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    East of Vancouver

    Experience the Greatest Scrambles East of Vancouver, BC

    Region in British Columbia, Canada

    As the interest in adventure travel continues to increase and the boundaries of Vancouver continue to grow, outdoor enthusiasts have begun to look east of the city for new opportunities to explore the wild terrain of British Columbia. With a number of popular provincial parks and the rugged expanse of the Coquitlam and Eagle mountain ranges close by, it is no wonder that hikers are beginning to discover some of the great scrambles that can be found East of Vancouver.

    Whether you are looking to make a quick day trip from the city or have decided to explore the area East of Vancouver for an extended period of time, you will be sure to find the perfect scramble route to meet your needs and skill level. The beautiful landscapes that can be found within the Golden Ears and Pine Cone Burke provincial parks offer a great starting point near Coquitlam, from which you can begin exploring the mountainous terrain of this region. There is no feeling like scrambling up an alpine peak for some breathtaking views overlooking a vast sea of mountain peaks and blue lakes, so grab your gear and get ready for your next big adventure in the region East of Vancouver.

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    Best Scrambles in East of Vancouver

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      Open details for Mount Robie Reid Trail

      Mount Robie Reid Trail

      Very Hard
      19.8 km
      2,377 m

      The Mount Robie Reid Trail is an extremely difficult and technical trail that should only be attempted by hikers who have thoroughly researched the route, have a wealth of mountaineering experience and proper climbing equipment. The final ascent to the summit contains two 4th class climbs, which leave little room for error and make this a dangerous route for inexperienced hikers. Those who are able to scramble their way up this imposing rocky massif will be rewarded with amazing views of the surrounding area and the right to say they have conquered this iconic Fraser Valley peak.

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