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    Panorama from the Mount Tosc hike in Julian Alps, Slovenia

    Hikes in Slovenia

    Nestled in between Croatia, Italy, and Austria, Slovenia is one of Europe’s most stunning hidden gems. Small, beautiful and perfectly formed, Slovenia is one of the world’s greenest countries, covered in dense forest and boasting tall mountains, alpine lakes, and a Mediterranean climate. What’s more, Slovenians are known for their hospitality, friendly welcome, and eagerness to show you around their remarkable homeland. Travelers beware – it’s all too easy to fall in love with this wild, green country!

    If you’re looking for an adventure holiday, Slovenia really has it all. The soaring peaks of the Julian Alps provide ample opportunity for hiking, backpacking, and climbing, and the magic of the scenery here will take your breath away. Away from the mountains, you’ll find subterranean caves, fast-flowing rivers perfect for canoeing and rafting, and an increasing number of mountain biking trails.

    In addition to all this, Slovenia is a treasure trove of cultural wonders. Combine a walk around Lake Bled with a visit to a historic castle, or take a city walking tour of the capital, Ljubljana. Whatever your travel tastes, Slovenia has something to offer, and we guarantee you won’t be disappointed!

    If you’re thinking about planning an adventure holiday in Slovenia, check out our destination guides! We’ve put together plenty of top tips for planning your trip, complete with itineraries, activity guides, tour recommendations, and our favorite hiking trails in the stunning Julian Alps.

    10 Greatest Hikes in Slovenia

    If you’re in search of picture perfect alpine scenery, look no further than Slovenia. With alpine mountain peaks, stunning wildflower meadows and gorgeous, crystal clear lakes— hiking in Slovenia is perhaps one of the best kept secrets of Europe. Often far from the crowds one can expect in the French and Swiss Alps, the mountains in Slovenia are perfect for those who love the road less travelled.

    • The Valley of The Seven Lakes: Considered the most popular hike in the Julian Alps, The Valley of The Seven Lakes is the ultimate hiking trail with gorgeous lakes, picturesque mountain huts, and amazing mountain top views.
    • The battlefield of Mount Krn: Prepare for a difficult day of hiking, with the reward of incredible views beckoning from the summit. Hike past fascinating artifacts from WWI battles, as well as stunning, ever-changing landscape.
    • Kredarica: Walk along to the highest mountain hut in Slovenia on this Kredarica hike. Ascend high above the treeline for stunning views over Mount Triglav.
    • Slemenova Špica: This classic trail is perfect for those short on time who want to get a photo or two of the famed Slemenova Špica with little effort.
    • Mount Tosc: Travel from Pokljuka’s verdant forests to the tip top of the famed mountain to enjoy views of Mount Triglav’s southern slopes. Enjoy tough, zig zag trails on one side and grassy slopes on the other for a varied hike.
    • The Path of The Pagan Girl: Hike this quick circuit loop to learn about the legend of the pagan girl—cursed by her sisters and destined to forever be turned to stone. The trail follows through incredible mountain peaks to boot.
    • Debela Peč: Very popular among the locals, this hike takes you to the most panoramic views over the Julian Alps. Walk above the forests of Pokljuka for a beautiful and diverse adventure through the mountains.
    • Bohinj Pastures Route: For a fantastic Slovenia experience, hike the Bohinj Pastures strolling past six traditional cheese production farms and dairy pastures. Stop-in for a mid-hike snack fresh from the source.
    • Komna and Lanževica: Walk through the aromatic pine forests on this long, but enjoyable walk to the Mount Lanževica peak. This domed peak is not to be missed in the Julian Alps.
    • Vogel and Rodica: This trail can be found near the Vogel ski resort. Follow past plenty of ski lift stations to reach the peak of Mount Rodica in the ´Kingdom of Zlatorog´.

    When is the Best Time to Hike in Slovenia

    Slovenia is a fantastic destination for year-round hiking opportunities. But, if we had to pick our favourite season, it would be summer. Well the trails can be a little busier, hikers are guaranteed little precipitation and pleasant hiking temperatures. July is a particularly prime time to hit the mountains, with snow finally fully melted from the peaks, but travellers and locals alike can still enjoy staying in mountain huts without having to worry about full capacity.

    Best Regions to Hike in Slovenia

    For the best regions to hike in Slovenia, the Julian Alps offers some truly incredible hiking trails and even more incredible views. Find multiple mountain peaks to conquer, each offering varying lookouts ranging from the Soča River to the stunning peaks of Triglav National Park. In between tackling mountain peaks, enjoy traditional meals at rustic chalets and incredibly friendly locals. Kamnik-Savinja Alps also offers breathtaking scenery while hiking and is often less visited than the Julian Alps. Here, you’ll find fantastic options for day hikes, rewarding hikers with rolling meadows, turquoise lakes and epic mountains to tackle.

    Other Activities in Slovenia

    There is plenty to keep an outdoor adventurer busy in Slovenia. One of the most popular activities besides hiking is grabbing a kayak or hopping on a rafting tour to paddle down the Soča River. For something of a slightly slower pace, try your hand at canoeing in beautiful Triglav National Park. Or for something a little different, why not take to the sky for a hot air balloon ride to take in Slovenia from above.

    Slovenia's Adventure Tours

    If you’re dying to tackle the Slovanian Alps, but aren’t sure where to start, why not let 10Adventures help? Discover our wide-range of tours in Slovenia, like a guided hut-to-hut hiking experience, or enjoy the best of Slovenian culture on a local walking tour. 10Adventure tour options are guaranteed to be unforgettable, epic and full of adventure!

    How to Plan a Trip to Slovenia

    Want to know all the best secret insider knowledge on planning a trip to Slovenia? Check out our complete guide to The Julian Alps for local tips on all the incredible spots to sleep, eat and play in our favourite mountain range. We’ve taken out the guesswork, so all that’s left to do is pack a bag and book a flight. Don’t forget those hiking boots!

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    9.9 overall rating
    Julian Alps

    Slemenova Špica

    The hike to Slemenova Špica is incredible. Starting from Slovenia´s highest mountain road pass - Vršič - to Slemenova Špica is one of the classic short trails. With quite a small amount of effort, you can feel the presence of high walls and incredible views. The view just before you reach the top of this grassy peak is one of the most photographed shots in Slovenia.

    5.0 km
    350 m
    9.9 overall rating
    Julian Alps

    The Path of The Pagan Girl

    The Path of the Pagan Girl is a short trail around the Vršič pass area and is all about the story of the pagan girl. She was a fate deity, cursed by her sisters and forever turned to stone. Follow the path, surrounded by high mountain peaks, and look upon her face. Maybe she will foretell your future.

    Very Easy
    2.5 km
    77 m
    9.8 overall rating
    Julian Alps

    Debela Peč

    The Debela Peč hike will take you to one of the most panoramic peaks in the Julian Alps. Mount Debela Peč lies on the northern edge of Pokljuka plateau. With steep walls on the northern side - above Krma valley - and moderately grassy slopes on the southern side - above the forest of Pokljuka - this walk is diverse and beautiful.

    11.0 km
    722 m
    9.8 overall rating
    Julian Alps

    Mount Tosc

    The Mount Tosc walk will take you from Pokljuka’s vast forests to the top of this prominent mountain. Mount Tosc has a steep and airy north face and, on its other side, it has gentle grassy slopes. This awesome trek also has the best view of Mount Triglav’s southern slopes.

    13.6 km
    1,048 m
    9.6 overall rating
    Julian Alps

    Vogel and Rodica

    Taking a hike near Vogel Ski resort is really a must see when hiking around Slovenia´s top natural sites. It offers numerous opportunities for activities, recreation, and experiences in the mountains. This hike to Mount Rodica in the ´Kingdom of Zlatorog´ is the cherry on top.

    15.2 km
    621 m
    9.9 overall rating
    Julian Alps


    The hike to Kredarica is a long, but not technically challenging trip. This hike will take you to Slovenia´s highest mountain hut (2,515 m). You can almost reach out and touch the peak of Mount Triglav. Starting out in the Krma valley’s meadows, this trail will eventually lead you high above the tree line.

    Very Hard
    16.0 km
    1,563 m
    9.9 overall rating
    Julian Alps

    The battlefield of Mount Krn

    The hike to Mount Krn (2,244 m) is filled with memories and artifacts of WWI battles, but this hike also features some of the most beautiful scenery in the Julian Alps. You’ll come across peaceful valleys with glittering lakes, soft meadows and breathtaking views all around. This is a big day, but very rewarding.

    Very Hard
    22.8 km
    1,579 m
    9.9 overall rating
    Julian Alps

    The Valley of The Seven Lakes Hike

    Walking in the Valley of the Seven Lakes is probably the most popular area in the Julian Alps. This is the crème de la crème. This hike offers you everything: picturesque pastures, hilly landscapes, sharp rock ridges, distant panoramic views, shiny lakes, and mountain huts. But, it comes at a price: a full day of hiking! This is a big day out, but very rewarding.

    Very Hard
    25.7 km
    1,190 m
    9.7 overall rating
    Julian Alps

    Komna and Lanževica

    The hike to Komna and Lanževica is a wonderful day out. As you hike around the area surrounding the Komna plateau, you might think that Mount Lanževica is not really stealing much attention. But, this domed peak is for sure one of the most panoramic points in the Julian Alps. Expect a pleasant, but long, hike with the constant smell of pines.

    Very Hard
    24.1 km
    1,381 m
    9.7 overall rating
    Julian Alps

    Bohinj Pastures Route

    The Bohinj Pastures Route is a long but pleasant walk that will take you to six traditional cheese production farms and dairy pastures. Some of them are still active, offering delicious, homemade dairy products: not too bad for a mid-hike snack.

    17.5 km
    807 m

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