Annecy Mountains

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Nestled in southeastern France, sits Annecy, a postcard-painted town cloaked in old-world, medieval tales and intoxicating scenery. This town gives visitors the best of both worlds when travelling in Europe: cobblestone-street-and-quaint-cafe charm and wistful beauty, from the canals twisting through colourful buildings to the glimmering lake bordering this town’s shores: Lake Annecy is the cleanest in all of Europe! Outside of the history and obvious beauty, adventurers will find a collection of outdoor activities that gives them a chance to explore the wonders flanking Annecy.

Adventurers and explorers will fall in love with the mystical scenery bordering this French town. Opt to relax at the beach or hop on a paddleboard and roam the cleanest lake in Europe. Or tap into your luxurious side and rent a yacht or a catamaran and bask in the soothing vibes that often accompany a vacation.

If you’re feeling full from consuming plates of lip-smacking raclette and pastries, grab your hiking boots or shoes and hit the trails for some active exploring. Most of the routes here offer tremendous vistas without demanding too much effort from you! Encounter sprawling lake views and, if you’re hiking on a clear day, several viewpoints grant you the chance to admire the snow-capped Mont Blanc.

Within Annecy, visitors will have a chance to revel in the quintessential attractions embedded in France’s culture and past: catholic churches, the medieval Palais de l’Île, and, of course, you’ll catch whiffs of pastries, cheese, baguettes as you walk the cobblestone streets next to the canals. Nearby the “Venice of the Alps,” you’ll find Vieille Ville (old town), where an array of light-coloured buildings and old-school European charm await.

Annecy is truly a holiday paradise. It blends picturesque scenery, delicious food, outdoor adventure, relaxing beach afternoons, medieval wonders into an unforgettable bundle of fun!

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