Elk Lake Backpacking Trail
Elk Lake Backpacking Trail Map

Elk Lake Backpacking Trail

Banff National Park
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Elk Lake Backpacking Trail

Elk Lake Backpacking Trail

Distance: 16.3mi
Elevation: 2,221ft
Time: 2 days

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The Elk Lake Trail begins at a popular trailhead for Cascade Mountain Scramble and the Cascade Amphitheatre Hike. It might seem like a busy trail at the beginning but once you reach the Elk Lake Junction, the day hikers will disappear, and you will find the peace of the forest soon after.

Elk Lake Backpacking Trail Map

Getting there

From the Town of Banff take Lynx Street towards the Trans-Canada Highway. Cross the train tracks and the highway as the road becomes Mount Norquay Road. Make your way up the steep switchbacks watching for wildlife. You may see bears or bighorn sheep here! Drive up the road until you reach the Mount Norquay parking lot.

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Backcountry Campsites

Elk Lake Ek13

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Yes - On Leash

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Older Children only

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Route Type

Out and back

Elk Lake Backpacking Trail
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Elk Lake Backpacking Trail Description

Elk Lake is most often reached from the Mount Norquay trailhead; however, there is an option to make a horseshoe loop by hiking over a small pass and descending to the other side of Cascade Mountain to the Cascade River and Cascade Fire Road Trail. This is an option to extend your hike and add a touch more adventure. Our route guide will take you on an out-and-back.

From the Mount Norquay parking lot, make your way towards the ski lodge and walk past it on the main path. You will pass the first chairlift called the Cascade Chair before reaching the Mystic Chair. From here, follow signs to the right for Cascade Amphitheatre and Elk Lake. You will descend a steep hill to Forty Mile Creek. Cross the large bridge and take in the views from the flowing creek. The trail veers to the right after the bridge and switchbacks around again as it begins to climb. You will reach a junction where you take the trail to the right for Elk Lake. This is where you will escape the day hikers and most likely have the trail to yourself.

After the junction, you will cross three small streams. Be careful in the spring as these can be flowing swiftly and require some technical skill. After 6.3mi, take the junction to your left to Elk Lake and Elk Lake Campground.

Sample Itinerary:

  • Day 1
    Mount Norquay Trailhead to Elk Lake
    Distance: 8.1mi
    Elevation gain: 2221ft
    Campground: Elk Lake Ek13
  • Day 2
    Elk Lake to Mount Norquay Trailhead
    Distance: 8.1mi
    Elevation gain: 0ft
    Campground: None



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