for English Way (Camino Ingles) from A Coruña

      Camino Ingles

      English Way (Camino Ingles) from A Coruña

      The Camino Inglés from A Coruña to Santiago is the original route walked by pilgrims from Northern Europe centuries ago. On your very own self-guided English Way Camino, you’ll enjoy a short 6-day trek from A Coruña, following in the footsteps of ancient pilgrims from long ago.

      6 days from $375USDDetails
      Open details for English Way Camino Pontedeume Option

      Camino Ingles

      English Way Camino Pontedeume Option

      The Pontedeume option of the Camino Inglés from Ferrol to Santiago offers a condensed route compared to the traditional English Way, achieved by extending one of the stages. While still manageable, this option is particularly suitable for pilgrims with limited time available.

      7 days from $475USDDetails
      Open details for English Way (Camino Ingles)

      Camino Ingles

      English Way (Camino Ingles)

      Whether you are looking for a pilgrimage or just a unique walking tour in Northern Spain, look no further than the 8-Day Self-Guided English Way. Also known as the Camino Ingles, this pilgrimage is a wonderful way to see some of the highlights of Northern Spain.

      8 days from $550USDDetails
      Open details for Easy English Way Camino Tour

      Camino Ingles

      Easy English Way Camino Tour

      Experience the English Way Easy, allowing you to walk at a comfortable pace. Known locally as the Camino Ingles, this self-guided tour has been designed with easier days, allowing you more time to explore the villages and is less taxing on the body.

      10 days from $875USDDetails
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      Camino Ingles General Information

      What makes the Camino Ingles special?

      The Camino Ingles, or the English Way, is distinguished by its historical significance as the route taken by Northern European pilgrims arriving by sea. Its shorter distance and less crowded paths offer an intimate experience through the lush landscapes of Galicia, merging cultural heritage with natural beauty.

      How does the Camino Ingles compare to Camino Frances?

      While the Camino Frances is celebrated for its rich cultural tapestry and bustling pilgrim community, the Camino Ingles offers a quieter, more reflective journey. It's ideal for those seeking solitude or have limited time, providing a direct yet serene path to Santiago.

      Does completing the Camino Ingles qualify for Compostela?

      Yes, completing the Camino Ingles qualifies for the Compostela, as long as pilgrims cover the minimum required distance of 100km, starting from Ferrol. This ensures that even on this shorter route, the spiritual or religious intentions of the journey are honored.

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      What are the accommodation options on Camino Ingles?

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      Can I cycle Camino Ingles?

      Can I do Camino Ingles if I’m not Christian or not religious?

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      Is Camino Ingles safe for women to walk?

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