Stover Lake Circular Walk
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Stover Lake Circular Walk

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Stover Lake Circular Walk

Stover Lake Circular Walk

Distance: 2.2mi
Elevation: 203ft
Time: 1h

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The Stover Lake Circular Walk is a lovely journey through a public park that features a charming lake and plenty of wildlife. While out on the trail, you will make your way through a peaceful woodland landscape and loop around the water’s edge along quaint bridges. The terrain here is easy to navigate and traverse, making it a wonderful trail for a fun family adventure that can be enjoyed by all.

Stover Lake Circular Walk Map

Getting there

To reach the trailhead for the Stover Lake Circular Walk from the village of Teigngrace, drive northwest for 0.5mi and turn left onto Summer Lane, following it for another 0.2mi. Continue straight for 0.6mi and you will find the car park on the left.

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Stover Lake Circular Walk
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Stover Lake Circular Walk Description

There isn’t really anything bad that can be said about the Stover Lake Circular Walk, as it offers well-maintained trails through a beautifully scenic park and the chance to view a variety of wildlife species. Wear comfortable walking shoes and remember to keep your dog on a leash, as there will likely be a number of other walkers in the area.

Even though it isn’t an overly long walking route, this trail offers plenty of opportunities to loop through the 114 acres of Stover Park and explore the peaceful woodland landscape. Featuring a large lake in the centre of the park and several smaller ponds on the periphery, the Stover Lake Circular Walk will provide a real sense of relaxation, as you meander along the forest paths and gaze out across the calm surface of the water. Additionally, the easy to traverse terrain is perfectly suited for children and dogs, making this a fun trail that can be enjoyed by every member of your family.

Setting out from the car park, head to the southwest along the trail as it cuts through a powerline clearing, eventually bending to the south to arrive at the edge of Stover Lake. Turn right and cross over the charming bridge, keeping to the left to work your way around the edge of the lake for 0.4mi, while enjoying the lovely views across the calm water. Arriving at a junction, take the path on the right and keep left for the next 0.8mi to traverse a heavily forested loop on the eastern edge of the park. Once you reach another junction next to a bridge, turn right and make your way across, immediately picking up the path on the left and following it for 0.2mi along the northern shore of Stover Lake. At this point, turn right and follow the footpath through the tree cover to the northeast, as it will load you back to the car park where you began the Stover Lake Circular Walk.

Insider Hints

  • A paid car park is also available on the western side of Stover Park.

  • Wear comfortable walking shoes.

  • Toilet facilities can be found near the paid car park.



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