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    The 10Adventures Experience

    Happy Travellers, Great Adventures

    There's no better way to get excited for an upcoming adventure than by hearing from our past travellers about the lifelong memories they've made on trips with 10Adventures. Tune in to this short video to discover why the 10Adventures experience is different, and how we can make your travel dreams a reality!

    Hear from our Travellers

    Barbara C.-photo

    Barbara C.

    Amalfi Coast Bicycle Tour

    "We went through 10Adventures not familiar with them at all, and it was the best decision we ever made!"

    Allyson K.-photo

    Allyson K.

    Everest Base Camp

    "Just an amazing experience. Absolutely lifechanging!"

    Amy D.-photo

    Amy D.

    XC Skiing in the Dolomites

    "It was a fantastic trip and Nadine was extremely responsive to all of our questions."

    Andrea S.-photo

    Andrea S.

    Full Via Rhona

    "We loved that we could easily customize the trip and add a couple of extra days in Geneva, in Lyon, and finally in Orange."

    Andrea M.-photo

    Andrea M.

    Trekking Ecuador's Volcanoes

    "Our trip was great, we had an amazing time, and I highly recommend 10Adventures."

    Andrea M.-photo

    Andrea M.

    Ladakh - Markha Valley Trek

    "Very kind, very helpful, attentive, and they took care of everything for us!"

    Andrew C.-photo

    Andrew C.

    Portuguese Camino Cycling Tour

    "Thank you 10Adventures, especially Nadine Gravis for all your help and support."

    Becky M.-photo

    Becky M.

    Camino Portugues

    "It was a fantastic experience from beginning to end!"

    Beth K.-photo

    Beth K.

    Munich to Venice Cycling Tour

    "We were well supported and route directions were easy to follow!"

    Beverly M.-photo

    Beverly M.

    Munich to Venice Cycling Tour

    "We were well supported and route directions were easy to follow!"

    Bill B.-photo

    Bill B.

    Torres del Paine O and W Circuit

    "10Adventures arranged everything for us, and what a trip it was!"

    Bipin J.-photo

    Bipin J.

    Tour du Mont Blanc

    "We stayed in the best hotels, enjoyed delectable food, and hiked over 100km. Thanks to 10Adventures for making a memorable trip!"

    Bryn T.-photo

    Bryn T.

    Camino de Santiago (from St Jean de Pied a Port)

    "It's been superbly organized by 10Adventures all the way."

    Carol L.-photo

    Carol L.

    Portuguese Camino in Deluxe Hotels

    "This trip had been on both of our bucketlists for a long time; however, we had no idea how to start it and what to do, until we found 10Adventures."

    Carol V.-photo

    Carol V.

    Camino Portuguese

    "Thank you 10Adventures, it was indeed a buen camino!"

    Catharine T.-photo

    Catharine T.

    Loire Valley: The Land of Castles Cycling Tour

    "We had an incredibly magical time that will stay with us for a lifetime."

    Charmain C.-photo

    Charmain C.

    8-Day Self-Guided Portuguese Coastal Camino in Luxury

    "A bucketlist experience, it was out of this world!"

    Chris N.-photo

    Chris N.

    Camino De Santiago (Frances)

    "10Adventures sorted out all of my accommodations and itinerary, and everything went as smooth as silk."

    Christie O.-photo

    Christie O.

    Camino de Santiago (English Way)

    "It was perfect! I liked the fact knowing that I had somebody to call if I needed any assistance."

    Colleen N.-photo

    Colleen N.

    9-Day Self-Guided Rhône River by Bike Tour

    "This was a fantastic trip due to the flexibility offered to us by Nadine, our booking agent."

    Craig and Ali C.-photo

    Craig and Ali C.

    Cinque Terre 7 day Pilgrimage to Portovenere

    "Thank you so much 10Adventures! It was amazing and we're really looking forward to booking our next adventure with you."

    Denise O.-photo

    Denise O.

    Camino Francés 100km

    "The trip itself was mindblowing and better than we could have ever expected"

    Dorian H.-photo

    Dorian H.

    3 Day Aurora Borealis

    "I had a great trip with 10Adventures!"

    Doug H.-photo

    Doug H.

    Dingle Peninsula Cycling Tour and Alpe Adria Cycle Path Tour

    "We chose 10Adventures because they are a very simply run, but reasonably priced and very well-organized organization."

    Drew S.-photo

    Drew S.

    9-Day Self-Guided Rhône River by Bike

    "10Adventures was awesome!"

    Eloise R.-photo

    Eloise R.

    Loire Valley: The Land of Castles Cycling Tour

    "Our entire trip was very well organized, and we had very detailed instructions we could always resort to."

    Euan D.-photo

    Euan D.

    Cycling Dolomites to Lake Garda

    "Cycling Dolomites to Lake Garda"

    Gisèle S.-photo

    Gisèle S.

    Porto to Lisbon Cycle Tour

    "We couldn't have done this trip without Nadine's help! We had a couple of challenges and she helped us out."

    Guri-Lise H.-photo

    Guri-Lise H.

    Cycling from Porto to Lisbon Tour

    "Wonderful picnics!"

    Holly A.-photo

    Holly A.

    Piedmont Val Maira Walking Tour

    "I cannot recommend the tour and 10Adventures enough!"

    Jeanne G.-photo

    Jeanne G.

    7 Day camino De Santiago (in luxury 😊)

    "Nadine was my travel guide and expert, and she was wonderful!"

    Jennifer W.-photo

    Jennifer W.

    9 day multisport adventure in Greece

    "10Adventures took care of everything!"

    Jillian R.-photo

    Jillian R.

    12 Night Hiking and Camping Through Canadian Rockies

    "Truly the trip of a lifetime!"

    Jinny M.-photo

    Jinny M.

    Self-Guided Alpilles of Provence Cycling Tour

    "We loved getting our luggage carried and we loved that it was all organized for us!"

    Aisling G.-photo

    Aisling G.

    Picos de Europa

    "Really good value for the money, and having booked it I won't be doing any organizing myself any more."

    Alexander R.-photo

    Alexander R.

    Camino de Santiago, English route

    "We had a great time. The tour was very well organized, we stayed in nice places, and made some friends along the way."

    John D.-photo

    John D.

    Venice to Croatia Bike Tour

    "Great hotels, good breakfast every day, and good maps that always got us where we needed to go."

    John O.-photo

    John O.

    Camino Frances Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port to Logrono

    "The price was far better than all of the other companies we had looked at."

    Julieanne M.-photo

    Julieanne M.

    The Complete TMB

    "All we had to do was show up, read the wonderful packet, and use the app that they provided. Such a weight off my shoulders!"

    Karen J.-photo

    Karen J.

    Tour du Mont Blanc

    "We're ready for our next adventure!"

    Katarina P.-photo

    Katarina P.

    Walking in Val d’Orcia: Montepulciano to Siena

    "The trip was absolutely beautiful. I can't wait to go back!"

    Kate D.-photo

    Kate D.

    Cotswolds Self Guided Bike Tour

    "It was a dream. I can't think of a better way to see the world!"

    Kellie C.-photo

    Kellie C.

    Laugavegur Trail

    "This was a dream trip for us and Nadine at 10Adventures planned it out to perfection."

    Kelly D.-photo

    Kelly D.

    Custom Greece Tour

    "From the very beginning, the folks at 10Adventures - Richard and his team - took care of every single detail."

    Kelly R.-photo

    Kelly R.

    Canal Du Midi Bike Tour

    "10Adventures did a fabulous job of planning!"

    Kevin N.-photo

    Kevin N.

    Rhone River Cycling Customized Trip

    "Great trip; we all throroughly enjoed it!"

    Kimberley D.-photo

    Kimberley D.

    Camino Frances in Luxury

    "I didn't have to worry about a thing! Nadine and the team are amazing, I highly recommend them!"

    Kirsten S.-photo

    Kirsten S.

    Il Primitivo

    "The whole process was great! Nadine helped us figure out where we wanted to go and how to block out the trip."

    Lavern G.-photo

    Lavern G.

    Aurora Borealis Tour

    "The experience was just so wonderful!"

    Lee B.-photo

    Lee B.

    Discover Quebec Self-Drive Tour

    "It was an awesome adventure!"

    Leslie L.-photo

    Leslie L.

    Cycle Venice, Italy to Porec, Croatia

    "From the initial inquiry right through to completion of the trip, the friendly staff was super efficient and the tour went very smoothly."

    Lisa R.-photo

    Lisa R.

    Alpine Crossing 2: Garmish to Merano Tour

    "10Adventures was able to have everything laid out for me and planned perfectly so that I could literally go from one guesthouse location to the next."

    Marilyn W.-photo

    Marilyn W.

    Portuguese Camino from Porto

    "It's an awesome adventure. Don't wait, take yours!"

    Martha M.-photo

    Martha M.

    Tour du Mont Blanc

    "It was a lot easier going through 10Adventures, I honestly don't think we could have booked our trip without that support."

    Maureen W.-photo

    Maureen W.

    Minho and Porto Cycling Adventure

    "Nadine was a great help in assisting us with some minor tweaks to the itinerary, and while we were there we found the organization, the planning, and support were brilliant."

    Max W.-photo

    Max W.

    Piedmont Val Maira Self Guided Hiking Tour

    "Everything was super well-organized by 10Adventures, they were very accommodating and communicative"

    Michael S.-photo

    Michael S.

    El Camino Primitivo

    "This was absolutely the trip of a lifetime!"

    Mei Ling H.-photo

    Mei Ling H.

    Camino Frances (Sep 23)

    "I would like to express my appreciation to 10Adventures for the incredible experience on my first Camino Frances"

    Michelle H.-photo

    Michelle H.

    Tour du Mont Blanc

    "Thanks 10Adventures!"

    Kellie C.-photo

    Kellie C.

    Tour du Mont Blanc

    "10Adventures was our obvious choice when we decided to hike the Tour du Mont Blanc."

    Mike C.-photo

    Mike C.

    Tour du Mont Blanc

    "This wasn't my first time travelling with 10Adventures, and it certainly won't be my last!"

    Nancy E.-photo

    Nancy E.

    Portugal Sintra-Cascais

    "Thank you 10Adventures for some unforgettable experiences!"

    Nicole G.-photo

    Nicole G.

    Porto - Lisbon cycling

    "It was absolutely beautiful! We loved the service from 10Adventures."

    Rachel D.-photo

    Rachel D.

    Venice to Croatia Cycling Tour

    "Can't say enough good things about 10Adventures. Communication with Nadine as we planned was spectacular!"

    Reid C.-photo

    Reid C.

    Kitzbuhel to Drei Zinnen

    "I had the pleasure of doing a 10Adventures trip this summer and it was honestly one of the most amazing experiences of my life."

    Renee H.-photo

    Renee H.

    Venice to Croatia

    "We're just really appreciative of the experience and all of the help that the team gave, it was super smooth."

    Renee S.-photo

    Renee S.

    Tour du Mont Blanc

    "The accommodations that they booked for us were amazing, better than we would have picked on our own!"

    Rich G.-photo

    Rich G.

    Patagonia O Circuit

    "Nadine and 10Adventures were just fantastic in setting up the trip and all of the logistics"

    Robert P.-photo

    Robert P.

    Moselle Valley 6 Day Self Guided Cycle Tour

    "Highly recommend the 6-Day Moselle tour with 10Adventures."

    Roberta F.-photo

    Roberta F.

    Camino de Santiago

    "10Adventures have been amazing communicators!"

    Rodney P.-photo

    Rodney P.

    Full Via Rhona

    "We had a fantastic time! The bikes were excellent"

    Sarah C.-photo

    Sarah C.

    X-Country Skiing in the Dolomites

    "We had a wonderful time, in no small part due to the wonderful support that 10Adventures gave us."

    Sawyer P.-photo

    Sawyer P.

    Full Via Rhona

    "Very amazing and very scenic!"

    Lesley C.-photo

    Lesley C.

    Discover Quebec Self-Drive Tour

    "Thank you Nadine for coordinating our discover Quebec trip!"

    Shahryar T.-photo

    Shahryar T.

    8 Day Hike the Alpe Adria Trail Tour

    "Nadine and Richard have been outstanding in the way they have met our specific requirements and the flexibility they have shown."

    Shelley S.-photo

    Shelley S.

    Ecuador Volcano Trek

    "Wonderful guides, the trip was well-organized, the food was delicious"

    Skye L.-photo

    Skye L.

    Walking the Camino

    "Every step I took was really magical, and it was a lifechanging adventure."

    Stacey C.-photo

    Stacey C.

    Dolomites to Lake Garda

    "Having retired from professional sport a couple of years ago, it was just exactly the challenging adventure that I needed."

    Sue W.-photo

    Sue W.

    Dana to Petra Jordan

    "I can't even describe it, it was so wonderful!"

    Svetlana L.-photo

    Svetlana L.

    Alta Via Dolomites

    "The experience of planning the trip was outstanding!"

    Sylvia F.-photo

    Sylvia F.

    Porto to Lisbon Bike Tour

    "It was all a fantastic experience, and a lot of it was due to the support and good service that was offered from Nadine from 10Adventures."

    Teresa B.-photo

    Teresa B.

    West Highland Way 7 Day Hike in Scotland

    "10Adventures answered all of my email questions fast and promptly, and even checked in with us when we were on our hike to see how we were doing."

    Timothy K.-photo

    Timothy K.

    Vanoise Loop

    "I couldn't be happier with how things turned out, specifically Nadine helped me before, after, and during the hike."

    Tony W.-photo

    Tony W.

    Slower Pace Camino de Santiago

    "Just like my first camino, all I have to worry about are my feet. Thanks 10Adventures!"

    Uwe P.-photo

    Uwe P.

    Tenerife South to North Walking Tour

    "The contact with 10Adventures, especially with Nadine, was excellent and very personal"

    Vanessa V.-photo

    Vanessa V.

    Avenue of the Volcanoes 2019 and Markha Valley Trek 2022

    "10Adventures took care of every detail!"

    Wai Lee Y.-photo

    Wai Lee Y.

    10-Day Camino de Santiago in Luxury

    "It was an exhiliarating and awesome experience that exceeded all my expectations!"




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