We hear this question a lot: “Why are you called 10Adventures?” There’s a lot of meaning packed into our name, but it basically boils down to one thing: we want you to experience the best adventures the outdoors have to offer, making it easy to embark on a day trip or a full-on multi-day, multi-week escapade. Okay, now we know what you’re thinking, “Okay, that’s great and all, but why is there a 10 in your name?”

We’re glad you asked. Our website lists the 10 main categories of adventures, but within these 10 adventures is a list of sub-adventures, route guides, and tours etched into mountains, lakes, oceans, seas, beaches, and forests. Surfing our website will take you to cultural experiences in the United Kingdom, safaris in East Africa, backpacking explorations in the United States, snow ventures in Canada, and sea activities in Europe, to name a few.

So, there you have it. The meaning behind our name! Take a look at our 10 main adventures and sub-adventures below, and get started on perusing our website, finding an outdoor exploration that caters to your fitness level, your age, your family, or your desired wanderings. Remember that our goal is to help you spend epic hours basking in the surreal beauty cloaking the outdoors!


When it comes to popular outdoor activities, hiking sits at the top of the list. You can find hikes carved into mountains and forests that cater to all adventure styles, whether you’re looking for a leisurely stroll or a heart-pumping trek deep into the wild. Our website boasts of route guides for a range of day hikes, backpacking trips, and pilgrimages worldwide!


Hiking is one of the best ways to enjoy nature at your own pace without any special equipment. You’ll find a vast selection of regular day trails sprawled across our website. Just look up your location and find a route guide tailored for your hiking needs; whether it’s a quick jaunt or an intense, technical trail, we’ve got you covered.


Escape reality for a few days (or longer) and travel into the thick of nature, winding to surreal valley views, secluded lakeside spots, atop soaring peaks. It’s always exhilarating to live off the clothes and food stuffed into your backpack for a few days. There’s something magical about multi-day hikes. You can find a vast selection of epic backpacking routes in the United States and Canada on our website.


Don’t feel like travelling far outside the city? Discover a handful of city walks, park walks, and easy-going strolls on our website.


Not into plotting your own backpacking adventure? We’ve got various guided or self-guided, pre-planned trekking tours across the globe. Spend days to weeks exploring the corners of the world on rugged, epic trekking journeys.


Pilgrimages inspire deep thinking and revelations while taking you on walking journeys that stretch for hundreds of kilometres. It’s best to set aside weeks to months to complete a pilgrimage.


There’s something freeing about biking and feeling the wind slapping your face as you twist around corners and around mountains. Our website has a range of fascinating mountain biking, road biking, or e-biking tours.

Mountain biking

We’ve got some epic mountain biking route guides in the USA and Canada, as well as phenomenal guided, self-guided tours across the globe.

Road biking

Road biking may not seem as adventurous as mountain biking, but you’ll find stunning views all the same. Plan your own road biking trip in Canada or the USA, or look up the many road biking tours offered on our website, and choose your favourite.


More and more guided tours are offering e-biking adventures! If you aren’t in the mood to put in a lot of effort on your vacation but want some moderate exercise, an e-biking tour may be the best holiday for you.


Get out your bike and go on a casual ride around city streets or designated trails. It’s always nice to get out your bike and ride without having to load it into your vehicle.


Sure, the temperature may dip when snow blankets the land, but with winter weather comes a blast of outdoor adventures. Take a look at the winter activities shared on our website:

Downhill Skiing

Downhill skiing is one of the best ways to work up a sweat and enjoy the fresh air in the winter. And thankfully, there are guided tours that give you a chance to explore more than one ski resort—and guess what? You don’t have to do any planning!


Snowshoeing is the easiest way to get outside and exercise during the winter, especially since you only need to own or rent snowshoes to hit up the trails! 10Adventures has a list of free route guides for a collection of Western Canadian trails.

Backcountry Skiing

Escape the crowds and find secluded places to hone your craft. Off-piste skiing takes you outside boundary lines to a blissful winter wonderland, where untouched powder propels uninterrupted joy. You’ll find a list of guided tours offering backcountry skiing, with the most being in Canada!

Cross Country Skiing

Immerse in winter wonderland-like scenery while cross country skiing. Our website offers blog posts and guided tours on some epic places to explore snowy terrain by ski.


Climb rock faces, go slab climbing, scramble mountains, ascend single-pitch or multi-pitch routes and feel the adrenaline pump on epic expeditions. 10Adventures boasts of a list of top-notch guided climbing tours around the globe!

Rock Climbing

What better way to bask in nature’s reward than to climb rock faces and craggy mountains?


Go bouldering or traditional climbing up intimidating mountains! You can find scramble routes in Canada and the United States on our website.


Want to graduate from hiking to a more difficult challenge? Have a go at scrambling! This activity is technical climbing—it doesn’t require ropes or belays, but you’ll have to use your hands and feet at points! 10Adventures offers a collection of scramble routes in America and Canada.


Find yourself by the water, and some adventurous activity will certainly envelop you. 10Adventures lists a panoply of water-related sports, activity tours, and cruises that are perfect for those seeking a fun holiday on the water, one that proposes something more than a typical chilled-out sun-tanning beach vacation.

Sea Kayaking

Navigate salty waters across the world atop a kayak. There’s something so soothing about paddling amid a sea-scented breeze!

River Kayaking

Experience the roar of rivers as you rip down rapids. This activity pumps the adrenaline like no other, but once you get the hang of it, river kayaking is thrilling and addicting.


Spend days and nights sailing across seas! Most of our sailing tours are located in Croatia or Greece. Talk about fantastic locations.


Surfing is an activity that most people can try out! There is beginner to advanced swells tumbling along coastlines all over the world.

Scuba Diving

Explore the depths of oceans and seas, admiring coral reefs and fascinating underwater creatures thriving in their natural habitat.


Swim atop the water’s surface and marvel at fish swimming in and out of underwater plants and coral reefs.

Beach Holiday

Soak up the sun on a relaxing, fun beach holiday! Our typical beach holidays include a blend of water-related sports, but that doesn’t mean you won’t get a chance to chill and read while the waves kiss the shore.


Don’t want to stay in one place? Cruises give you a chance to travel to various destinations and seascapes.


Wellness is all about elevating your mental and physical health. Moving outside and eating well are two ways that you can boost your overall well being!

Yoga Camp

Experience a blend of movement and breathing techniques, soothing your soul and elevating your wellbeing all at once at a yoga camp.

Fitness Boot Camp

Increase your heart rate and burn calories at a fitness boot camp.


Get to know nature’s rumblings, wildlife, and scenery on a deeper level via safaris, wildlife watching, birding, fishing, and horseback riding. 10Adventures offers guided tours that introduce these amazing outdoorsy activities!


Immerse in a world so different than the one you know on a safari adventure! Ride a 4×4 jeep through exotic parks stretching across East Africa, South Africa, and Asia and discover lions, tigers, elephants, monkeys, warthogs, rhinos, hippos, and more.

Wildlife watching

Observe animals meandering their natural habitat! It’s fascinating watching the animal kingdom thrive—you’ll get the most out of this experience if you use binoculars or a telescope.


Admire an array of bird species thriving in their natural habitat.


Find the best, secluded spots to spend hours relaxing, with a cold beer in hand, fishing in the glistening sunlight.

Horseback Riding

Experience nature and trails from a different vantage point: atop a horse.


One of the best parts of adventuring in another country is exploring a new culture. Travelling tends to introduce different food, wine, drinks, languages, and interesting new sights and attractions. Many of our adventure tours shared on our website blend outdoor activities with exciting cultural experiences.


Overlanding aligns with the famous “it’s not about the journey, it’s about the destination” quote. Travel to remote destinations, marvelling at the reel of views unfolding outside of your window as you drive from one place to the next!

Cultural Sightseeing

Discover phenomenal, renowned attractions sprawled across the globe.


Introduce your tastebuds to different food and beverages. There’s something special about trying out local dishes and drinks!


Learn new words and phrases in another language as you explore the world.


Gain knowledge on traditions and way of life outside what you grew up in.


Family adventures grant vacations packed with activities tailored for all ages. Plus, tours catering to families tend to have shorter travel times, helping to keep restlessness at bay.


Experience new cultures and undergo educational experiences with your kids. For example, this may look like learning how to make pizza in Italy!


You’ll find that a lot of family-friendly hikes wind to views and scenic points that will help keep your kids entertained. Our website offers a mixture of route guides for families and tours with built-in hiking adventures.


Biking is a great activity for families! And our website makes it easy to find guides and tours that offer kid-friendly mountain biking and road biking routes.


Snow brings a collection of kid-friendly adventures: snowshoeing, skiing, snowboarding, cross country skiing. Get outside, make a snowman, and start exploring as a family.


There’s nothing like planning a family vacation that has you relaxing next to water. Kids can keep themselves entertained for hours. Popular family-friendly water activities include snorkelling, surfing, cruises, sailing, and kayaking.


When you can’t choose just one activity to fit into your vacation, look to our multisport tours for guidance. These tours are typically replete with an epic blend of cycling, hiking, kayaking, city walking, cultural experiences, scenic wonders. Some may also include rafting, climbing, backpacking, and more. Multisport tours are ideal for anyone who struggles to sit still on vacation. To top it off, you’ll find a handful of family-friendly multisport tours on our website, too.

So what are you waiting for? Start planning your bike, hike, boat, or ski adventure to the collection of mountains, lakes, oceans, seas, forests sprawled across the globe!