Located in the foothills of the Canadian Rockies just west of Calgary is Kananaskis Country and the picturesque mountain village of Canmore. While many people come to Canmore or Kananaskis to hike, there are some incredible scrambles around here. Scrambles are a bit different from hiking, as they involve the use of hands and may take you out into places on a mountain with exposure. You should be a reasonable hiker before trying even the easiest scramble.

While these scrambles are in the Kananaskis, many people base themselves out of Canmore for these scrambles. So, if you are looking for scrambles in Canadian Rockies, you will like our list of the best scrambles in Alberta’s Kananaskis Country.

(11.0km, 1245m, 5-8h)

Mist Mountain

This is among the best scrambles in Kananaskis, located at the southern end of Kananaskis Trail. The scenery along the route is great and you get a spectacular view when you reach the summit of Mist Mountain. It is definitely one of the best scrambles in the Canadian Rockies.

(9.1km, 1285m, 5-7h)

Mt Sparrowhawk

This is one of the best scrambles in Kananaskis for beginners and families with older kids. It’s not too technical as you scramble up Mount Sparrowhawk where you get a fantastic view of the vast Spray Lakes reservoir.

(13.1km, 1365m, 5-7h)

Mount Lougheed

One of the best scrambles in Kananaskis is up to Mount Lougheed. Lougheed is huge and fulfills the promise of a spectacular panoramic view of Kananaskis Country when you reach the summit. It is among the top scrambles in Canadian Rockies as well as one of the best scrambles in Kananaskis Country.

(18.0km, 1104m, 7-10h)

The Fortress

One of the best scrambles in the Kananaskis is The Fortress, especially as you get to explore both the Chester and Headwall valleys on this loop. The Fortress looks forbidding from the highway, but it is a great scramble and the views from the top are well worth the effort.

(7.1km, 943m, 5-7h)

Mt Indefatigable

One of the more popular scrambles in the Kananaskis, the route goes up the South Peak of Mount Indefatigable. At the summit, you will see Upper Kananaskis Lake and more spectacular views. It is another of the top scrambles in Kananaskis Country.

(19.1km, 868m, 6-9h)

Snow Peak

This is a fairly long scramble that takes you over Burstall Pass. Snow Peak is definitely one of the best scrambles in Kananaskis, as the views from the continental divide stretch into British Columbia. If you love the best scrambling in Kananaskis, this is one of the scrambles in Kananaskis Country you shouldn’t miss.

(17.9km, 782m, 7-9h)

Smutwood Peak

Smutwood Peak combines the summits of Birdwood and Mount Smuts, where you will have the magnificent views you expect when you head out on one of the best scrambles in the Kananaskis. The dark turquoise lakes with waterfalls and fast-running creeks provide the scenery along the way.

(11.2km, 1352m, 7-10h)

Grotto Mountain

Another of the best scrambling routes near Canmore, is the scramble up Grotto Mountain. You will be rewarded with a bird’s eye view of the Canmore area and Bow Valley. It’s a bit technical, so don’t do this as a beginner.

(20.1km, 1052m, 7-10h)

Mount Howard

Scrambling up Mount Howard is a challenge even for expert scramblers. You can expect magnificent views from the summit with the added bonus of a walk along the ridge. This is a great scramble in Kananaskis.

(17.9km, 1175m, 6-9h)

James Walker

Mount James Walker is another of the long scrambles in Kananaskis. With spectacular summit views, you also get to pass through a secluded valley, along the banks of a fast-running creek and many crystal-clear tarns.