Why Are You Called 10Adventures?

What’s with the name 10Adventures? Well, Shakespeare, in the case of 10Adventures, there’s actually a lot of meaning!

We started 10Adventures because we wanted to focus only on adventures, and specifically to focus only on the best adventures!

10Adventures refers to our goal of sharing free route guides to the Top 10 Routes in 10 Different types of adventure categories. We also encourage people to plan 10 adventures a year.


When you’re planning your next adventure holiday you want to get an idea of what the best local routes are. You want some options so you can choose one that suits your time, ability, and interests.

But too many other websites focus on telling you about every route. This makes the job of planning your trip tough. And let’s be honest, do you really care about a route where you spend the day in the trees with no views?

No, you want to know the best routes. Our aim is to give you free route guides in the 10 best routes in over 60 of the most beautiful outdoor regions in North America and Europe. This was the original idea back when we launched, and we still think it’s a good idea. But also, rules are made to be broken. If a place doesn’t have 10 worthy adventures available, we won’t list a so-so trail just to have 10 on the list. And if we find more than 10 experiences we love, we won’t keep them to ourselves.

But rest assured, we aim to only share the best adventures out there, to make your job of choosing one a lot easier.


Our roots are in hiking, but we know there’s more than one way to seek outdoor adventures. Here at 10Adventures we share adventures across 10 different types of activities:



City walks




Cross-country skiing

Ski touring

Mountain biking

Road cycling


We want to encourage you to plan at least 10 adventures into every year. That’s less than one per month so it’s an achievable goal for most people. Some adventures just take a few hours while others might be weekend getaways or longer tours you can book directly on our website.

The important thing is to get out on an adventure regularly, as adventures are so beneficial to your life, and we’ve got the resources to help make that easier.