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Hiking In Sweden

Is hiking in Sweden on your travel bucket list? If not, it should be! Sweden is one of Scandinavia’s most beautiful and dramatic countries and a paradise for hikers and nature lovers. With deep blue archipelagos, Baltic beaches, high alpine lakes, and forested mountain trails, this country really has it all. One of the most sparsely-populated countries in Europe, Sweden has a plethora of wild, open spaces where you can truly lose yourself and escape the rigors of day-to-day life.

Sweden is a land of natural and historical riches, with plenty of ancient sites littered across the spectacular landscapes. You might find ancient rune stones in a grassy meadow, or travel along medieval Viking trails through the pine-scented forests. What’s more, the scenery here is simply stunning. The drama of the mountains in the west and north form the ideal location for more challenging treks, and you can even hike along the rocky coastline in the south and east. Wherever you go, you’ll find pleasant lakes, atmospheric forests, dramatic ridges, and trails lined with colorful cloudberry bushes.

If this has sparked your curiosity, start planning your hiking trip to Sweden today! To give you some ideas, and whet your appetite even further, we’ve put together the ultimate guide to hiking in Sweden. Read on to find out more, and to start planning your next Scandinavian adventure.

Types Of Hiking In Sweden

Sweden has so much to offer adventure travellers, with something to please all tastes! The ski resort of Åre is one of the best places in the country for hiking, with a wide variety of options for hikers of all fitness levels. You’ll find many fun, family-friendly trails with some spectacular views and plenty of opportunities for nature spotting. Kids will love the chance to see reindeer, elk, and even moose alongside some of the most popular hiking routes.

Sweden’s lakes and forests also create many opportunities for low-level, undemanding hikes with easy access from nearby towns. From Åre, it’s possible to take the ski lifts up the mountain, providing access to some fabulous trails without expending too much energy! However, if you’ve come to Sweden for a challenging hike, you certainly won’t be disappointed. The mountainous area of Jämtlandsfjällen offers some demanding treks over rough, rocky terrain, far above the treeline. This spectacular mountain range will take your breath away, and the views over the craggy peaks and alpine lakes are a fitting reward after a tough climb.

Easy Hikes In Sweden

Nulltjärnsrundan Hike: If you’re looking for easy hikes in Sweden or the perfect first trek with young children, this beautiful trail from the Vålådalens mountain station is ideal. Passing by a beautiful meadow with an interesting nature museum, the path enters a leafy forest, punctuated by regular information panels adorned with paintings. The mountain views are simply stunning, and you’ll even pass through a ravine that was formed during the last Ice Age.

Family Hikes In Sweden

Blankjärnsrundan Hike: Kids will absolutely love this beautiful hike in Åre, especially as it offers the possibility of glimpsing some wild reindeer! The destination is a stunning turquoise lake, surrounded by green forests. The trail is accessible and easy to follow, and you’ll have wonderful views of the distant, snowcapped Anaris Mountains.

Day Hikes In Sweden

Storulvån-Sylarna Hike: For a challenging day hike with a difference, look no further than this epic trail from the Storulvån mountain station. It’s a long trek that can be broken in two if you spend a night at STF Sylarna Fjallstation, a fantastic place for reindeer spotting! The route is truly spectacular and includes forest trails, a suspension bridge, colorful cloudberry mires, and babbling brooks. This is a magnificent day trek in some of Sweden’s most beautiful scenery.

Challenging Hikes In Sweden

Helagstoppen Hike: If you’re looking for a challenging hike in the heart of the Scandinavian mountains, don’t miss this unique and satisfying trek. The route ascends steeply up the ridge, all the way to the summits of the Helags, and provides wonderful panoramic views of the nearby peaks. Don’t miss the iconic Predrikstolen Mountain, featuring a rocky outcrop reminiscent of Pride Rock from the Lion King! It’s no wonder this inspiring hike takes second place on National Geographic’s list of the best hikes in the world.

Best Hikes In Sweden

Åreskutan Hike: Perhaps the most famous hike of the Åre region, this trek up the biggest mountain in the range is sure to delight adventure travelers. The route passes mountain streams and ascends through cool forests all the way up to Totthummeln, where you can enjoy magnificent views over the mountains around Åre. Finish the day with a well-earned sauna in the central square of Åre – the perfect reward after a hard day of hiking!

Ristafallsrunden Hike: You’ll hear the sound of the Rista Falls long before you get close – such is the power of the water that comes cascading down the mountainside. This lovely trail takes you right up to the falls, where you’ll catch glistening rainbows in the mist and spray. The hike actually takes in two separate waterfalls and passes along a pretty trail lined with meadows and forests.

Hållvallens Chalet – Ottsjö Hike: If you’re looking for a relatively easy hike in some truly marvelous scenery, try this route from Ica Ottsjobua. The trail begins at an old chalet and continues through the forest, passing beautiful meadows and a serene lake. Look out for wild moose along the paths, and don’t miss the fascinating storyboards along the side of the road, which tell the history of this ancient region.

Mullfjället Hike: This stunning walk begins with a steep climb up the ski field, passing lively mountain streams and offering beautiful views of the mountains around Åre. The climb may be tough, but the reward at the end is surely worth the effort – a pristine mountain lake, surrounded by forest and perfect for swimming! This route takes in waterfalls, lakes, streams, and woodland, and is one of the most popular hikes in the Åre region.

Platåleden-Hållvalens Chalet Hike: The chalet at Hållvalens is the destination on this beautiful hike, and it offers the perfect, cozy place to stay after a day of trekking through Sweden’s mountains. The route to the chalet is covered in vibrant cloudberry mires, and the views over the Ottfjället Mountain and the lake are stunning. Don’t miss Platåkåtan, a friendly restaurant along the way that serves up fantastic waffles!

Välliste Runt Hike: Calling all botanists! This trail around the Välliste Runt is littered with pretty mountain flowers, including some rare and delicate varieties. If you can take your eyes off the trail floor, the views of the neighboring mountains are spectacular. You’ll also pass many quaint mountain houses – the perfect place for a romantic retreat! This pleasant hike is one of the prettiest and most distinctive treks in Sweden.

When Is The Best Time To Hike In Sweden?

The hiking season in Sweden largely depends on how far north you hope to travel. In the north of the country, the days are very short indeed, constraining the possibilities for hiking. However, in summer, the northernmost reaches of Sweden experience the Midnight Sun, and the weather is usually mild and pleasant. In the north, the hiking season typically runs from mid-June until September, although sometimes snow can linger on higher slopes until the beginning of July. At the peak of summer you may find yourself sharing the trails with lots of mosquitos, so come prepared!

The climate in the south of Sweden is more temperate and the season is much longer, running from April until September or October. Although spring and autumn can be quite cool, these are both wonderful seasons for hiking in Sweden. The trails are quiet and in autumn the forests shine in a blaze of colors! The summer weather is typically warm and sunny, and although you won’t see the Midnight Sun, the days are very long indeed, creating many opportunities for long day hikes.

Best Regions For Hiking in Sweden

Sweden is a long country, stretching from the Baltic Sea to the Arctic Circle, which means that its landscapes are full of variety. The most popular region for hiking is Åre, located in the mountains of west Sweden, close to the border with Norway. This beautiful mountainous area is well known as a ski resort, but in summer it’s the perfect place to come for hiking and other adventures. You’ll find colorful cloudberry mires, crystal-clear lakes, and aromatic forests.

Skåne, in the south of the country, offers countless possibilities for hiking through untouched, ancient forests or next to Sweden’s rocky coastline. The 1250km-long Skåneladen Trail is a wonderful place to start if you’re looking for some fantastic hiking through tremendously diverse scenery.

In the far north of Sweden, in Lapland, adventure travelers will find no shortage of amazing activities. The Abisko National Park contains many hiking trails that pass through flower-strewn meadows, close to serene alpine lakes and dramatic rapids. From Abisko you can also join the so-called ‘Royal Trail’ of Kungsleden, Sweden’s most famous hiking trail that stretches for 440km through the Arctic Circle.

Other Outdoor Activities in Sweden

Hiking is one of the most popular activities in Scandinavia, but there are also many other outdoor activities in Sweden that you can enjoy as part of your adventure holiday. Åre is best known as a ski resort, and you can enjoy the slopes on skis, a snowboard, or even on snowshoes! What’s more, Sweden is an excellent destination for cyclists, with some fantastic road biking routes and mountain biking trails. If you’re full of energy, you could even try your hand at trail running!

How To Plan A Trip To Sweden

Want to know how to plan a trip to Sweden? If you want to go hiking in Sweden, we’ve got everything you need to know before you leave, including transport advice, recommendations for where to stay, and all the best adventure activities. Check out our guide to Åre for all the details!

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