The Navajo Loop
The Navajo Loop

The Navajo Loop

Bryce Canyon National Park
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The Navajo Loop

The Navajo Loop

Distance: 1.5mi
Elevation: 515ft
Time: 1h

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The Navajo Loop is one of the most popular hiking trails in Bryce Canyon National Park. This trail is moderately challenging with some steep sections, so we recommend it for families with older children and lightly-experienced hikers. With incredible views of the hoodoos and the unique Utah landscape, the Navajo Loop is absolutely gorgeous and a must-do trail if you only have a short time to explore Bryce Canyon National Park.

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Getting there

From the Bryce Canyon Visitors Center, head south down Bryce Canyon Scenic Drive then take a left onto Sunset Point Road. Park at the lot at the east end of Sunset Point Road. The Navajo Loop begins here.

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June to October

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The Navajo Loop
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The Navajo Loop Description

The Navajo Loop is a fantastic hiking trail in Bryce Canyon National Park. With incredible views the whole way, this trail gets very popular, especially in the height of summer. If you are hiking in the summer season, we recommend heading out early in the day to beat the crowds (and the heat!). If you are planning to hike this route in the winter, be warned that the Wall Street section of this trail is subject to seasonal closure due to dangerous conditions. Before hitting the trails, be sure to check the Current Conditions Report issued by the National Park Service for information about trail closures.

No matter what time of the year you wind up visiting Bryce Canyon National Park, the Navajo Loop is a must-do trail. With incredible views throughout, you will find yourself breathless at every twist and turn.

To hike the Navajo Loop, begin at the Navajo Loop Trailhead on Sunset Point Road. At the first divide in the trail, take the path on your left to hike the Navajo Loop clockwise. Make your way southeast past Thor’s Hammer to the Navajo Loop Benchmark. At the Benchmark, take the path on your right to follow the trail as it curves northwest through Wall Street back to the Navajo Loop Trailhead where you began.

If a hike along the Navajo Loop leaves you wanting to explore more, check out the Figure Eight Trail for a longer tour of the region.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the Navajo Loop in Bryce Canyon?

The Navajo Loop in Bryce Canyon National Park is a 1.5mi long hiking trail.

Is the Navajo Loop in Bryce Canyon closed?

The Wall Street Section of the Navajo Loop in Bryce Canyon is subject to seasonal closure. In the winter months, freezing temperatures and heavy precipitation greatly increases the risk of rockfall along the Wall Street Trail. For parts of the year, the National Park Service will close this section of trail for visitor safety. To see whether or not this section of the Navajo Loop is accessible, check out the before hitting the trail.

Insider Hints

  • If you are hiking this route in winter or early spring, we recommend bringing along a set of traction devices such as microspikes as this trail does get icy.

  • The Navajo Loop ascends a series of steep switchbacks, bring a set of hiking poles to aid your ascent and save your joints some strain.

  • Don’t forget the camera! This route is absolutely gorgeous.



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