The Blorenge Circular Walk
The Blorenge Circular Walk

The Blorenge Circular Walk

Brecon Beacons National Park
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The Blorenge Circular Walk

The Blorenge Circular Walk

Distance: 7.0mi
Elevation: 1,325ft
Time: 3-4.5h

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The Blorenge Circular Walk is a great outdoor excursion in the southeast corner of Brecon Beacons National Park that offers a good variety of terrain and scenic views of the Black Mountains and Usk River Valley. While out on the trail, you will pass by Keeper’s Pond and traverse the open moor on the way to the summit plateau of The Blorenge, where you will enjoy sweeping views across the Welsh countryside. This is a fantastic route for beginner and seasoned outdoor enthusiasts alike, just be sure to keep an eye out for stinging nettles along the trail!

The Blorenge Circular Walk Map

Getting there

The trailhead for the The Blorenge Circular Walk can be found at the Keeper’s Pond car park, just 1.5mi north of Blaenavon along B4246.

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The Blorenge Circular Walk
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The Blorenge Circular Walk Description:

The Blorenge Circular Walk isn’t an overly difficult adventure; however, it does feature some rugged terrain and sections of trail that can be overgrown depending on the season. Be sure to wear proper walking boots to better traverse the rocky terrain and steep slopes, as well as long trousers to avoid brushing up against stinging nettles. Additionally, you should make sure to keep your dog on a lead for the same reasons.

If you are looking for a fun walking route that offers a good level of difficulty and beautifully scenic views across the Welsh countryside, then the Blorenge Circular Walk will be a great option for you. In addition to the steep slopes and rocky summit vantage point, you will have sweeping views across Brecon Beacons National Park and the Usk River Valley, making for an awesome day of sightseeing in Wales.

Setting out from the car park, you will make your way to the left around Keeper’s Pond, enjoying some pleasant views across the calm surface of the water as you make your way to the northeast. Keeping left along the path for 1.7mi, you will have some nice views across the Welsh countryside as you descend slightly along the slope of the hill, before arriving at a junction with Hill’s Tram Road.

Heading right here, you will work your way around the north and east slopes of The Blorenge for the next 1.9mi, passing by a charming little pond before coming to another junction in the path. Follow the trail to the right and make your way uphill through the tree cover, where you will quickly come to the edge of a quiet road.

Following the road to the southwest for 0.3mi, you will find a gated path on your right leading up the hillside. Head through the gate and follow the path as it climbs up towards the rocky summit plateau of The Blorenge, where you will enjoy spectacular views of the surrounding Welsh countryside and the Usk River Valley.

After taking in the views from the summit, carefully make your way downhill to the southwest for the next 1.0mi, where you will pass through the Foxhunter car park and arrive once more at the edge of the road. Turning to the right, continue along the quiet roadway for 0.3mi and turn right onto another footpath, following it until you arrive back at the car park where you began your adventure along The Blorenge Circular Walk.

Trail Highlights

The Blorenge

Located in the southeast of Brecon Beacons National Park, The Blorenge is a notable hill overlooking the Usk River Valley and the town of Abergavenny. Composed of differing layers of rock such as sandstone, limestone, and mudstone, the hill also features a fairly flat summit plateau that stands at 1841ft.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Keeper’s Pond on The Blorenge?

Located along the lower slopes of The Blorenge, Keeper’s Pond and its car park is a great place to set out on a walk through the area.

Can you swim in Keeper’s Pond?

Yes, wild swimming is permitted in Keeper’s Pond at The Blorenge.

Insider Hints

  • Wear proper walking boots and long trousers for this walk, asd the terrain is rugged in certain areas and you might also encounter stinging nettles.

  • Keep your dog on a lead at all times.

  • Bring your swimwear if you fancy a dip in Keeper’s Pond at the trailhead.



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