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    Balearic Islands Tours

    Balearic Islands tours are an unforgettable active travel experience that showcase some of the best island landscapes in the Mediterranean. From rock climbing in Mallorca to Menorca walking excursions, there is so much to do on tours in the Balearic Islands, despite their small size. If you are looking to plan a trip to the Balearic islands, but aren’t sure where to begin, try checking out the Balearic Islands tours below for the perfect holiday.

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      Displaying 6 of 6 tours

      Open details for Menorca Walking Tour
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      Balearic Islands

      Menorca Walking Tour

      Discover the beautiful Spanish island of Menorca on this mesmerizing 8-day self-guided walking adventure. Known as the greenest and perhaps the most authentic of Spain’s Balearic Islands, Menorca is a nature lover’s paradise just waiting to be discovered on foot!

      Apr-Jul, Sep-Oct
      8 days from $850USDDetails
      Open details for Deep Water Solo Climbing in Mallorca, Spain
      Lifetime Deposit

      Balearic Islands

      Deep Water Solo Climbing in Mallorca, Spain

      Deep Water Solo (DWS) climbing at its finest in Mallorca! There’s a reason why Mallorca was the birthplace of hard DWS climbing, and you’ll discover it for yourself on this Deep Water Solo climbing tour.

      Rock Climbing
      May-Jun, Sep-Oct
      8 days from $975USDDetails
      Open details for Best of Mallorca Cycling Tour
      Lifetime Deposit

      Balearic Islands

      Best of Mallorca Cycling Tour

      Discover an island oasis where impressive natural landscapes combine magically with a balmy climate and exceptional food and wine. Mallorca, known as the pearl of the Balearic Islands, is yours to discover on the 8-day self-guided Best of Mallorca Cycling Tour.

      Standard Biking
      8 days from $995USDDetails
      Open details for Mallorca Northwest Coast Walking Tour
      Lifetime Deposit

      Balearic Islands

      Mallorca Northwest Coast Walking Tour

      Escape from the crowds and explore the island of Mallorca like never before, discovering the tranquillity and natural beauty of its fantastic northwestern coast. The 8-day self-guided Mallorca Northwest Coast Walking Tour is a mesmerizing walking holiday that will lead you along pristine stretches of the Mediterranean coast with the Serra de Tramuntana Mountains as your stunning backdrop.

      Apr-Jun, Sep-Nov
      8 days from $1,075USDDetails
      Open details for The Beauty of Menorca Walking Tour

      Balearic Islands

      The Beauty of Menorca Walking Tour

      Menorca is regarded as a top-notch getaway, and the Beauty of Menorca Walking Tour takes you from coast to coast (to coast!) to experience every worthwhile mile of this Spanish island. From gorgeous turquoise coves to windswept rocky cliffs, there’s more to see on this walking tour than you’d ever know.

      8 days from $1,125USDDetails
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      Open details for GR 221 Trek in Mallorca

      Balearic Islands

      GR 221 Trek in Mallorca

      Mallorca’s mountains make hikers‘ hearts leap for joy, especially if it is all about the long-distance hiking path GR221. It leads across the entire island from the North to the Southeast and combines all highlights which constitute hiking on Mallorca.

      9 days from $1,250USDDetails
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      Balearic Islands General Information

      Where to go in the Balearic Islands

      Deciding where to go in the Balearic Islands presents a delightful dilemma, as each island boasts its unique charm. Mallorca, with its bustling capital Palma, offers a mix of historical sites and natural beauty. Menorca, a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, is perfect for those seeking tranquility and pristine landscapes. Ibiza is renowned for its lively nightlife and stunning beaches, while Formentera, the smallest island, is the epitome of paradise with its unspoiled beaches and clear waters.

      What to do in the Balearic Islands

      The Balearic Islands are a playground for adventure and leisure activities. Engage in watersports like sailing, kayaking, and snorkeling in the azure waters. Explore the islands' rugged interiors with hiking and biking tours that reveal hidden coves, ancient trails, and panoramic views. Don't miss experiencing the vibrant local markets, historic towns, and the unique culinary delights of Mediterranean cuisine.

      When to go to the Balearic Islands

      The best time to visit the Balearic Islands largely depends on your preferred activities. Summer (June to August) is ideal for beachgoers and water sports enthusiasts, offering warm weather and lively cultural festivals. Spring (April to June) and autumn (September to November) provide pleasant temperatures for hiking and exploring the islands' natural and historical sites with fewer crowds.

      Top 5 adventures in the Balearic Islands

      1. Cycling Tour of Mallorca: Cycle through scenic routes encompassing charming villages, rugged mountains, and breathtaking coastal views, making it a paradise for cyclists.
      2. Hiking the Camí de Cavalls in Menorca: This ancient path encircles the island, offering hikers a unique way to explore Menorca's diverse landscapes, from secluded beaches to rocky cliffs.
      3. Deep Water Solo Climbing in Mallorca: Experience the thrill of climbing sheer rock faces over the sea without ropes, a unique adventure that Mallorca is famous for among climbing enthusiasts.
      4. GR221 Trek: Known as the "Dry Stone Route," this long-distance trail takes trekkers through the stunning Serra de Tramuntana mountain range in Mallorca, offering spectacular natural scenery and a challenging hike.
      5. Menorca Walking Tour: Immerse yourself in the natural beauty and cultural heritage of Menorca with a guided walking tour, exploring the island's traditional towns, ancient monuments, and unspoiled landscapes.

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