Colorful houses in small Italian village along Cinque Terre, Liguria
Small village in Liguria


Region in Italy
Liguria Map

Beautiful Liguria, also known as the Italian Riviera, is a special place, with mountains reaching the Ligurian Sea. You can expect stunning views, incredible beaches, tremendous history and great adventures.

Liguria is famous for Cinque Terre, but there is so much more here. There is great hiking throughout the hills and mountains that dominate Liguria. The sea is home to wonderful swimming, snorkeling and sea kayaking, but Cinque Terre is what most visitors to Liguria know. These wonderful villages allow for some epic walking. Whether you do a one-day walk or spend a week meandering along Cinque Terre, you’re bound to be amazed.

You mustn’t forget the incredible culture and food of Liguria. Explore legendary places like Genoa, San Remo, Portofino and more, while indulging in locally made pesto, pasta and seafood.

Trust us, a trip to Liguria is sure to be something you’ll always remember.

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