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      Displaying 23 of 23 tours

      Open details for Wine and Cuisine Tour of Argentina

      Northern Argentina

      Wine and Cuisine Tour of Argentina

      It’s no big secret that Argentina’s wine and food are world-class, is it? The Wine and Cuisine Tour of Argentina is a full-on experience in all that’s delicious in this amazing country, and any foodie thinking of South America needs to book their spot.

      9 days from $3,614USDDetails
      Open details for Patagonia Ice Field Trek

      Argentine Patagonia

      Patagonia Ice Field Trek

      Go where few tourists go, and enjoy this incredible adventure trekking some of the best routes in Los Glaciares National Park and a foray onto the Patagonian icefield.

      Jan-Mar, Nov-Dec
      11 days from $3,940USDDetails
      Open details for 13-day Best of Patagonia Tour

      Torres del Paine

      13-day Best of Patagonia Tour

      No need to choose between the Argentine and Chilean sides of Patagonia, because the 13-day Best of Patagonia Tour covers the best of the region across both countries! Experience the best of Argentina’s Los Glaciares National Park and Chile’s Torres del Paine National Park, the paths that hold the most iconic sights in all of Patagonia.

      Cultural Sightseeing
      Jan-Apr, Oct-Dec
      13 days from $4,105USDDetails
      Open details for Los Glaciares, Torres del Paine and El Chalten Trekking Tour

      Torres del Paine

      Los Glaciares, Torres del Paine and El Chalten Trekking Tour

      Take a 13-day South American dream adventure through Patagonia and explore the world-famous Los Glaciares and Torres del Paine National Parks on the guided Los Glaciares, Torres del Paine and El Chalten Trekking Tour you’ll never forget. Travel between Argentina and Chile to hike some of the best trails in all of Patagonia.

      13 days from $4,120USDDetails
      Open details for Patagonia Guided Hiking Tour

      Torres del Paine

      Patagonia Guided Hiking Tour

      Looking for the best guided hiking tour in Patagonia? This is the complete Patagonian adventure! See all the area highlights on this massive 15-day guided trekking adventure in Patagonia encompassing all the awesome South American attractions you’ve heard so much about. Hike through the stark natural beauty and bask in epic views of Fitz Roy and Cerro Torre, Glacier Grey and the Horns.

      Jan-Mar, Oct-Dec
      15 days from $4,560USDDetails
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      Open details for Customized Patagonian Adventure Tour

      Argentine Patagonia

      Customized Patagonian Adventure Tour

      Want to see the highlights of Los Glaciares National Park but have the freedom to explore on your own terms? The Customized Patagonian Adventure Tour offers an ideal mix of planning and freedom, with several days of set adventures and days where you get to choose from hikes, walks, boat rides, fishing, and more to tailor your experience!

      Jan-Mar, Nov-Dec
      9 days from $4,573USDDetails
      Open details for Patagonia Self-Drive and Trekking Tour

      Chilean Patagonia

      Patagonia Self-Drive and Trekking Tour

      Patagonia — a word that inevitably ignites your sense of adventure and discovery. The 24-Day Trek and Self-Drive in Patagonia tour welcomes you into a remote corner of the world to experience the beauty of both Argentinian and Chilean Patagonia with incredible trekking and a self-driven adventure.

      Jan-Mar, Nov-Dec
      24 days from $4,670USDDetails
      Open details for Exploring Patagonia on Ruta 40

      Argentine Patagonia

      Exploring Patagonia on Ruta 40

      Ruta 40 is one of the longest roads in Argentina, and it traverses the country from south to north, slicing through legendary Patagonia. With this road as your north star, the Exploring Patagonia on Ruta 40 tour offers incredible day trips and excursions as you cruise Ruta 40 over nearly two weeks.

      Cultural Sightseeing
      Jan-Apr, Oct-Dec
      14 days from $5,630USDDetails
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      Argentina General Information

      Where to go in Argentina

      Planning a trip to Argentina unveils stunning destinations for adventurers. The Andes offer hiking and skiing, Patagonian steppes and Salta's desert present vast exploration, while Los Glaciares National Park showcases glaciers. Mendoza's wine country adds a taste of adventure.

      What to do in Argentina

      Argentina's diverse landscapes offer numerous thrilling activities, including horseback riding on the Pampas, whitewater rafting in Mendoza, and trekking in Patagonia. Cycling through wine regions and kayaking in the lakes district are also sought-after for experiencing the country's natural beauty.

      When to go to Argentina

      When to visit Argentina varies by desired activities, as the country offers year-round adventures. Patagonia is best from November to March for hiking, while June to August is prime for Andes skiing. Visiting wine regions in autumn or spring helps avoid crowds, offering pleasant weather.

      Top 5 adventures in Argentina

      1. Trekking in Patagonia - Explore the rugged beauty of southern Argentina, featuring breathtaking landscapes like Fitz Roy and Torres del Paine.
      2. Horseback Riding on the Pampas - Experience the traditional gaucho lifestyle with a horseback ride across Argentina's vast grasslands.
      3. Skiing in the Andes - Hit the slopes in some of South America's best ski resorts, offering stunning mountain vistas and challenging runs.
      4. Cycling through Mendoza’s Wine Country - Combine adventure with leisure by biking through vineyards and tasting some of Argentina's finest wines.
      5. Kayaking in the Lakes District - Paddle through crystal-clear waters surrounded by the scenic beauty of northern Patagonia's mountains and forests.

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