Grand Canyon Hiking, Arizona
Grand Canyon Hiking, Arizona

Grand Canyon National Park

Region in Arizona, United States
Grand Canyon National Park Map

Listed as one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World, a trip to the Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona should be on every outdoor lover’s bucket list. Heck, every person who loves to travel and explore deserves to see the Grand Canyon lit up at dawn, ideally on a weekday in early spring, when the crowds are lower.

The Grand Canyon is a stunning area with over 2 billion years of geological history and so many possibilities for exploration! Whether you prefer to adventure by land, water, or air there are abundant opportunities available to you in the Grand Canyon.

It is hard to know when to go, because let’s be honest, the Grand Canyon is going to be busy. However, heading there between late-fall and early-spring helps to reduce the the large crowds of summer. You also escape the intense heat, but you may have to deal with some snow! Another option is to head over to the North Rim, which has fewer amenities but also fewer crowds, just keep in mind it is not open during the winter months.

A holiday to the Grand Canyon is a perfect choice, no matter the type of adventure you are looking for. You can hike, bike, raft, climb, or even try your hand at sky diving (though we don’t, we’re terrified of sky diving!). The park has innumerable opportunities to appreciate the unique landscape. Staying in the park is limited to camping and lodges, however there are several nearby accommodations that are fantastic. Be sure to reserve early though, because everything books up fast!

The stunning red rock, and immense depth of the canyon carved by thousands of years of the Colorado River winding its way through the land will take your breath away! A trip to Grand Canyon National Park is always a winner in our eyes!

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