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      Displaying 24 of 24 tours

      Open details for Galapagos Adventure and Wildlife Tour


      Galapagos Adventure and Wildlife Tour

      2022-08-05The Galapagos Islands are full of amazing wildlife and incredible natural beauty. The 10 day guided Galapagos Adventure and Wildlife Tour will allow you to see the many animals of the islands in their natural habitat while you explore by foot, bike and boat. This adventure is perfect for the traveller who wants to experience nature and enjoy an adrenaline rush!

      10 days from $2,395USDDetails
      Open details for Galapagos, Rainforest and Andes Multisport Tour


      Galapagos, Rainforest and Andes Multisport Tour

      Explore the best of Ecuador in one 12-day tour, from the incredible Galapagos islands to the glaciers of Cotopaxi!

      12 days from $2,495USDDetails
      Open details for Climbing Ecuador’s Volcanoes Tour


      Climbing Ecuador’s Volcanoes Tour

      Launch yourself into the mind-blowing landscapes of the Ecuadorian Andes on the 9-day guided Climbing Ecuador’s Volcanoes Tour.

      9 days from $2,625USDDetails
      Open details for The Best of Galapagos Adventure


      The Best of Galapagos Adventure

      Explore the captivating beauty of the Galapagos Islands through this amazing Galapagos travel experience! Join this Galapagos Islands Tour and explore this stunning natural landscape on foot, water and kayak. Island hop to find the best of the Galapagos Islands and some of the most unique species of Ecuador’s Wildlife. The Galapagos Islands tour is socially responsible and helps to provide aid to the local communities in the area. Book this tour to explore one of the most protected ecosystems on the planet.

      8 days from $2,815USDDetails
      Open details for Hiking & Summiting Ecuadorian Volcanoes


      Hiking & Summiting Ecuadorian Volcanoes

      The Hiking & Summiting Ecuadorian Volcanoes is a levelled-up mountain experience in the Ecuadorian Andes that will push your limits and find you in unforgettable locations. Chimborazo (6268m), the highest, and Cotopaxi (5897m), the second-highest mountains in the country, are both situated on the tropical belt close to Quito in Ecuador, making them very accessible volcanoes to mountaineers. On this tour, you’ll climb both of them!

      Jan-Mar, Jul-Sep, Nov-Dec
      12 days from $2,990USDDetails
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      Open details for Highest Summits of Ecuador


      Highest Summits of Ecuador

      The 14-day guided Highest Summits of Ecuador Tour invites you to enjoy an in-depth mountaineering experience like no other. Chimborazo (6,268m / 20,564ft), Cotopaxi (5,897m / 19,347ft) and Cayambe (5,790m / 18,996ft) are all situated on the tropical belt close to Quito in Ecuador. Due to their infrastructure and lodging options, they are very accessible volcanoes for driven mountaineers. The surrounding Andes region with its numerous volcanoes at different altitudes, gorgeous nature and exotic indigenous villages and cultures, makes the acclimatization and climbs on this tour the experience of a lifetime.

      14 days from $3,560USDDetails
      Open details for Amazon River Cruise


      Amazon River Cruise

      The Amazon River Cruise is a luxury river tour through Ecuador’s Amazon Rainforest. Board the only luxury cruise ship in the region for a wonderful way to explore this magical part of Ecuador.

      Partially Guided
      Jan-Mar, Nov-Dec
      6 days from $3,780USDDetails
      Open details for Peru, Ecuador, and Galapagos Tour

      Machu Picchu

      Peru, Ecuador, and Galapagos Tour

      The wonders of Peru and Ecuador await you on this incredible Peru, Ecuador and Galapagos guided tour which combines cultural treasures such as Machu Picchu and Cusco with natural marvels such as the floating islands of Uros and the incomparable Galapagos Islands.

      Cultural Sightseeing
      20 days from $5,285USDDetails
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      Open details for The Best of Ecuador


      The Best of Ecuador

      The Best of Ecuador Adventure tour is an unforgettable adventure through some of the most unique and breathtaking natural landscapes anywhere on earth. Visit the Amazon rainforest, the Ecuadorian Andes, the Galapagos Islands, and Ecuador’s ancient cities, all in one epic trip.

      Cultural Sightseeing
      Jan-Mar, Nov-Dec
      24 days from $6,995USDDetails
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      Ecuador General Information

      Where to go in Ecuador

      Planning your Ecuador adventure brings diverse destinations into focus. Experience unique wildlife in the Galápagos Islands, explore the Amazon's rich biodiversity, enjoy hikes and views in the Andes, especially around Cotopaxi and Chimborazo, and visit the Equatorial line for a unique geographical adventure.

      What to do in Ecuador

      Ecuador offers a rich palette of activities for adventurers. From snorkeling in the Galápagos to jungle treks in the Amazon, and mountain biking down Andean volcanoes, the country caters to all. Explore Quito and Cuenca's cultural heritage or enjoy whitewater rafting and kayaking on Ecuador's rivers.

      When to go to Ecuador

      The best time to visit Ecuador varies: the Galápagos Islands are year-round destinations, with December to May being warmer. The Amazon is optimal from October to March for less rain and more wildlife. For hiking in the Andes, June to September offers clear skies. Ecuador's diverse climate allows for travel any time, with the best times dependent on the region.

      Top 5 adventures in Ecuador

      1. Galapagos Islands Cruising: Embark on a remarkable journey to the Galapagos Islands, where unique wildlife encounters await in this pristine and untouched environment, offering insights into the world of endemic species.
      2. Amazon Rainforest Tours: Dive deep into the heart of the Amazon Rainforest, experiencing its incredible biodiversity and the rich culture of its indigenous communities, for an immersive exploration of one of the planet's most vital ecosystems.
      3. Cotopaxi Volcano Hiking: Challenge yourself with an exhilarating trek up the Cotopaxi Volcano, one of the world's highest active volcanoes, offering breathtaking views and a sense of accomplishment upon reaching its summit.
      4. Baños Adventure Sports: For thrill-seekers, Baños provides an adrenaline-pumping array of adventure sports, from bungee jumping and white-water rafting to zip-lining across breathtaking landscapes.
      5. Cuenca City Exploration: Wander through the cobblestone streets of Cuenca, a UNESCO World Heritage Site known for its stunning colonial architecture, vibrant markets, and rich cultural history.

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