Best scrambles in Castle Provincial Park, Canada
On the summit plateau on Syncline Mountain on Mount Coulthard scramble in Castle Provincial Park, Alberta

Castle Provincial Park

Region in Alberta, Canada
Castle Provincial Park Map

Castle Provincial Park and Castle Wildland Provincial Park are newly (2017) established Provincial Parks in the SW corner of Alberta! A few of the key features of these spectacular Provincial Parks include some of the most colorful rock faces in the Rockies, key movement corridors for some large animals, and archaeological and historically significant sites.

It is important to note that Castle PP is a space for conservation and nature-based recreation, while Castle Wildland PP is a place for conservation and low impact, backcountry or wildland, recreation. Right now there are relatively few visitors to the Castle region, especially when compared to places like the Kananaskis and Banff National Park. Based on how beautiful the Castle area is, we expect numbers to grow as more people realize how spectacular Castle and Castle Wildland Provincial Parks are.

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