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    Where to hike in France

    Happiness Promise

    There are hundreds of thousands of guides and tour operators around the world. Figuring out who to trust is stressful and hard.

    That’s why we started 10Adventures Tours, we’re here to make it easy to find a great guide or tour operator. We handpick the best local guides and tour operators for 10Adventures, working to ensure you have great guides and a great trip.

    We know it sucks to show up in a different country and find out the tents are junk, the guide incompetent or the route different from what we thought we were getting.

    We want to give our users peace of mind that you’ll have a great trip and offer a guarantee that we will work with you to make it right.

    How does this work? Well, if you feel that something about your trip didn’t’ meet your expectations, let us know. We will then work to gather the details and figure out where things went wrong. If something indeed wasn’t as described, or went wrong with your trip, and the problem was within the control of either oursleves, the guide or the tour company, we will then work out a refund with you that’s proportional to the scale of the problem.

    Obviously the best way to make a great trip is to tell your local guide or tour operator and give them the chance to fix the solution while you are on your trip. Most things can be solved by telling your guide when the issue develops. If that doesn’t solve it, then email us right away. Please don’t wait to voice your concerns until the trip is over, as it’s much harder to solve issues after the fact.

    We work hard to make sure you have a great trip. If something isn’t right, please email and we will get to work right away.




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