Best family-friendly hikes in Joshua Tree, California
Best family-friendly hikes in Joshua Tree, California

Joshua Tree National Park

Region in California, United States
Joshua Tree National Park Map

Joshua Tree National Park in Southern California is an incredibly interesting combination of two different desert environments. The ‘low’ desert, or Colorado Desert, covers the eastern side of the park and consists of land below 3,000 m, while the rest of the park is the Mojave Desert, or ‘high’ desert. The namesake of the park, the Joshua Tree, thrives in the higher and cooler Mojave Desert. Great as an escape in winter and spring, Joshua Tree is a place to get away from everything and enjoy the stark beauty of this park.

A trip to Joshua Tree National Park is a trip full of adventure! There is no lodging in the park so if you want to stay within the borders you will be camping, and considering stargazing is a major draw to this park, this is definitely a great way to go. Climbing is another major draw here, with over 8,000 routes and warm winters, it is an ideal destination for climbers from all over the world!

The unique split of the two deserts and the incredible geological formations makes even a drive through the park an interesting day – although we prefer to take our time and explore by foot.

A holiday in Joshua Tree is not just about the activity and interesting landscapes, the park is full of remnants from the peoples of the past. There are remnants of civilizations dating from just after the last ice age until the park was created in 1994, such as petroglyphs and pictographs (although many are hidden), dams made by cattlemen, and even gold mines.

We love spending time in Joshua Tree National Park!

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