Crow Pass
Crow Pass

Crow Pass Trail

Around Anchorage
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Beautiful views on Crow Pass Trail to Raven Glacier in AlaskaWide path of Crow Pass Trail on a hike to Raven Glacier near Anchorage AlaskaHiking near Crystal Lake on a trail to see Raven GlacierCrow Pass Cabin on Crow Pass Trail to Raven Glacier in AlaskaHiker near Crow Pass with the view to Raven Glacier in Chugach State Park AlaskaBeautiful views of the valley along the Crow Pass Hike in Chugach State ParkTrail allong the hill to Raven Glacier on Crow Pass day hike near Anchorage AlaskaRaven Glacier views on a trail near Girdwood in AlaskaWildflowers along the trail to Raven Glacier in Chugach State Park Alaska USAExpansive views of the valley below looking towards Girdwood on Crow Pass HikeLush greenery along the Crow Pass Trail near Anchorage AlaskaCairn near Crystal Lake along the Crow Pass Trail in Chugach State Park AlaskaCrow Pass Trail from Girdwood has amazing views of Raven GlacierHiker looking towards Raven Glacier on a Crow Pass Hike in AlaskaSign on Crow Pass Trail looking towards Raven Glacier in Chugach State Park AlaskaSign pointing to Crow Pass on a trail to Raven Glacier AlaskaSnowy path near Raven Glacier on Crow Pass Hike in Chugach State ParkRocky terrain on Crow Pass Hike to Raven Glacier in AlaskaRaven Glacier can be seen on a hike from Girdwood to Crow Pass AlaskaColorful mountain path to Crow Pass and Raven Glacier overlook in AlaskaRock formations along the Crow Pass trail from Girdwood to Raven GlacierPath to Crow Pass in Alaska where Raven Glacier isCrow Pass Cabin and Crystal Lake on Crow Pass Trail to Raven Glacier near AnchorageCrow Pass Cabin Crystal Lake and beautiful surrounding mountains of AlaskaCairn and nameless tarn near Crow Pass Trail in Chugach State Park AlaskaCrow Pass Trail signpost in front of Raven Glacier near Anchorage

Crow Pass Trail

Distance: 8.4mi
Elevation: 1,936ft
Time: 4-5.5h

Difficulty Rating:

User Ratings:
9.5 Overall Rating
Technical Difficulty
Physical Difficulty

The Crow Pass Trail near Alyeska Resort is a beautiful moderate route that leads to Crow Pass. You will pass by beautiful Crystal Lake along the trail and will be rewarded with a great overlook to Raven Glacier.

Crow Pass Trail Map

Getting there

From Girdwood, take the North turn on Crow Creek Road. After around 7.0mi you will reach the dead-end. That is where you will find the trailhead.

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When to do

June - October

Pets allowed

Yes - On Leash

Family friendly


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Route Type

Out and back

Crow Pass Trail
Elevation Graph

Route Description for Crow Pass

The hike on Crow Pass Trail is a great route. Combine this with a Tram ride at Alyeska Resort for a great day out near Anchorage.

The Crow Pass Trail is a good hike with a steady elevation gain and a good quality trail. Bears are common in surrounding territories, so have your bear spray with you and ensure you learn about bear safety beforehand. In addition, we suggest against hiking during the snowy season, as the trail has a high risk of avalanches.

Start your hike to Crow Pass by taking the trail from the carpark. After around 0.5mi of walking through lush vegetation, you will rise above the treeline. This is where Crow Valley starts, and the views of surrounding mountains are amazing.

Shortly, you will reach a junction. Both paths lead to the same point, so you can take either. The difference we have noticed is that the left path takes you closer to beautiful waterfalls, however the one on the right is more pleasant to walk on. You will pass Brenner Mine at this point.

After almost 1.0mi these trails will merge back into one and you will pass along Crow Pass Cabin that sits near Crystal Lake.

Continue for a short while and you will reach Crow Pass where you can observe amazing views of the valleys, surrounding peaks and beautiful Raven Glacier. If you want, you can even walk closer!

Return the same way you came.

Trail highlights

Raven Glacier

Raven Glacier sits at an impressive 2500ft tall and is one of the most popular hiking destinations in the Chugach Mountains. The highest parts of the Raven Glacier provide a mountaineering route called the Raven Headwall that leads to a famous glacier called Eklutna, which is located on the other side of the mountains.

If you hike the Crows Pass, about 3.0mi in from the trailhead, you will see the most spectacular views of Raven’s Glacier. If you continue another mile, you can actually touch the toe of the glacier and get an up close look at its gnarled and rugged shape and texture.

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Insider Hints

  • Spend night camping at Crown Pass Cabin.

  • If you’re up for adventure, you can take a one-way backpacking trip to Eagle River. This 22.4mi long trail is very challenging, but so rewarding! It includes crossing rivers, climbing ladders, going through thick foliage and passing through bear habitats.

  • Approaching the Raven Glacier is definitely worth it – you can even touch it!


Suzy TQ 2 years ago

The waterfalls along the way are breathtaking & refreshing. Crow Pass in the summer has an abundance of wildflowers and mountain goats.

10.0 Overall Rating
Technical Difficulty
Physical Difficulty
5h 30m Time Taken
Jenny Kimmel 2 years ago

The Crystal Lakes was magnificent! You'll never run short of amazing views in this hike.

10.0 Overall Rating
Technical Difficulty
Physical Difficulty
Rowan Sanders 2 years ago

Super fun and do-able for most people, probably need to be in at least somewhat decent shape to climb but I would not call it overly exhausting.

9.0 Overall Rating
Technical Difficulty
Physical Difficulty
Michael Rivera 3 years ago

It was nice to be surrounded by immense beauty once in a while. It does something great for my well being.

10.0 Overall Rating
Technical Difficulty
Physical Difficulty
Monsiur Solo 3 years ago

The weather was fantastic. We got to take otherworldly shots.

10.0 Overall Rating
Technical Difficulty
Physical Difficulty
Jedi Fox 3 years ago

Very beautiful hike. There is a steady gain in elevation, but it's not that hard.

10.0 Overall Rating
Technical Difficulty
Physical Difficulty

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