Rila Mountains
Rila Mountains

Rila Mountains

Region in Bulgaria
Rila Mountains Map

Decorating Bulgaria's southwestern region stands the ultimate playground for adventure lovers: the Rila Mountains. These soaring peaks swallow visitors and send them to a fantasy-like realm, where layers of mountains swoon and glacial lakes add a paranormal glimmer. Travel away from reality and totally immerse yourself in the storybook setting by partaking in an array of activities, from skiing, hiking, cycling, and snowshoeing. The Rila Mountains know how to entertain visitors and locals alike year-round.

Those seeking an escapism adventure, one that carries you through intrepid terrain embroidered with rugged, dramatic views, will thrive in the Rila Mountains. These mountains aren't meant for those seeking a glitzy, glamorous vacation; they are customized for explorers seeking an outdoor thrill, whether you're skiing, snowshoeing, hiking, or biking.

The Rila Mountains boasts Bulgaria's tallest peak: Mount Musala, which faces the valley from 2925 m. This 12 km hike definitely packs a punch when it comes to unveiling a range of glistening lake views!

While an abundance of glacial lakes, supernatural vistas, and wildlife surround the Rila Mountains, it's vital to note that you'll also find a notable non-outdoorsy attraction: the Rila Monastery, which was reconstructed in 1834 and 1862 after a fire.

To top it off, Borovets, a charming, cozy ski resort, sits tucked into the Rila Mountains. From here, you can find an abundance of ski trails, cycling paths, and hiking routes.

If you want a break from exploring the trails carved into the Rila Mountains, you can opt to visit Bulgaria's capital city, situated 70 km away! Be prepared to discover a collection of unforgettable views during your explorations along the soaring peaks spanning this area in Bulgaria's southwest.

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