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Nestled between India and Tibet, on the eastern Himalayas, sits the ever-so enchanting, adventure paradise: Bhutan. The monasteries dotting the layers of mountain slopes paired with the unspoiled scenery transforms this South Asian country into a lush, mystical wonderland, tailor-made for adventurers seeking off-the-beaten-track explorations. While the Himalayas allure avid trekkers, Bhutan also offers a myriad of other outdoor adventures that will undoubtedly get that adrenaline pumping: white water rafting, climbing, kayaking, and more.

Bhutan attracts with its relatively untouched scenery embedded in a history of vibrant, colourful culture. It’s shocking to think that such a beautiful land contains lanes of paths rarely travelled by.

The country has worked hard to ensure that visitors and locals alike can experience the enchanting, magical beauty spanning this outdoorsy haven. The law unveils that 60% of the land must be covered by forest, which is why hiking, climbing, or kayaking through the country emanates a peculiar bold beauty that’s tough to find anywhere else on the globe.

Adventure enthusiasts will find a plethora of activities in Thimphu, Paro, Khamsum Yulley, Punakha, and Ura Valley. Do note that all of these areas are tucked into the mountain slopes, amounting to remarkable scenery.

The enthralling scenery may draw you to Bhutan, but the people and culture will propel a desire to extend your trip. Bhutan encompasses deep roots in Buddhism and the nation beautifully marries ancient practices with modern life. To top it off, the fun, educated, intelligent locals will charm you just as much as the breathtaking scenery.

A trip to Bhutan will spellbind with its delightful concoction of monasteries dotting hillsides, Himalayan viewpoints, friendly locals, and fascinating views and activities.

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