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With the dramatic snow-capped peaks of the Cordillera Blanca lining the eastern horizon and a location of 9843ft above sea level, Huaraz is genuinely one of the greatest trekking kingdoms in the world.

Its backyard boasts of a vast adventure playground due to the Andes sketched high into the sky as well as the sprawling Huarascán National Park where jaguars and Andean condors dot the area. And while the mountains and trails twisting through the landscape call your name by day, the lively nightlife—accelerated by backpackers and travellers during high season—and range of restaurants spanning Huaraz will have you revelling in endless, unforgettable fun by night.

Huaraz has a great vibe, paired with being an oasis of adventure that attracts visitors from around the world. Most view Huaraz as the ultimate hub for trekkers due to its location to the Cordillera Blanca, Huarascán National Park, and an array of stunning lakes shimmering in an exotic blue tint, such as Lake 69.

Besides treks, visitors can also rent a bicycle from one of the many outfitters in town for single or multi-day purposes. Rock climbing is also experiencing a popularity boost in Huaraz. However, do remember that this is Peru's hiking capital, so most outdoor escapades are centred around trekking.

Meanwhile, the city itself encompasses a collection of notable restaurants and bars, helping to keep your stomach full and your spirits high. Visitors will find a myriad of palate-pleasing cuisine from Indian to Italian to Peruvian. When it comes to bars, the Swiss-inspired Tio Enrique should be at the top of any one's list.

If you want to travel to Peru's epicentre for trekking, start planning your trip today! We've pieced together info on all of the best hikes within the area. Get ready to toss your hiking boots into your backpack and to travel to one of the most adventure-thrilled places on Earth.

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